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Found 10 results

  1. How to make a Valid Argument Hello, and welcome to my essay about how to make a valid argument. In this article, you find the essentials that are needed to make your argument valid. It will also justify what is bad, and what is optional. The key elements to a valid argument is determining comparisons and contrasts, showing multiple perspectives of the debate, providing logical reasoning, and citing all possible sources. Determining Comparisons and Contrasts In order for a debate to perform, it needs an organized table of pros and cons, which leads to my second point. A valid argument MUST have more pros then cons, otherwise it is not valid, and these pros and cons must also have logical reasoning and cited sources, otherwise the advantages of these supports will not be valid. The reasoning must not have filler, it needs support that has an advantage over the opposing lead. Showing Multiple Perspectives If your argument has only support from your own self, then obviously, no one will agree with you. It needs to have thoughts from someone who is closer to the crowd, someone who can help you reach your voice out. Also remember to cite other people quotes and speeches if your text includes them. Don't quote not as important stuff, because this applies as "filler". Logical Reasoning Do insert filler into your debate to make the article seem longer, it does not defy as reason for validation. If you are going to convince someone, you have to have evidence to back up your statement logically. This may or may not apply under the circumstances of religion, as for religion may be offended by certain types of logic. Citing Resources If your sources are said to be correct, and your information does not have the same information, your information will be considered bias, and is not exactly valid. Cite address links to each piece of info, this will allow instant proof of your information. Make sure that your information has a variety of sources, or else it just the opinions of a single source being transferred to another. In Conclusion, If your debate follows these guidelines, then there is no margin for error, and your argument is automatically valid. These guidelines do not apply for prior arguments, they are just setting a bar for you to reach in the future. Maybe if someone pinned this, you could always refer back to this when you are lost in making a topic yourself.
  2. Now, I do not want to hear people complaining that Forge is bad, or Forge World needs to come back, what I am here is to let you know how you can improve your confidence in the Forge mode. First things first, managing your Forge files. Always name your Forge files. If you Forge so many maps unnamed, you will find your self buried in Impacts. A safe way to make sure that you can find your map would be to name it something creative and easy to distinguish. Now, most people are sometimes mad when they try to open a map file, and it reads that they are opening a different variant of another map. This indicates that your file has been corrupted. A safe way to have your files protected would to have two of every file. This means that if one of the files are corrupted, you can always use the backup. The second point I want to get to is actually using the Forge. Tired of playing third party custom games that have flawed architecture? Well, if you don't like it, then you shouldn't make maps like that yourself. The first thing you should ever do when you enter Forge is press B, change Rotation Snap to 15 degrees, then scroll down to Magnets and turn them on to low. Now using the Forge, improvising may work for brainstorming and drafting, but your final product must show balance. This means that symmetrical maps are more balanced than asymmetrical maps. Speaking of the devil, when placing pieces, make sure you coordinate your pieces via Edit Coordinates (Press B then A), or that they are connected to Magnets. This will add professional measurement to your maps. Now on to Custom Games, when you desire a complex goal in your gametype, such as Battleship, or Monster Trucks, you must make the map flaw proof. If a single flaw were to be exploited in your map, anyone would abuse it. For instance, if my map was set on an open plain, and there was no walls or boundaries, someone could walk away from the game, and this would prove useful during Flood, but just because it is useful, does not mean that it is designated. The key element to a map is it's operation. What is your map's purpose? Is it a fortress to fight off the Flood? Is it a war ground for Mantis'? Add decor and design to your structures, so that they can shine and add flavor. Choice of map might concern you that are new to Forge. If you want a map that you can create a team war out of, definitely don't pick Erosion. If you are looking for interesting tunneling and large space, choose Impact. If you are looking for a map that involves making a city, I would choose Ravine. It depends on your purpose, and never underestimate the amount of space you need. In conclusion of the longest page on my screen, if you have an idea, go for it. It is better safe then sorry, so copy your files and flaw proof your maps. Never bias a map so that one team is more dominant than the other, and most importantly of all, there is a such thing as too big.
