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  1. I don't think it is really "fair" is a female has to conceal the fact that she is a female just to dodge some punk kids. I can tell you, though, that 99.9% of the time if a guy is harassing you in any such way, it is because he probably has some attraction to you..Which may sound weird, but given most of the guys (boys) who do this are younger and grew up in the era boom of technology so they only feel comfortable approaching women through some sort of intermediate source. Anyways, enough of my blabbing, you need to find some good friends to play with and leave it at that, fact is, women will never be help to an equal standard as long as these kids are playing the game.
  2. The only way to stop from joining into a game is backing out while in the searching screen, you just back out if you see the actual players rather than blue "searching" boxes. As for the Team Snipers, Yes is it many player's favorite game type, but you have to consider how many playlists would have to be added in order to please every player in there favorite game types. Some ideas I think would really be nice; Bring back KOTH, Assault, Single Flag and add in Extraction as well as the CTF and Oddball already in the game and add them back into ONE playlist like old times and call it "Team Skirmish." What I liked about Skirmish was the fact you did not know what game type you would be playing until everyone was locked in and at that time my team would make quick calls as to what we will do for the match.
  3. These are games that me and my friends played, just to have fun and not be serious. We have a very good team when we feel like playing, But here is proof that kills in an objective game do not matter for jack squat. We DESTROYED these kids in kills, but still lost. https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/FaTaL%20Llama/wargames/match-268f1f8de58e581c https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/FaTaL%20Llama/wargames/match-a3966b56addb6233 https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/FaTaL%20Llama/wargames/match-268f1f8de58e581c Enjoy.
  4. I noticed you said popular OPINION. My reply is not an opinionated statement. Microsoft OWNS the Halo franchise, they call the shots, they get what they want and how they want. I am not saying it is at all bad how they work their system, but it is not something to blame a game DEVELOPER for. As for the Halo: Reach statement, That is something you have to just decide for youself. IMO and severl others aswell, we believe that only using half of your staff to create a game that must contend with a previous all-time best selling game, GOTY and a game that must meet some of the highest expectations in the gaming industry of the time, isn't considered DEDICATION. And for my response to the Bieber statement..Justin Beiber did do something right, he has won many awards and recently out sold his mentor "Usher" in a yearly album sales revenue report. Do you have millions of dollars to spend, a high-dollar Ferrari to drive or a world famous girlfriend? Didn't think so. I don't like Justin Beiber's music, but I respect what he has accomplished. For that, I am done with this.
  5. Have you ever used a magnum? The range between a magnum and bolt shot is un-comparable. Let me use my magnum and you use your boltshot, let us stand medium distance apart and fire at one another until one of us is dead..Who do you think will win and why? Answer: Magnum, because it is used for close to mid-long range killing. Why not the bolt shot you might ask? Because, the bolt shot is used primarily as a charge shot weapon such as the plasma pistol. It is a mini-shot gun..Which, in essence, would mean that this is ONLY for close range. No arguement. Side Note: Plasma pistol is very effective against vehicles, but some of you might think back and say "HEY! It is also good to use as a switch weapon just like the Noob combo!" (By charging it, hitting an enemy and switching weapons for the one head shot kill.) But! Due to the updates over time, beginning in Halo 3, the plasma pistol no longer seeks out opponents like it did back in Halo 2 AND it drains fairly quickly when held at full charge. Case Closed. Just to clarify, any weapon you use is personel preference..It's how you choose to use it in gameplay that matters most..NOT which is more powerful, does what or is useless.
  6. Add me, FaTaL LLama, I will 2v2 you.
  7. 343 is not the one in control of the money and the release dates of these new map packs. Microsoft calls the shots, which is why many people BELIEVE that Bungie nerfed Halo: Reach on purpose. Bungie wanted to develope a new type of game with their ideas, they mention in their documentary that only half of the Bungie Staff working on Halo: Reach. The maps are fine, the game has only been out just over a month and they are already releasing 3 new maps today. You all set your expectations way to high for this game. Halo 4 won Game of The Year and Multiplayer GOTY. Obviously they are doing something right!
  8. First of all, there are invisible True Rankings in Halo 4. You are ranked dependent on how well you play in that specific playlist. If a player goes 5-20, he/she is probably having a rough game or you are in a party with some lower level friends who pull in lesser skilled players. I understand competitive gameplay, I am a competitive gamer myself. But, if you want to be competitive and have good team mates and great communication then I suggest partying up with a full party because not everyone that plays this GAME is here to COMPETE.
  9. The magnum has a scope...you can literally use a magnum as a backup DMR/BR practically if you just get unlucky and run out of bullets in your primary. Reloading and weapon switching to not take the same amount of time unless you use the reload perc (forgot name, but I use it). Pistol is very good, Bolt shot is very good at close range and plasma pistol is best on vehicles.
  10. This is due to the fact that objective gametypes are not supposed to be slayer based. Meaning, gettin 15+ kills with 0 deaths should not be a goal for a person in any objective gametype. If that were the case, then the objective games would no longer be objective, but just another slaying playlist where people go to farm kills. I like it the way it is. Perfection is a Commendation that you have to earn in a slaying game type where others are trying to kill you as their main objective.
  11. The new playlist isn't Extraction...It is a DLC only playlist like they have always had when new maps are released. Except this time they made it better for others whom may not have the money to buy the DLC. In older Halo games, one would need the newer maps in order to play the majority of gametypes. Now, they isolated ONE playlist for all the new maps. Extraction is basically Dominion anyway...Except a little cooler.
  12. I agree with you! But, on a side note I have not yet played any of the new maps. Right now, I am downloading them (98%) But I have to be at work in 15 minutes. I am excited to play these maps, although none of them are what I predicted to be like in cosmetics or size. Oh well, there is still hope in the next two map packs! *Really hoping they put in 2v2 sooooonnnnn (Fingers crossed *x*) *Update* I did play Harvest just a minute ago, and it seems LEGIT! =D (Still not an arena map though, but I like it best of the original BTB maps: Ragnarok, Exile, Vortex, etc.)
  13. Masterchief Has a knife. Assassinate someone and you will notice it very quickly.
  14. The only time a player will have a better score with a 14 k/d spread like you mentioned, would be in an objective game or in a slayer game if the negative K/D player has somehow maintained a high amount of kills.
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