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  1. The trailer did not hit the spots I think they intended to hit with the messages from family and the time lapse showing the pilot's beard growing out. I didn't sense danger or hopelessness in this trailer so I didn't "discover hope" . However because it is Halo, I must say I loved that they showed something and props on what the team has done. I just pray to Grim that they have not sacrificed good story-telling for this classic feel they're trying to acquire with the music and art choices.
  2. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Great point actually. Would almost be a subtle 'suck it' to Microsoft for pushing harsh deadlines on them for previous titles. You know, if Microsoft didn't make the decision to bring Halo to PC in the first place.
  5. This is going to be big for Halo. You can distrust 343 still, fine, but you have to give them credit for doing what everyone has asked for. They're bringing Reach back into our lives on current-gen and they're porting it to PC with everything else. It's incredible. I am big time HYPE. I will NOT be playing on PC. I'm console all the way but like I said, you gotta love it. Wondering how this will affect Xbox sales though????
  6. I can send you one and I won't need one in return. I like your gamertag so I'll try to remember to do this tonight.
  7. They said they want to treat PC gamers as first-class citizens so I think we'll be seeing a release on Xbox One X and Windows 10.
  8. I feel like emblems that are unlockable through completing Achievements are the best way to do it. Same goes for armor variants. It's like saying, "I earned this as a reward," and only a select few have earned it. Personally, I like something that differentiates me or even puts me a class above the rest because I went through the trouble of completing something.
  9. The new design is the ideal armor image. Some may not like it but it is what peak performance looks like. A combination of old and new is the best of both worlds. How can it get better?
  10. I pretty much only play Fortnite. I'm set on being the greatest Combat Pro builder in the game.
  11. Drizzy_Dan


    Nothing on Halo Infinite since it's premiere
  12. Drizzy_Dan


    I would really like it to be reminiscent of Halo: CE where we are exploring Zeta Halo and we encounter the Flood. I wouldn't mind not having Covenant enemies so long as they aren't Promethean. I think Zeta Halo has a lot of story-telling potential and, if done properly, could tie in a lot of story threads relating to Mendicant Bias, Guilty Spark, and the Primordial.
  13. Captain Falcon Chief is SICK!
  14. Hey Mark! Welcome to our little site slice of the Halo Community! Hope to catch you around the shoutbox!
  15. Man there’s a lot of good stuff to choose from and so much that I own and haven’t read! Love Melody’s choice it’s up there for me. I gotta go with Halo: First Strike. The action and storytelling is all there. It’s Blue Team being Blue Team. So imagine how awesome their introduction was in Halo 5 and then imagine a whole novel written about how they handle a mission much bigger than that (awesomeness to scale). We would have been long done for had it not been for Operation First Strike
  16. @@UNSC Spartan-II ah indeed. I did mean New Blood not the new novel lol thank you good sir.
  17. My favorite used to be Mickey for his sense of humor and awesome attitude. I was so super disappointed when they made him betray Buck in Bad Blood (fantastic novella). It is too hard for me to go against Gunny on this one. Buck has transcended past being an "ordinary" human ODST undergone modifications to become a Spartan IV as we all know. His most recent star appearance in Halo 5 just solidifies this decision for me because of his witty one-liners. Twitter is coming up with some great answers for this. Another good week Spartan, nice. By the way, where is the art from?
  18. I don't think anyone can replace John as the main protagonist of the series. I personally think Halo should take the approach of different view points each time and have their potential novel ideas be full length video games instead. However, to answer this week's great poll, I think I would have to go with Locke. That may sound cliche but being Locke felt pretty cool in Halo 5 and he has a great team to work with already on top of having a small amount of backstory to really develop. I don't think he will ever be as famous as Master Chief but Locke taking over the role of the main protagonist could be written in as Chief ages out or something.
  19. When it comes to discussing how many games or episodes or how long we'll be in the Reclaimer Saga, Grim had this to say: "Probably the safest thing is to not really be thinking of it in any '__ Saga' terms anymore. Just more Halo :-)" on Twitter. So it seems plans have changed and we aren't looking at different story arcs but rather one long story and universe that is Halo
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