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  1. Hello There

    1. Halo6 Follower
    2. Vitamin Pwn

      Vitamin Pwn

      This is getting out of hand now there are two of them!

    3. I_Make_Big_Boom
  2. Dont think I've given my opinion here yet but I hate Star Wars "episode 8"

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    2. I_Make_Big_Boom


      The problem with 8 is that there's too much filler and plotholes. Like, the ENTIRE conflict hinges on nothing close to a rational plot device.

    3. I_Make_Big_Boom


      It has some pretty awesome cinematography, and a few interesting narrative threads. However, the conflict overall is really moronic. The "enemies" are completely incompetent save for Kylo Ren, who is the only First Order member with a brain.

    4. Maestro


      Somehow I'm not surprised

  3. Tbf I might agree but tbf its not like Microsoft even has any good exclusives coming out soon is it? So may as well go either PC or PS4 at least they have exclusives.
  4. Fair Point I've actually had a think about this recently and here's my solution. Release the next Halo Game on all consoles and PC with full mod support. Or something like that Halo being an exclusive is killing it at the moment or maybe Halo is just dying a slow death and its time for the franchise to end? I'm not sure but right now the future looks pretty bleak.
  5. Tbf I got banned for a good reason. Few years back a member here put a status update asking for help on Halo Waypoint so me and a member here put up a thread asking for help with the Xbox and me and several other members sorta came in and trashed the place and turned it into a troll thread but not before the thread was deleted and our accounts banned. Fun times. So yeah for once a Waypoint ban was justified. Go figure.
  6. Never thought I would say this but Destiny 2 is actually pretty great it has my seal of approval

  7. Just seen Spiderman Homecoming for a second time what a great movie a real 9/10

  8. Nice new site banner, very prettyyyyy

  9. Nice new site banner, very prettyyyyy

  10. So I can hire you to do like anything for me in Halo?
  11. Only thing I'm looking foward to is Shadows of War and Battlefront 2 everything else just looks meh

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    2. Spyro


      Yes, it's staged. As is EVERY presentation. It's E3. If you went in expecting things to not be as polished as possible, then you should reconsider what you expect from a game expo.

    3. KhevaKins


      E3 used to have rules :(

      These day it is basically just a glorified weekend of trailer releases.

    4. Unease Peanut

      Unease Peanut

      I don't think this E3 was any different as the previous with presentations.

      They're supposed to show trailers and bits of pre release gameplay. That's what E3 is also for!

  12. #Maketheforumgreatagain

    1. HIWBC


      I have been proposing ideas to Drizzy :P

  13. #Maketheforumgreatagain. Congratulations dude i'll take this as a cool sign of things to come.
  14. Cant wait for the new Destiny DLC Destiny 2 to come out

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    2. Spyro


      Is it because 343i didn't release a game with relatively little story in it?

    3. Caboose The Ace

      Caboose The Ace

      Better than Bungie huh, well there off to a good start right.

    4. Mr Kittens and Gibberish
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