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  1. Not sure how I feel about the new look...


  2. I'll say this, the trailer for me was a big let down. Not just in aspects I hold in terms of quality engine development, but for the player as well. If your going to show a trailer for a new Halo game...don't you wan't to start off by showing a kind of "last time on..." thing, rather than jump straight into some scene that clearly has no correlation to the current timeline we know as of the end of Halo 5? The trailer is confusing timeline wise. From what I know about Halo 5, it ended with Chief and the gang basically standing on an elite planet...not Chief floating around space stranded, and certaintly not near anything ressembling the first Halo ring they encounterd in CE. Now I cans ee this thing heading one of two ways... 1. You will need to read or watch some sort of pre launch content to fill in the gaps between Halo 5 and Infinite. 2. This is the beginning of the game, but cuts to a "24 hours earlier" type of gameplay to catch you up. Either way it was a huge miss. I'm all for character development, but the whole scenario aside from the timeline makes zero sense. If your floating around with barely any power, no foreseeable food, direction on how to get home...how does waking up a Spartan on a flying deathtrap even begin to equate to a "We're going home" celebratory scene?!? If you can't get home on a failing bucket of bolts, what does having a Spartan do for you? Just made no sense at all. And maybe it's just me, but from what i saw in the actual tech demo, this game looks nothing like anything on the level we saw in it. None of the lighting was "next gen" looking, there was literally ZERO reflections at all in any of the glass, surrounding shiny metallic objects...and even Chief's visor had a generic cubemap applied and nothing real time reflection...which is severly dissapointing given the numerous other games with much older hardware that do it. Original Halo CE for Mac anyone? I get the wanting to return to the nostalgia and superior art style of the classic trilogy, but if your going to continue a failed story arc and try to return to the old style, it isn't going to work very well. They would have been better off telling Chief's story through a bunch of new missions and campaigns revolving around the journey that lead Chief to Halo 1. There is literally 10+ fantastic Halo games just in the novels, comics and stories told before CE. I just don;t think 343 get's it. Well, not all of 343, but certainlty the likes of Frankie, Kiki, Bonnie and whoever the hell they hired to write these abysmal storyboards out. It seems quite clear that they think the art style alone and tug on the emotional nostalgia strings is enough to get a good Halo out. I get we don't help at all being as fractured and biased as we are. Halo is supposed to be for everyone and it has to evolve, but I just don't like being messed with. That's my opinion in a nut shell. I don't think I'll be picking this one up on PC, and I will likely pick up and play MCC for the next 30 years instead...
  3. Ungoy jell-o food nipple that...
  4. The last time I used actual Forge mode? Probably like 3 days after I got Reach. But I only used it for like 1/2 a day and never used it again lol
  5. Welcome fellow PC gamer! Can't wait for this shiz to kick off...it's gonna be lit x1,000,000
  6. I've never been so excited for a game release since Halo 2! Finally we are getting what we only dreamed about. To my friends on Xbox, I'm sorry in advance. Please Google, Halo PC banshee driving. Console players about to feel my pain...
  7. I've never been so happy to be proven wrong. Releasing the Halo games in Chronological order on Steam is a great step in progress!
  8. ^^ Your seriously gonna take a "Youtube" description as actual proof it will release fully (not lobotomized) on the PC? I gotta bridge in London I'd like to sell you...
  9. Well if you saw the video the obvious thing stands out.....its a streaming service! meaning you can't just download or install an app standalone and it is installed/played from THAT device. it's just a farm of Xbox Ones in a server rack config, streaming out the games from it...to a device of your choice. So...buying Halo for instance, will still require you to have a Live account, pay for the service, then pay for the game.....then depending on your data service with your device...pay for that. ANYONE who thinks they are going to get a fantastic super amazing Halo expereince on a 4G/5G phone network...just needs to turn in their gamer card and hang themselves. As for the whole "Windows" confirmed...no...it wasn't. No where was it specifically written or stated "releasing for Windows PC". It's going to be another case of the "stream it to PC via an app" BS scenario. Microsoft will NEVER allow their #1 IP for selling hardware....to come to PC. Need I remind you all about Halo 5 Forge for Windows? They have absolutely no Live infrastructure for Windows at all...which is why we had no way to play anything outside private matches with "friends only". Also..look at that video still. It's clerly an Iphone that has been masked, with some stupid ass phone holder that gets connected to an Xbox One controller....that should be a dead give away of the absolute cluster **** going on over there. if I see ANYONE with some stupid ass thing like that in public...I'mma dish out an ass whooping.
