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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm Lemon, my favorite game is Halo 3: ODST. I was really exited to hear that ODST was coming to MCC, this is actually why I bought the xbox one. What a disappointment when I learned that firefight and forge would NOT be included with the game. I have to use my old 360 to play an old game with old graphics when my xbox one is there lying being useless ? It makes no sense. Either I play the original version and I'm disappointed or I play the new one and I'm disappointed. I understand that you are "focused" on developing Halo 5. But you just released MCC. You're making more instead of making the best."We are halo fans" that's what you said. So, when is Firefight coming to MCC ?
  2. I need a little help 343. I'm getting older, far from old but older. My memory never was the greatest and I constantly call people by the wrong name or forget their name altogether. Now you tell me I have over 100 maps at launch of the HMCC not including what will likely become a floodgate of maps in forge in the first few weeks. If Reach's Forge is any indication, I will once again be utterly lost as to which maps I am looking at in my map list. I could barely keep up with my own creations let alone some of the amazing Forge's out there. There was a time, a more rough and yet somehow simpler time. A time of UT99. Yes waaaaaay back in the past on Good Ol original Unreal Tournament where you could actually take a screenshot of your map creation and post it alongside your map name to be displayed in the playlist. Oh what a wonder it was to not have to look at 800 identical Forgeworld screenshots and guess the verb of the map you wanted to play. Please for the love of God allow us to set our own map playlist screenshot (or 3) so that those of us that control the playlist don't have to leave those of us waiting to participate in a game to suffer as we load 8 maps trying to find "the map". Bloody Mess Blood Gulch Blood Letter Coagulation Debilitation Obfuscation I find it much easier to find: Revenant Rampage Arena - - - - - - - - - - - - - Revenant Slam Fest Revenant Valhalla Revenant Zeta It's a bit of a big image but I was too lazy to resize and you get my point. Plus lets be honest being able to 'one touch' enlarge the map list screenshot would also be a nice Feature Please help me find my maps.
  3. I can't stop playing team doubles. Theres one thing that really bothers me, however; the map voting system. I love that you can vote towards the map you want, but there is a feature that should there be a 2-2 tie between two maps, the map towards the left takes precedence over the others every time. Its disappointing cause my map will be for instance rail on the far right, and if the other team votes for either map together, they automatically win. I believe that a simple "if two maps have a tie of two votes, flip a coin for two wins. It only makes sense. I hope others agree with this, perhaps the 343 could consider a change. Just my thoughts.. Brent
  4. Dear Everyone (especially 343 Industries), In previous Halo games such as Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, there was more than just Big Team Infinity Slayer. Mixed in there was a large variety of objectives, such as capture the flag, assault, and territories. I know that you have these game types separate, but it's just not the same without vehicles. Objective games with vehicles on a large map allows players to be creative and strategize, on top of having fun. I remember I had some of the best times playing capture the flag on Valhalla in Halo 3; basically, objective with the big team is excellent. About those maps: Forge World from Halo: Reach immediately comes to mind, seeing as there are nearly infinite possibilities. Also, Sand Trap from Halo 3. The Elephants gave way to so many different strategies and game types. Please consider everyone, Your Die hard Fan
  5. 343i, I didn't know where to put this...I just have a simple request that would make my Halo 4 experience (and many others I'm sure...PERFECT): The ability to customize my control scheme. Borderlands 2 had this...where you could set any action to any button... For me specifically, the Fishstick scheme is closest to what I desire, but I would love to make a couple minor tweaks to it. Hopefully this is something you guys can implement rather easily. Sincerely, Your Diehard Fan
  6. Is it possible to share your mobile (nokia lumia) internet connection to your laptop? Like if you go far away somewhere and you want to use your laptop with your mobile internet connection. Hope you understood my english.
  7. Hey 343, I know that no one probably cares but I really think 343 should make a halo wars 2. Halo wars 1 was the most succssful console strategy game and is one of my favorites all time. I still play it often with the other about 9 thousand that are online.. I have heard talk about 343 thinking about kinect for halo wars 2 and I just wanna say don't do it. The game is great with the remote it just needs to be refined somewhat. Kinect would not sell well and it would flop if you were to add new feature and make the original system more appealing I could see it selling well. Some ideas for the game as a long time player 1. More leaders and options (no more then 4 more or else it would be overwhelming) 2. More maps and fix the stupid same map in matchmaking like 10 times in a row 3. Maybe a ranking system where you unlock items (make it more competative) These are just a few suggestions I'm sure you have heard others. Just atleast consider it I know I would buy the game along with many others.
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