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  1. Ok guys, only 14 days left of H2 MP. I still need a half dozen acheivments and cannot get them playing with randoms. If anyone would be willing to help me i would be SO grateful. Leave your GT if you're interested.
  2. The point is not to have a bunch of infantry running around like chickens getting picked off by snipers. It's supposed to be vehicle ware fare. The sniper is gonna get raped by the guys in a falcon, or by a main battle tank, or by a longsword. If people feel like using ARs then they shouldn't play on large maps, because they will get raped. BTB has the largest population in halo 4 and I bet anything a 30v30 playlist would have the highest population in halo 5. UNSC Vehicles: -Warthog •Gauss (reach) •Rocket (halo 4) •Chain Gun (halo 4) •Transport -Mongoose (halo 3) -Scorpion (reach) -Mantis •weapons can be customized (can have two rocket launchers or two machine guns or one of each) -Viper (Light assault aircraft) •Equipped with heat seeking missiles and light machine gun •Highly maneuverable (on the level of the banshee), weak armor -Hornet (controls exactly the same as the falcon) -Falcon •customizable in forge menu •can be equipped with an forward mounted 40mm chain gun which is operated by the pilot •doors can be equipped with 1) chain guns 2) rocket launchers 3) gauss turrets 4) auto grenade launchers 5) seats •can hold 2 additional passengers who can fire their personal weapons -Pelican •controls like the falcon •forward mounted 40mm cannon •two machine gun turrets mounted on back •can carry up to 8 passengers who can move and fire their personal weapons •contain two small arms racks in cargo area loaded with small arms and grenades UNSC weapons: -Magnum (DW) •No scope •5 shot kill •high recoil •High ROF -Auto mag (DW)(40m) •scoped •6 shot kill •high recoil •slower ROF -SMG (DW) •can be used as a sidearm •40 round magazine -Battle Rifle (60m) -DMR (120m) -Assault rifle -SSMG •the silenced SMG from ODST •60 round magazine, scoped -Frag grenade -SAW •buffed, heavier H4 version •please, PLEASE make it look better. It looks like compete crap in halo 4! -EMP Launcher •grenade launcher from halo reach -Grenade Launcher •fires projectiles similar to the sticky detonator that will explode on contact or await detonation depending on firing mode(Utilizes a 3 round magazine) -Spartan Laser •similar to the reach version -Sniper Rifle (300m) -Gauss Sniper (400m) •Battery Operated •Holds 12 shots •Takes 1 second to charge up, but can then fire up to 3 shots in rapid succession with very little recoil. •Damage is equivalent to the sniper rifle but does less damage to vehicles -Rocket Launcher •Fires two types of rockets, Anti-personnel rockets (which appear green on your HUD) are unguided and deal high splash damage, while anti-vehicle rockets (blue on your HUD) track ALL vehicles and have high penetrative power, dealing twice the damage against vehicles. -Railgun •Halo 4 version -Heavy Railgun (500m) •One hit kill on ANYTHING, including pelicans(comes with 1 extra round and takes 5 seconds to charge and fire) -Hyper Rifle (250m) • 3 shot kill, low ROF • battery operated, batter holds energy for 36 shots • emits high intensity atom laser -Machete •for custom games only •2 hit kill, but can be swung faster than a sword •ideal for custom infection gametypes and Floodfight Detachable Turrets: -Machine gun -Flamethrower -Missile pod Emplacements: -Rocket Turret •Fires volleys of 4 rockets, rockets become guided when the operator enters first person mode and looks through the emplacements holographic optics. Range 1000m -Gauss Turret • Identical to the turret mounted on the back of a warthog -Mortar Turret •Starts with a target locator, the player who acquires the locator can use it to call in mortar fire anywhere on the map. • locator creates a red circle around its target and sticks to objects, including vehicles and personnel. •Mortar fires 3 round volleys, each round yielding the power of 2 antipersonnel rockets. •shot recharge time can be changed in forge Covenant Vehicles: -Ghost (reach) -Banshee (reach) -Wraith (halo 4) -Revenant -Spectre • holds 2 passengers, 1 gunner, 1 driver • equipped with 1 dual barreled plasma cannon, the same as that of the banshee -Locust •similar to the mantis but faster and more light armored •armed with a banshee class fuel rod cannon and duel plasma cannons -Phantom (Heavy troop transport) • equipped with 1 forward rapid fire concussion cannon which is controlled by the pilot, as well as 2 door mounted light plasma cannons • Capable of carrying 8 personnel who can fire their personnel weapons •Contains 2 small arms crates in cargo area -Hammerhead •covenant main battle tank •about as fast as a scorpion •armed with a 100mm anti-armor incendiary cannon. Fires plasma shells at high velocity. Projectiles are