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Found 22 results

  1. I'm getting in the art kind of mood so spread some good cheer I'll be taking requests for my beloved trash art! Type of drawing you want Background/etc Text/etc Size Stupidity of the piece / Less stupid or very stupid Examples of my beloved masterpieces This one contains strong language, move along kiddos, adults only. As a reminder, I'm doing one masterpiece per member absolutely for free. Make sure to have your expectations incredibly low as you witness literal trash on your computer screens. InfinityDusk out!
  2. Presidential Update Greetings, ladies, gentlemen, Azaxx. The time has come to vote for a new president, and as sad as you all are to lose the greatest president that has been in the USF there is hope yet. The hope is in Fishy. What experience does Fishy have you ask? 1. Past USF Congressman 2. Previous Cabinet member 3. USF General 4. Great community member 5. Hosts numerous Playdates Fishy is a loyal supporter of members across the forum including myself, he exhibits this loyalty every day with his constant help and ideas that bring members together. Vote for Fishy to keep the community together with Playdates, Leadership, and Loyalty. This is President Yoshi1176, God bless the USF!
  3. Wam

    Chief's Search

    From the album: Fan-Made Photographs

    No description available.

    © AhhOldWoman

  4. Hello everyone as apart of a dare I have made unique poems for each Moderator on the forums. Hope you guys enjoy. Azaxx - You have come as bright as the sun, gleam and glow from head to toe, I'll have you know, how great of a friend I've come to know. DocSpartanO07 - A soldier, one will not forget, A soldier, whom goes into battle and honors it. Drizzy_Dan - Raindrops dropping with a sparkly glow, Rain is beautiful as you would know. The Director - When members come they expect a show, he comes with a smile as you would know, he welcomes you with a friendly Hello. Church - A cheerful heart, A voice that truly speaks, Although he might be an earful, He is fine by me. BeckoningZebra1 - Zebras what a wonderful sight, stripes left and right camouflage into the night. Tony Stark - A man of iron, so noble and brave, A man of iron, what's not to say? GermanShepherdD - A big dog, joyful as can be, I may not talk much, but I'm a pleasure to see. RedStarRocket91 - The noble rocket, as bright as a star, how could it be, you've come so far? Twam - The almighty Keeps the forums nice and tidy, Defending the forums all day and all nightie.
  5. As most of you are aware of I have been honored to be nominated for the race for USF President. Also as most of you are aware of I'm not one really for fancy speeches or anything of that sort, But in every community both in the real world and here on the internet alot of people forget the fact that it is you the members that make or break the very structure of the community you have built. It is you who fills the forums with unique, interesting, funny or even occasional stupid post(not judging) but no matter what type of post you put forth in this community you will always contribute to it as a whole. I'm not going to sit here and tell you to vote for me because of some reason I come up with because I think you want to hear it. When you come to cast your vote for USF Pres. just remember YOU THE MEMBERS ARE THE LIFE BLOOD OF THIS FORUM AND YOU HAVE A SAY AND I WILL GIVE YOU THAT VOICE! Also I live to help the people that need it
  6. Looking for someone to play through any and all of the legendary co-op campaign on The Master Chief Collection, message me or add me : xDrewski ..... I'm ready to play whenever
  7. Hello everyone! My name is "PulseFir3" and I am a former Halo 2 Professional on MLG circuit. I was better known as OhMyTaylorSwift or EhPanda. I am looking to run custom games/matchmaking a lot for the new halo collection. I am even thinking of running tournaments. If you think you'd be down to revive a 10 year old amazing community. Just comment below/leave your gamertag!
  8. I just wanna personally thank Bungie for making me and my family have nostalgia with halo 1 and halo 2!!! And of course all the other halos! Thank you 343 for continuing the halo series! i don't know what i would have done without you guys! thank you all for halo and its community!
  9. Alright, since Minecraft is a pretty popular game on the 360, and since I seem to be the expert on explaining how to get achievements, I thought I would go ahead and teach you how to get all the achievements for Minecraft. A good chunk of the achievements you can get from playing the tutorial, so I won't spend much time on those. There are a few, however, that are a bit difficult. There are 20 in total equaling 400 Gscore. Here are the super easy ones, they can be done on any difficulty: 1. Taking Inventory - Open your inventory by pressing Y. 2. Getting Wood - Punch a tree until a block of wood pops out by holding right trigger. 3. Benchmarking - Craft a Workbench with four blocks of wooden planks. 4. Time to Mine! - Craft a wooden pickaxe. 5. Hot Topic - Craft a furnace using 8 cobblestone blocks. 