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  1. I have returned from the void! No longer MIA Backstory: I use to come here back in the days of Halos 3, ODST, Reach and 4... soon disappeared post Halo 5 since I never gotten Xbox One and left the Halo series behind, gotten a resurgence after Halo MCC came to PC and been told the someone via Halo server on Discord the forum still exists... so here we are! My name is Bobo Magroto, gotten into Halo 10 or so years ago, first game being Halo 3 ODST... happy to be back and looking forward to hovering around like a monitor... (sadly lost my Xbox Live Gamertag due to email loss... new one is Free Agent 226 ) Anyway, Im back, so... g'day
  2. Nothing personal about using Legendaries in battle. I'm just not a big fan because of the time, they HP loss the same as any other, and some are *hehehehe* 4x sufferers
  3. " and " - 226 Productions
  4. Awesomesauce, Good job on making Legend, EGYPTIANGHETTO
  5. Here's my lastest picture of self... It's a bit hairy though
  6. 133: Performing an Assassination on a Suicide Grunt (I've done that just the split second after he got the grenades out)
  7. Looks awesome, gents. Would love to check that out
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