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  1. hey everyone, so I recently bought an elgato game capture card to start streaming. I just thought that we are a community here and we can all help each other 's streams grow. I thought it would be a good idea to make a topic for streamers to share their streams so that others can follow them. It takes 10 seconds to follow a stream and really helps so if you guys can follow my stream it would be awesome! I will also follow yours if you have one. www.twitch.tv/destroyaaaa
  2. This is launching april 8th to be exact
  3. Hey guys so I matched up against Ninja ApG Goofy and Matt Excelz last night in Team Throwdown TS on Shutout. We lost 50-25 but we were tied going into the 20's lol.
  4. I read this and started laughing out loud and then thought to myself, "How would I break my disc?" Probably light it on fire and throw it up like a clay and shoot it with a shotgun. But I wont be breaking Halo 4 because its getting much better
  5. I just don't see 343i saying that BTB objective is coming by April 8th. IGN says it is but I don't see enough evidence from 343i.
  6. Where does it say there will be Big Team Objective?
  7. Yep back in the day I used to mess around with HMT on Custom Edition. And even before I bought Halo PC I used to make a flying warthogs mod in the demo hahaha it would fill up so fast. That was a blast back then.
  8. Skyrim wowed me, not gonna lie. But it is rare for me to be wowed by games nowadays for the same reasons
  9. I am going get it today or tomorrow and was wondering what the population is like? Back in the day I used to play and it was tons of fun with a whole bunch of people playing.
  10. When I say "real" games I meant games that were made with every ounce of energy put forth to create a fun experience for the player. Not like Halo 4 which I believe was meant with the sole purpose of selling copies.
  11. Dude... I still play n64 with my friends quite a bit. Mario kart 64, Mario party 2, Goldeneye, mario tennis. All great games with 4 people. And obviously the 1 player games. ANDDD I used to play Age of kings all the time on MSN zone. So funny how we play the same games
  12. We are the lucky ones who were shown what REAL games were at the right age. Its not something that you can just show someone, they had to live in it
  13. Most of the Halo veterans started playing Halo in Halo 1 or Halo 2. These were exciting times in gaming, as Halo 1 was an evolutionary game and Halo 2 brought the best online shooter to Xbox. I started playing Halo 1 when I was like 11 years old and most of the people I play with are my age or a few years older. The reason I love halo so much was because I was shown it at a young age and back then Halo was on top. Today's 11 year old is probably not going want to say to his parents, "I WANT HALO I WANT HALO" and that's the sad truth to it. Halo isn't even as close to as popular as it was back then, and COD is dominating. Thus this is resulting in a less loyal fan base. I am a regular poster on this forum and follow closely other forums. I want more than anything for Halo to return to its glory days. Unfortunately, I am not in middle school/high school anymore and I don't have the time to play now that I used to. See the pattern here? All the loyal fans that I grew up with on Xbox also do not have the time to get on and there aren't enough new loyal fans because of the quality of Halo 4. I don't really know how this can get fixed. Halo is in a very bad spot.
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