6. Acquire Hardware - Smelt an iron ingot. You do this by putting Iron Ore into a furnace with some coal (or some other fuel). You can find Iron Ore in almost any mine you make. 7. Time to Farm - Craft a wooden hoe. 8. Getting an Upgrade - Craft a stone pickaxe. It has to be a stone pickaxe, can't be iron, gold, or diamond. 9. Time to Strike - Craft a wooden sword. 10. Cow Tipper - Hunt and kill a cow and harvest leather from it. 11. MOAR tools - Craft one of each tool (Pickaxe, Spade, Axe, and a Hoe). You can make them from whatever you want to make them from, but wood is cheapest. To do a two birds with one stone (pun) here, craft a stone pickaxe and wooden everything else. See? Over half of them are super easy. Now for the ones that take a little bit of doing: 12. Bake Bread - Turn Wheat into Bread. Break several tall grass blocks (which grow on dirt blocks, above ground) until you collect three seeds. Use the hoe on three dirt blocks to create farmland using left trigger (grows faster near water) and plant one seed on each block of farmland. Wait for the wheat to grow. Gather the wheat once it finishes growing and go to the crafting table and create some bread. Furnace is not required. At all. Another way to do this is to find a village and harvest their wheat. You only need 3 to make bread. 13. The Lie - Bake a Cake. Collect 3 Milk Buckets. You will need three buckets, and will need to use each bucket on a Cow to obtain Milk. You can milk the same cow three times. Grow 3 Wheat from Seeds (or find a village and harvest from there). Find or grow 2 Sugar Cane and go to the crafting table to make sugar. Follow a Chicken around for 4–5 minutes or, if you are lucky, you may stumble upon an Egg laid by a Chicken already. You should now have 3 milk buckets, 3 wheat, 2 sugar, and one chicken egg. Go to a crafting table and craft a cake using these ingredients. 14. Delicious Fish - Catch and Cook a fish. To get this achievement, all you really have to do is take a cooked fish out of a furnace's smelted slot. So, if you've got nice friends, you don't have to learn how to fish. If you do not know how to fish, then I suggest you use the tutorial to learn. Then you can just cook the fish you find in the tutorial for this achievement. 15. Monster Hunter - Attack and Destroy a Monster. This achievement has to be done on at least easy difficulty. And YOU have to be the one to kill the monster. If you attack a creeper with a sword and it explodes, you will not get the achievement. If you've got dogs and they do the dirty work, there's a chance you won't get the achievement. If one of your friends does most of the damage on the mob, there's a chance you won't get the achievment. 16. Leader of the Pack - Tame 5 Wolves. You will need quite a few bones for this one, which can be got by killing skeletons. You will need to find five wolves, and feed each of them bones until a collar appears around their neck. There will be hearts as well. Another way to do this is to find one wolf, save, tame the wolf, then reload the save five times. Breeding wolves does not count towards this achievement. You can tame four wolves and breed them one thousand times and you will not get this achievement until you tame another wolf. 17. Dispense with This - Craft a Dispenser.The reason this is here is because it takes a bit of doing. First, you will need a bow (made by three string and three sticks, you get the string from spiders or by using shears on web found in abandoned mines). Then, you will need some cobblestone and redstone dust. Redstone dust is actually more common than one may think, you just need to look for it. If you are having major difficulty finding some, try either switching worlds, playing on a friends world who has the ingredients, or mining in a different area. Okay, here are the three more difficult ones. These ones will probably end in tears for you at least once or twice. Well, here they are, as best as I can explain them: 18. Into The Nether - Construct a Nether Portal. For this one you will need a flint and steel (which can be made with flint and iron one for each) and Obsidian, which can only be mined with a diamond Pickaxe. However, there's a little trick you can do with a few buckets of lava and water. Here's an AH video explanation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCJ0RmiYixM Note, in the video he uses more than two buckets. You only really need two buckets to do this, but that's up to your imagination. 19. When Pigs Fly - Ride a Pig using a Saddle and make the Pig take Fall Damage. Okay, for this one you will need to find a dungeon then find a saddle in one of the "dungeon chests" near the Mob Spawner. This is mainly a matter of luck. However, World Seed 9000000000800000000700000006000000500000­40000300020010 has a dungeon located at X: -309 Y: 51 Z: 199. Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx6Lz-gfiZs Once you find the saddle, you can find a village, get some carrots, get some string, and some sticks and make a carrot on a stick. This makes the achievement much easier. You put the saddle on a pig, get on the pig, press R with the carrot on a stick equipped to hit (or "tame") the pig, and you can lead it using the stick. Bear in mind that if you kill the pig with the stick, you do not get the achievement and sometimes they will not drop the saddle. If you lead the pig into water, you will lose control of the pig. Best thing to do is get off the pig and let it get to land. Then, just lead the pig off a cliff that won't kill you. 20. On A Rail - Travel by minecart to a point at least 500m in a single direction from where you started. This one requires A LOT of materials, and some know how with how to make an effective railway. All you have to do is make the railway straight. No turns at all. You can make it go up or down, but it needs to be straight. 500m = 500 blocks. So you are going to need quite a bit of iron and gold. Best practice is to have one powered rail per 10 iron rails. So Powered - Ironx10 - Powered. Remember, Powered rails need to be powered by redstone torches. If you need it, here's an Achievement Hunter guide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tihfx6DunZs Well, there it is. The complete list of achievements for Minecraft. I hope this helped most of you who are reading it. I have changed X-Box's so I no longer have my old achievement help maps, so I can no longer offer personal assistance over XBL. Everything above has been confirmed for the X-Box 360, but may also work on the X-Box One, PS3, and PS4 versions of the game. This achievement guide was last updated 7/28/2014. Number of people helped with achievements over XBL so far: 158
  10. My fellow forumians. Friends, family, Jedi, mudkips, dragons, breads, dogs, the uncooked moa, rockets of all colors, and of course Skummgummigube, the time of elections has come again. This is a wonderful time, a time full of betrayals, blackmailings, shootings, subliminal messages, lies, and under handed methods of becoming the next president of the forum. If I've yet to receive your vote, please allow me the chance to convince you that I am the President you're looking for with the reasons listed below: I'm a Jedi. Honestly, does anyone remember the last time we had a Jedi for president? Jedi are used to handling things like mouthy politicians. We are the peace keepers, and peace will be maintained in the forum for the entirety of my term. I'm a zebra. There has never in the history of our great Forum been a zebra to receive the title "President of the Forum." Hopefully this election we can change that, together. I'm not a Pirate. Cling! Clang! Whewsh!- That, my friend, is the sound of pirates fighting. A sound that you'll be hearing throughout the next 4 months if you choose to elect a Pirate into the office of President. Pirates. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not the ruler of Hyrule. Hyrule, the land of legends. The realm where a great hero resides. Someone who fights so very hard to defends the ones he loves. He does everything in his power to protect the people of Hyrule and save the princess. So how does the princess repay him for his actions? She doesn't. DDDDDDD: Rather she names his entire franchise after herself and doesn't even reveal her heroes name. I will not add anymore to this, I'll let you ponder in your thoughts when it comes to the ruler of Hyrule. Hyrulians. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not a Pokemon. I think we can all remember what the last term has been like with a Pokemon president. *cough*the mudkip*cough* Pokemon. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not a Skylander. Skylanders are fierce creatures that inhabit Skyland. They're most famed member, Spyro, is a purple, fire-breathing dragon. This mess the forum dictator has created will take a someone a bit more experienced to clean up. Skylanders. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not a vitamin. Vitamins may keep you healthy, but are they good for you? Well according to our trusted scientist here at 343i.org, Dr. B.S. Bularky, every time you swallow one of those dreadful capsules it attaches on to the walls of your stomach. It can't be dissolved by the gastric juices. Rather it stays on the walls if the stomach and builds up making you look fatter after every dose. Eventually, you die. Vitamins. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not Silent. I won't be silent when the forum requires direction, but on the contrary I will do my absolute best to lead the forum through the voice of the members. Silence. It. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not a Yoshi. Yoshi has carried Mario many places, helped him solve many puzzles, and mad some pretty stellar jumps, but you know what? Every time Yoshi has ever been hit by a fireball, chased by a Chomper, Targeted by a Bill, or touched by a goomba, he's fled. He's left the battle, leaving the plumber in the red hat all alone, without a weapon. Yoshi. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. http://youtu.be/Lzh0KbZCGDs Vote BeckoningZebra1. -A President, you can trust. Please note that this is for fun and does not in any way, shape, or form, represent my actual views of these members. I like to consider each of these members my friend. I have deep respect for them and wish them nothing but the best of luck this upcoming election.
  11. From the album: Beckoningzebra1's Stuff