  3. Okay guys. Here is something fun for you to do. Take this Trivia Quiz, and post a comment with your answers. The winner gets nothing but an E-Congrats! Contest ends 12/9/12 at 6:00 PM. 1. What is the cannon fodder of the Covenant? 2. What race are the Arbiters? 3. What is Master Chief's name? 4. What is the large text on a Rocket Launcher? 5. What does AI stand for?
  4. We Need Better Custom War Games! Because of the recent hype of precision weapons being unbalanced, it is obvious that the maps are one of the biggest influences on the hype, due to that most maps are oblong and stretched, what we need is a tight corridor map, something like mazes, but that are actually oriented to the competition. These tight corners and hallways will lead to our great ascendance of gameplay that we truly desire as loyalist Halo fans. Thus, this is once we were forced to with Halo: Reach, and It's going to take some hard dedication and some serious builders to orchestrate these masterpieces that we speak of. And so I call out for you strong forgers alike, in the hopes that we can revive the spirit of custom War Games in hopes that the affordable experience that was once lost shall return. Now you may be dumbstruck by my vocabulary, but do not be frightened, for I am one of you as well. I am humble and relaxed, but I must have the efforts to stop an inevitable fate that we will succumb to in our future, known to us as the File Browser's defeat in Halo: Reach, and I simply won't let it happen again... I also call out for you who seek rich flavor of custom gameplay in my occasional lobbies of such. If you feel the need to start anew, attend for me at the gamertag of DeathRhinoAC130.
  5. I was wondering about the new palettes for the new forge environments. First off, I thought that there was going to be four forge environments, not three. This displeases me slightly however. In that space envionment (I forgot the name of it), there was some tunnel pieces, which inspires me to make a basic racing map. I also like the oceanic palette, it reminds me of the forge world's lagoon and shorelines. Anyhoo, I was wondering what you thought about the palettes, because I was excited about th enew forge vidocs. BTW, if you want to know why the text is so big, it is because I am no longer going here on computer, I am on the XBOX's Internet Explorer, and it is hard to read from four to five feet from the screen, so yeah.
  6. I just thought of a brilliant idea (and I know that the game has gone gold so shush!) What if we make a playlist where you can either play as a Mantis or a Promethean Knight? Figuring that they are bout the same size, It would be like BTB Infection. If only we could have Knights in multiplayer...
  7. As a constant YouTuber, I have noticed that their is a couple Halo 4 commercials before any gaming related video. I am yet to see a Halo 4 commercial on public television, an I am starting to wonder if Microsoft is paying their efforts. I am also worried about this low amount of advertisement, for you see, Halo 4 is going to be the biggest game of 2012. On another concern, none of my peer friends at school have said a single thing about the game, probably because most of my friends play Call of Duty: Black Ops and Borderlands 2. I was wondering about your thoughts on the commercials, are they bland, are they annoying, or whatever else you need to give out.
  8. Ever since Halo: Reach, players had always dreamed of remaking the warthog run on "The Maw" for an infection gametype. Some had dreamed, others tried, but no-one could succeed due to insufficient pieces or budget. But now, in Halo 4, with the budget multiplying by one thousand, and multiple map zones, with unlimited piece intake (insure if stated), It must be possible...Could it be? Finally? The funnest infection gametype ever, since Cops and Robbers? YES!
  9. I am currently volunteering for any and every Halo: Anniversary video crews that need players for: Playthroughs Walkthroughs Achievement Videos Glitch Videos Easter Egg Videos Skull Videos Terminal Videos I am available from 4:30 PM CDT to 12:30 AM CDT. I do not have a capture card but I have the awesome Kinect which will allow me to use the exclusive "analyze mode" to go thermal. I need your gamertag and your request, So that is it, people.
  10. From the album: My pics

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