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  1. Well like others have said it's up to the parents. You can't prevent what kids play. Parents usually decide if the kid is mature enough to play the game, most parents are careless. So you have 7 year olds playing violent games....I wouldn't want my kid wanting to kill people...but wutever
  2. тυcкєя


    Welcome back to the forums. Glad to have you back .
  3. Cool. I did have Grand Theft Auto V because I bought it for my birthday. But I got a Xbox One so I sold all my Xbox 360 games.
  4. Indeed they are fairly similar weapons to what Halo 4 had. I see a few differences, but nothing major. I actually really liked most of the weapons in Halo 4. So, seeing that the guns look similar to the ones in Halo 4 it tells me that I most likely will like Halo 5. Although I think they should have maybe added a few updates to the guns, or maybe in the next game they will. Thanks for sharing this .
  5. Alright.. Finally I can describe my feelings. So you know I think teabagging is fine. I mean its not a big deal, but when some one does it to you ever time they kill you.. Good lord I just wanna kill them. Now I am not against it but when people do it every time they get a kill. They just ruin it. I mean I teabag when I get a good kill or I just teabag on the ground beside my friend to get a laugh, it's not like i'm a try hard and teabag when I mele someone. Like bro anyone could mele someone it's not a boss move .
  6. Indeed Destiny does look awesome. All of the weapons are so cool, the setup, characters. Everything. But i'm not sure it will beat Halo 5 in the long run. Of course they are trying to compete, I mean Bungie used to be the Halo creator and he made them all so good. Then he moved on, now he wants to accomplish something else i guess. I think that Halo 5 will be better, because 343 knows what we want. Plus they have already made one game, and learned what to do and what not to do. Sure Destiny will be popular, but will it be as popular as Halo 5? It's possible .. Thanks for posting Silent !
  7. That a boy! Go round up some girls while your at it .
  8. Welcome back! Better keep your password safe. I'm glad your back, missing you. Hope to see you more active .
  9. Awesome map! Its so simple, yet creative. Post more of your maps because they are good. Nice pictures, video and post . I'm likely to be getting a membership so maybe I will check it out. Maybe? Pshh who am I kidding. Of course I will check it out !
  10. I'm a little late.. BUT WELCOME TO THE FORUMS! I hope you like it, and make new friends. See you around .
  11. Well as everyone on this forum plays Halo, i'm sure you will enjoy your stay here. Welcome to the forums, hope you have a great time. I'll talk to you later !
  12. Welcome to the forums! I have talked to you a few times on the shoutbox . Your cool.
  13. Welcome to the forums! Once you have made 5 posts, make sure to stop by the shoutbox and say hello. I can't wait to meet you. Hope you have an awesome time here .
  14. Welcome to the forums! We always have events on Halo Reach, Halo 4 etc. so never be afraid to hop in and join us. Hope you have a nice time here . You seem like a awesome member and I can't wait to talk to you in the shout box! Just make 5 posts.
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