    Getting ready for Christmas (:
  12. BeckoningZebra1


    From the album: Beckoningzebra1's Stuff

  13. Welcome to the 5th 343i community Poll Last week's winner was rather unanimous with the winner(s) being This week's question is one that will drive us (or me at the very least) mad until Halo 5's release. What happened to Cortana? -She Died -She Lived Now I know those are two very broad categories so I want you to expound on those and further develop your answer beyond just Cortana is dead or Cortana is alive. I want you to tell us where she is and what she is doing if she's alive and why she's dead if she's dead. Thank You for taking part in this week's Poll and have a nice week! Have a suggestion for the poll? Message me.
  14. You can have 3 fictional characters or real people to assist you in surviving the apocalypse, be it a zombie outbreak, alien attack, nuclear holocaust, Russian invasion, giant monsters, or whatever else you can think of (be specific). Detail who and why your team is what it is, how you will live out or end the apocalypse, how it starts etc. Doesn't have to be Halo or video game specific. Make it funny, serious or unique. The one thats filled out is just a random example I found and the other is a template you can use. You don't have to make a picture, but feel free. Go.
  15. Hey Guys Its A New Member Here! "im looking for player for my awesome base build were doing were a build of bases on forge then on forge we will have a fight with the bases bring as many people as you can anything things allowed *even vehicles* rules: No Hack Each Base Has To Have A Armory Don't RageQuit Because You Died Have Fun! ​*MY GAMER TAG IS: Beastorc3*
  16. Rob T

    You Need to know!

    On Adrift there are several viable routes you can take from the start. That is why I made this video to showcase these starts and get your feedback on which one you typically use and why? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZMa-WT1hRM&feature=plcp . . .
  17. Hey I am looking for a static team of minimum 4 players to play with. A team where you can communicate with. And get used to eachother. I have about 1,40 KD and i am only getting better right now. If you're interested in a static team add me Gamertag: Dark Lord Doku
  18. I'd love to hear what ideas you might have for new armor abilities so please share.
  19. I was with my cat the other day and thought " Why, oh why did we name you Zohan?". Sure, I have had a lot and I mean A LOT of pets throughout my life, but the strangest names are usually the cats. There was Dipstick, a boy cat named Mary, a sweet and loving siamese named Daisy a.k.a Bloodbath, Pennyworth, Gypsy, and many, MANY more. What I want to know is have any of YOU had a name for a pet you cannot explain. Please let me know so that Zohan isn't self-conscious.
  20. This is a request, if you would like me as your official forum musician please post and cast your petition!! Samples: http://soundcloud.com/rafafernandez/feilds-of-eternity http://www.youtube.com/user/RDragonsSlayer16 By my mighty love of Halo and the epicness of this forum I hearby and forthwith declare my hopes and promises to you. I seek to become ever more powerful and skilled in the art of music. And would take requests on game releated cover songs. Maybe even 343.org would add a music player of some sort. For now this is Dragon Slayer signing off. Cast your vote and let your voice and the sounds of music be heard!!!
  21. Azaxx


    Well hillo thar, Ima Azaxx, i am totally new, ... of course, i havent been here since June and procrastinated about this hillo topic at all... Oh look im already dedicated and i have many likes and i have 15 AWARDS! my 1337 skillz...im unstoppable mwuhahahahaha well anyways, Im good at forge and <3 halo (ALL OF THE HALOS) i dont like english at school, it sucks, (maths and science FTW!) and i like teh smilies! also my paintings are like uber neat you should check 'em, link could be found somewhere in this post, (if i can be bothered finding the silly topic) i do play piano and have been for 9 years now, i can play around 20 halo tracks on it from the OST, a combination from halo CE,2,3, ODST and Reach, and the Waypoint theme...going to learn the Wars theme...oh and skyrim, i can play that with my awesome talents! also dont sleep its bad for you, it makes you very sick. and i also <3 YELLOW! and im lazy, so dont ask stuff and expect it to be done quickly, it just wont, ill forget about it...(sorry Kurt) oh and i could be bothered finding that link, so here you goes! Paintings! ps Australia is Awesome!
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