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Found 11 results

  1. Hello Halo:MCC fans! I am known as HG Nightghost. My gaming community and I are currently looking for active member that share our love of halo. Its not like the other clans out there but more of a community based friend network. Ever wanted to play with some cool people but had no one online? Maybe you wanted to play some custom games but needed more people to complete the team games you wanted to play. Well Hyped Gaming Online is the answer. It's a great networking tool that can be used by anyone. We only accept member who are at least 16 years of age and have a headset/mic. If you are interested or if want to hear more please feel free to add my game tag: HG NightGhost or email me at [email protected]. You can also add HG Phoenix69778 or HG Burgh412 Don't worry, you don't need to change your name. Many members do for the simple fact that they love Hyped Gaming and want to show their support. Get Hyped, Hyped Gaming Online! Thanks for your consideration. check out our site here!!! -HG NightGhost AKA NightGhost101
  2. Wam

    Chief's Search

    From the album: Fan-Made Photographs

    No description available.

    © AhhOldWoman

  3. Looking for someone to play through any and all of the legendary co-op campaign on The Master Chief Collection, message me or add me : xDrewski ..... I'm ready to play whenever
  4. Hello everyone! My name is "PulseFir3" and I am a former Halo 2 Professional on MLG circuit. I was better known as OhMyTaylorSwift or EhPanda. I am looking to run custom games/matchmaking a lot for the new halo collection. I am even thinking of running tournaments. If you think you'd be down to revive a 10 year old amazing community. Just comment below/leave your gamertag!
  5. Ive been gaming since the release of the original xbox. Ive been playing the halo franchise ever since it came out. Lets see, in 2001 I was 6 or 7. That's how long I've been playing halo. And just xbox in general. I played halo 2 casually. Then when halo 3 came out, I stepped it up. I acquired 50s in multiple playlists. TS, TD, Snipers, SWAT, Big Team, and Squad Battle. Now that halo 3 is no longer available online, I've moved to halo4. I actually quit gaming for a year because halo 3s servers shut down. I was depressed. Yes. Depressed. Because the servers shut down. Now im back. I want to get into halo 4 and see what I can make of myself. I've played a little casually. But I want to become one of the best like I was in Halo 3. If anyone has a casual team that I can start out playing with in Halo 4, please shoot me a friend request. I just wanna get my skill up for now. Once I feel like I can keep up with the big dogs, I will either make a competitive team, or join one. If anybody thinks I would make a good extension to there gaming experience, please shoot me a friend request. Much love to the gaming community -ClassifiedSteel
  6. I believe in organization and coordinated attacks. I want to play with people at or above my skill level, and go over map positioning, map strategy, etc, AS A TEAM, so we're all on the same page. I want to participate in Clan Battles etc, and the ultimate goal of this is to become a better player. Holla at me... GT: TheatriXxX
  7. Hello everyone, As I am still fairly new to Halo 3, (and I just joined this seemingly-awesome community!) I am still inexperienced with callouts, and some of the map spawns. Members should be able to be online most days of the weeks, (3-4 days at least) and commit to becoming better players, and working together as a team. Anyways, if you are interested, let me know. Having Halo 3: ODST with all of the Halo 3 map packs is preferred, though not required (though it is needed for team Doubles, Big Team, etc). My gamertag is: "Zicorth". I live in Canada, with my timezone being EST, which is 3:54PM, at the moment of this post. I will be online for most of this week. See you in the field, Spartans! =)
  8. Hey Guys Its A New Member Here! "im looking for player for my awesome base build were doing were a build of bases on forge then on forge we will have a fight with the bases bring as many people as you can anything things allowed *even vehicles* rules: No Hack Each Base Has To Have A Armory Don't RageQuit Because You Died Have Fun! ​*MY GAMER TAG IS: Beastorc3*
  9. Looking for some people to start a clan wth, or looking to join a clan. as of now my K/D is 0.98 and Im an SR-55 Wetwork Lv 5. Hit me up and lets play some Halo
  10. Hey I am looking for a static team of minimum 4 players to play with. A team where you can communicate with. And get used to eachother. I have about 1,40 KD and i am only getting better right now. If you're interested in a static team add me Gamertag: Dark Lord Doku
  11. Hey Guys KINGCOOVER here! I run a smallish semi-good halo reach clan and we are looking for battles. We have about 12 members but most of them are offline at any give time. our current recorded is 3 wins 1 loss. If you are intresed in a battle just send me a message my GT is KINGCOOVER please tell me what your clans name is, who is your leader, and how many members you have I like to do bungie game types on bungie maps. Since I am the hosting team you get first pick of map and game type then we pick. Best 2 out of 3. Tie breakers is a standard Ctf match on Blood Gulch to 3 flag captures. We are not really that competive as some clans are and are open to costoms after. So thats about it. Message me, Have fun, and go Bungie. Signed KINGCOOVER
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