  10. We still have NO idea what this game is going to be. We've seen tweets about hw this will actually be Halo 6, just skipping the numerical titling of it. The Slipspace demo was a simple demo to showcase the graphics and capabilities. I think we went WAAAAAAy overboard with the speculation that the game is returning to it's old CE / 2 / 3 art style or gameplay. That plus I dont buy the BS that it will actually be a PC released game. As for Emblems...their garbage anyway. I never cared about the emblems on my Spartan or the nameplate gimmick.
  11. I mean I don't know. There is something to be said about having just that tight nit group of people.....but the conversation and value isn't near what it was. I guess maybe I would feel differently if most of didn't just see eachother here, but were like...actual friends irl like on Facebook or other form of media. I still come here because I miss talking to a lot of you. Iirc, the only people I actual talk to outside the site is Drizzy (still have your number even though I havent texted in a while) and SD (facebook buds 4 life!)
  12. Except that 38 is for Yugoslavia, but you already know that. Which is why you went so far as to post a link to a site claiming to have all country codes instead of letting people do it the old fashion way, aka (type +38 country code in Google) AND.... Slavs are known for their deep Russian ties. This all sounds legit. The header for releasing documents could very well be a typo or reused document paper that was lying around. The part you circled in purple to me suggests that the person meeting Drizzy was an imposter of Yoshi, to make Drizzy think Yoshi was actually there. I say hang'em! Hang'em high! <-----What I did there....see it?
  13. What can I say about the community and this site that hasn't already been said. I was here since the beginning, and as of writing this, I believe the oldest member of the site (Twam excluded). In the past 7 years I have seen all the greats come and go. Friendships form, enemies made and boys/girls become men/women. I have watched the community grow from a handful of adolencent, to a thriving site of gifted individuals. We've gone through peeks, luls and sometimes damn near the brink of the whole site collapsing. Through it all we survived and came together. We became a real family. Just as real as any physical relation you could have. We actually know eachother here. Sappy crap aside, during my time I have loved most being able to mentor and teach the community about the inner working of Halo, and the inevitable fights that ensued. This community is made up of one of the most diverse backrounds you can find on the internet today. Halo brought us together, but is "us" that kept giving people a reason to come back, not just the game. I can truly and honestly say that I love each and every one of you, as much as I love my own family. You have all been with me through bad times, worse times, and the very few good times. You have tolerated me, praised me, condemed me....and I wouldnt change a thing. Patience and understanding is the core of what this community became and our unity is the strongest amongst all else. Things have changed, life has gotten in the way and we have dwindled and stop frequenting as a result. But we do come back once in a while to reconnect and touch base with those we have a fondness for. Fondness and family, that's who we are. And while I am on the subject of what the best part of the community is and being completely honest, I do have a few additional things to say. Some will be a surprise, some will not. Although this is an internet based community, I have grown quite fond (obsessed/drawn/emotionally attracted) to one member in particular. I think we all know who that is. She hasn't been around in quite some time and I honestly wonder about her every day. Is she ok? Is she doing well? I have feelings for her that will never change and likely will never have the opportunity to act on, but I just wanted her to know in case she ever comes around again, how I feel. Miss you Winry.... Second, to all of those who in the past I may have been overly brutish to, I apologize. I get passionate and worked up sometimes, and as such, I fail to convey properly that passion. Delpen, Melody, Azaxx, Nova, Firen, Spades, Banana and Boss....you guys in particular I give a hard time to constantly. You are all a true credit to the "family" we have here. Your patience, understanding and willingness to forgive is what kept me going at times. Third, AD. The man the myth the legend. But most of all, a true friend in real life till the end. I know you havent been around Todd, but i hope Vicki and you are doing well. You were the one person who understood me the most. We talked many a night about life, the site and general bs. I wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for you man. I love you like a brother. And to quote Star Trek, "I have been, and always shall be, your friend." Lastly there are a lot of you I could not stand and honestly not sure if I can still stand you. Those in question know who you are and because we don't talk, I cannot accertain the answer. But, none the less, you are family. We don't always get along with our family and this community is no different. I realize now TL;DR this sounds more like a farewell speech thatn what I like about the community. Sorry for that, I get carried away sometimes. I'll just end it here with this
  14. Furthest back I can remember is when I was 5 (1983). My mom made me a Pac-Man birthday cake and I stepped on a nail outside on our porch. My father had to pull it out and it was in DEEP. Other than that, I remember falling off my bike at 6, and scraping all the skin off my chin, you could actually see bone. My mother panicked and took me to the hospital. I did that again like 9 months later...at which point my mother just calmly grabbed her keys....let out a sigh....and took me back to the hospital. Gotta love it when your shenannigans reach the point to which your parents are no longer surprised or shocked...and just mostly disappointed inside lmfao
  15. For me it has to be Glasslands. The re-emegence of Naomi and the whole untold/backround of what was going with Parangoski basically grooming Osmand to take over Oni....for me it was top notch story telling. From this book alone, we learned about the hard untold truth in what P was responsible for, did and oversaw during before reach and after.
