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Found 3 results

  1. Friendly Fire needs to go!! Sick of getting a good weapon and than ran over by a teammate so they can steal it! Or getting a vehicle and teammate throwing nades because someone beat them to it. Friendly fire has gotten a lil better but needs to be completely removed, to help Halo be a better game. To many lil kids and big tempers ruining the game. It's just plain ridiculous, if it stays the same I am done with the Halo Franchise.
  2. Dear Halo Community, I have been a Halo fan since the beginning. I love pretty much everything about it. The only thing I absolutely hate is players who kill their teammates. Seriously, what the heck is that all about? Out of all the multiplayer games I have played in my life it seems the halo community has the most team killing jerks. Why even bother? It ruins the game not only for the victim but for the team as well (lowering team score in slayer for example). It's not like you're actually playing the game, so why do it? Stop being ********. To 343, I appreciate the no ff in big team infinity slayer, but there is still a large population who just run their teammates over with vehicles. To be honest I'm surprised there are game modes with ff on such as dominion. Seriously Halo Community, WTF!?!?
  3. Can we please remove the friendly fire in Spartan Ops? Please? I'm so incredibly tired of jerks running around, and for no readily apparent reason, blowing me the heck up. I don't think I've done anything. I'm sorry if I've offended you. Please leave me alone. I wish I could say these things, but if I took the time to do so, they'd take the chance to blow me up and t-bag me for a few minutes leaving me with no other option but to scream "******!" at the screen. Dear all jerks who play Halo 4: Please stop. Just stop everything. Playing, breathing, reproducing. We don't need you. Stop.
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