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  1. All of you are ranting "it still isn't fixed" Well I think 343i made all those updates very fast, and work very well for what their purpose was. I think they handled the situation well, and listened to the community well. Look at Rockstar it's more than 1 year since the heists where meant to be in the game, and ac unity didn't even fix any major problems in any updates it's just barely playable now while Halo is very much playable with minor glitches here, and there, and unfair teams. THANKS 343I keep up the good work.
  2. my perfect control scheme would be LT: grenade LB: thruster RT:shoot RB: reload R thumb stick: smart scope L thumb stick: crouch D-pad: grenade swap A: jump/clamber B: melee X: sprint Y: swap weapon
  3. Personally the only benefit may be time. I never under stood why people whined about the gb for day 1 update. This may be my last game o xbox one till halo 5 so I don't need the room.
  4. OMG the cinimatics may give me heart attack. I'm So HYPED!!!!!!!!!!!! Also amazingly well done trailer hope I see it on youtube or T.V.
  5. Yes switches with multiple possible outputs. In a way this is command blocks from minecraft, and that's what gaps minecraft xbox to pc.
  6. The new music is insanely good. Sounds just like the old music but, revamped.
  7. I may not perfect this game but, still like the achievements.
  8. yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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