  16. Romeo. The dude was a beast as a sniper and his personality definately fit his role in the squad. Ladies man, deadly accurate and battle hardened. It's no surprise he was chosen for the Spartan IV Program and he is always my go-to fav for the ODST game as far as characters go.
  17. Historically, John yes has always followed the major/end-game orders he was given, but he always did so with a skeptical mindset and questioned everything. Let's also not forget that in Halo 4 he disobeyed orders as well. And also for pretty much the entire halo series, MC did his own thing and basically the UNSC/ONI just sat back and supported him. If an order was "given" it was an order for something he had already decided to do. THAT is what made MC so great....
  18. Given the circumstances of the beginnings of the franchise, I think you can't really replace John at all. The whole series started off with being the "last of his kind", that's what made him unique. You were the only known reported Spartan left living, which is why in CE through Halo 2 just about everyone that comes into contact with Chief all have the same "whoah! OMG a Spartan" reaction. That being said, even the enemies in Halo CE through 3 all had the same kind of reaction. He was termed "Demon" for a reason. They all feared him....not the fact that he was a "Spartan". Adding Spartan III's and IV'd and V'S takes away the mystery, fear and inspirational aspect of what John was. On a side note, the newer Spartans are just plain cocky and arrogant. They way they introduced Palmer to Chief...just bonkers. Palmer meets him for the first time, and her response to him is "I thought you'd be taller"? Like seriously WTF?!?! It's gogdamn John-117 Master F-in Chief lady! She should have been either speechless, shaking in her armor or overly kissing his ass. She made it seem as they were equals...which clearly they are as far from equals as the color black is from white. Moving forward, if they want to capture the same magic they need to irradicate the Spartans except for a handfull. They need to rebuild the legendary status of the few to promote the older feelings and overal feel of the PSartan Warriors within Halo. Noone is going to fear a single Spartan if they are as common as sand on the beach. At this point going back and making another Spartan II the lead would not make sense. John was "supposed" to be the last until the extended universe **** came into play. I understand canonicly they have expanded things, but you have to remember that a game is completely different beast than the books, comics, etc.. This is why John was the only Spartan in play throughout Halo CE to ODST. This is also why Spartan III's were isolated to only Reach and not incorporated into Halo 4 or 5. If they want to have a true spiritual successor to Halo beyond John, it needs to be a new augment or new Spartan, and like I said, there needs to be a catastrophic failure somewhere reducing the numbers, and or make something happen to the whole "Spartan Program" that makes the numbers dwindle and results in the remaining being special and the last of their kind. None of the characters in the universe have anything on John. None have the battle hardness, training, intuition, humanity or humility that he has. No one even comes close in terms of what type of human/soldier he is.
  19. You know you can clone characters, then copy over the clone data right? That way you can add characters without copying over the base roster.
  20. Thats really awesome bro! Isn't there a way to extend the character roster without having to gut a character? I would think a few hex edits to some baseline code should allow you to open up a few or more character slots. But then again maybe not...I have no idea what engine platform it runs on. Can't wait to see more about this!!!
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