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Halo Did you knows

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Warning, the following thread may contain spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

This thread is for interesting little tid-bits about the Halo Universe. Sometimes trivia can be a lot of fun, so I figured a thread discussing and revealing trivia would be even more fun. :D


Here is an example of a did you know:


Did you know that Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson was the first human being to fire on the covenant?


If you have a few of these, go ahead and post multiple. If you see one that you dispute, go ahead and quote it and state the reason you don't believe it's true, as well as some evidence supporting your argument. Trivia should be gleamed from the books or the games. Also, please note that parts of Halo Legends are considered fan-fic, not canon. And remember, keep it clean, not mean.

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DId you know that all of the Spartan II's were chosen at random from the original and larger candidate gene pool because there wasn't sufficient funding for the program to use more than half of the original roster?

John 117 was chosen because he correctly 'guessed' the result of a coin toss. Dr. Halsey instructed him to call it in the air, the future Master Chief did and then grabbed it before it landed. This debate on the nature of luck vs fate is a constant theme throughout his story.


*King of the Hill was a game John played at school before he was kidnapped. He always won.

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Is master cheif a human???

Yes he is, but some would argue that the genetic augmentation that he has undergone makes him barely human.


Did you know that Humans were more Technologically inclined before the forerunners fired the rings, and that the humans figured out what could stop the Flood and that the forerunners were power hungry...lol


The more you know :-)

Actually, it was revealed in Primordium that the "cure" that the humans invented was all part of the Precursors plan, and didn't really work against the flood so much as the flood allowed it to work against them because they were preprogrammed to.
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Did you know that the Hunters (Mgalekgolo) are made up of hundreds of worms (Lekgolo) which live in colonies. When the colony gets too big, it splits into two. That is why Hunters travel in pairs. The spikes on it's back may be antenna to communicate between the bonded pairs. These spikes develop when the colony splits into two. Bonded pairs are usually used in the battlefield, whereas non-paired Hunters are used for interior guard until they become a bonded pair. Hunters have a relatively high rank in the covenant because of how valuable they are as guards and mobile weapons platforms.

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Did you know that the prophets were actually rebels on their homeworld who believed that forerunner tech should be used instead of just worshiped? The ended up stealing the forerunner dreadnought (the ship in the center of High Charity) and ended up warring with the Sangheili, which led to the forming of the covenant.

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Did you know Johnson is confirmed to be a Spartan I and that's partially why he can't be infected?


'ORION Project', later known as the 'Spartan I Program', though ONI made false medical records and named it "Boren's Syndrome" to cover it up the program's existence


Dr Halsey showed Sgt. Johnson's medical record to John-117 after escaping Reach, and she stated that he got the disease from Plasma Grenade Radition during a Convenant attack on Paris IV **Halo: First Strike - pages 243-245**

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