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  1. Actually I would love to join this debate on this topic. From the day I joined the website the title ( Member Of The Month) was a title recognized to members who put effort into the forums, and assisted the community. As I see A couple posts and a topic doesn't usually earn a member the title of MOM. Also from what I see from the comments, he became the mom to support and get the event TGFW out there? (correct me if I am wrong) If you wanted to share and support this organization, why not just have it only on the shout box announcements, because the shout box is where the main population of the forum members look. I am sure a couple members right now stand out, because no member is at the same rate, I am sure at least one member is slightly better than another?
  2. Halo Combat Evolved Mech Assault Fable 1 Big Motha Truckers Oblivion Brute Force Halo 2 (((( Jet Set Radio Future)- my favorite
  3. Things like this has happened for years, happens everywhere, in school, at a job, even in the forums. But if you must leave I say farewell. Also one big happy family, I believe you mean is one group of people, because there are others in the outside.
  4. I am glad those state tests are over.

  5. Dog


    DOCCC YOUR BACK MAN!!! Welcome back.
  6. Edition Inside Flip these 2 words around lol Nowadays gossips within the forums I got the chance to catch up with gossip man/girl These are the latest gossips. -Twam is Bill gates son What do you think? -GSD is a husky What do you think? -The moderators get paid minimum wage -Sparky is a spy -Edward Kenway stole into the news group files to get incredible news stories. - Azaxx took donuts shouts? -Bacon is no longer allowed at 343 - The website issues are from Twam dropping a piece of pizza on the controls. - The 343ibot is a woman? word on the streets of the forum is that winners of the USF Election get promoted to C-Mods shortly after Dog is joining the Community Moderators! 21. May be offensive Add in your gossips This is ALL made up in my head, and gossip girl/man is ibot. Dont take anything serious, as this is a way of having a good time on the forums.
  7. Your videos are quite interesting to see,and I wish you good luck with your upcoming videos.
  8. Check your system storage Go to games click on halo 4 check if it is corrupted if it is not corrupted delete it re download - how? - Go to halo 4 and there should be an update.
  9. Click start Go to setting Look for network It needs to be on xbox live
  10. Dog


    I believe I have found who you are looking for, but I do not think he is still active on the forums anymore, but it is worth a try. Profile- http://www.343industries.org/forum/user/78663-aprophecya/ Gamertag- twostinkysocks
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