nearly instant hit. •Sets fire to anything within AOE •takes 2 seconds to reload and does about 70% the damage of a scorpion shell. Still kills warthogs in one hit but takes 3 shots to kill a scorpion or wraith. Covenant Weapons: -Plasma Pistol (DW) -Plasma Rifle (DW) -Storm Rifle -Needler (DW) -Needle Rifle (100m) -Covenant Carbine (60m) -Assault Carbine (200m) • 5 shot kill, fires particle beam with extreme accuracy at extreme range • low rate of fire •Only comes with 20 extra rounds (2 mags) -Beam Rifle (300m) -Focus Rifle (350m) •Buffed halo reach version •greater aim assist makes it easier to track laterally strafing targets •Shorter kill time •Higher battery consumption rate •Holds enough ammo for 16 kills -Concussion rifle -Fuel Rod Cannon -Plasma Launcher • identical to the one in reach but with a longer range -Incendiary Cannon •fires 3 miniature unguided plasma shells from a 3 barreled launcher which explode upon impact, igniting everything within the primary blast radius •holds up to 5 extra shots •each plasma shell does about as much direct damage as a plasma grenade. -Energy Sword (DW) -Plasma Grenade Detachable Turrets: -Plasma turret Emplacements: -Plasma cannon shade •Identical to the one in reach but with higher projectile speeds and higher damage -Fuel rod shade • like the ones in the reaches campaign • Fires homing fuel rod rounds that tracks land and air vehicles Brute Weapons: -Spiker (DW) -Brute shot -Mauler (DW) -Spike Rifle •fires long metal spikes at high velocity •Same ROF as carbine •6 shot kill •very inaccurate (large reticle high spread) •16 round magazine -Brute plasma rifle (DW) -Gravity hammer -Napalm grenades -Spike grenades Brute vehicles: -Chopper -Prowler Promethean Weapons: -Light Rifle (150m) -Scattershot -Suppressor • buffed halo 4 version, 50% less projectile spread -Boltshot -Neutrino Rifle (200m) •fires a beam of high energy neutrinos which, if held on target for 2 seconds will an opponent -Binary Rifle (350m) -X-ray Laser • emits high energy x ray radiation which will instantly destroy living tissue within its AOE • can be fired like a shot gun at close range, but the reticule can be reduced by holding down the right trigger before firing, thus increasing the range and decreasing the AOE • harmless against vehicles, but will kill an unshielded driver -Promethean Sword • attaches to players right arm in the form of a gauntlet. • when activated a hard light blade will appear staring at the players elbow and extending 2 feet past their hand. • 2 hit kill, can be swung faster than a energy sword -Warp Rifle • launches a quantum singularity at close to light speed, which, upon contact with a solid surface will create gravimetric distortions and pull any objects within its AOE towards its origin, draining their shields. Just some ideas. The promeathean weapons list is incomplete.
  3. Did BF3 have a lot of lag? I think not! IMO halo 5 should be nothing but large scale combat with a few 4v4 playlists.
  4. You realize 343 is a game development studio right? They wrote the code, do you honestly think it is that hard for them to change ONE LINE OF CODE if modders have done it already? REALLY!?
  5. 77-3 in invasion 65-0 in BTB slayer 112-1 in BTB one flag on spire
  6. Actually, elite armor has no force multiplication ability whatsoever. It's literally nothing but body armor with shield generators built in.
  7. Like I said, there is already a mod which removes the sprint mechanic. Why not use that? Because they're lazy as ****!
  8. Not at all. First off, they didn't design it, they just stole it from the guys at THFE. Second, it's actually quite boring/bad compared to other AR start flood gametypes I've played. They fail at everything.
  9. It's a fun playlist, but complex and settler need to get the **** out. Those maps are total ****.
  10. So. After 7 months 343 finally adds a classic playlist. Not only is the map selection complete crap, but the weapon placement is abominable. The adrift has 2 spartan lasers placed on the lift platforms. SPARTAN LASERS!!! WTF! And on all the other maps the power weapons are not even situated in high traffic areas, but rather in obscure corners where no one go's. In addition, players only start with ARs, instead of the classic AR/Magnum combo that we've had since halo CE. Again, WTF? And sprint is still present, even though there are multiple mods which remove that mechanic from the game. Now you may say, "well globalhawk, 343 shouldn't be encouraging modding so why should they use a modded gametype in matchmaking" to which I would answer: 1) they added mini slayer, a community created mod, to action sack 2) how long can it possibly take to manipulate the infinity slayer gametype in their studio to remove the sprint mechanic, make their own "modded" gametype? 5 mins? 10 mins? This is not "Legendary" slayer This is complete ******* bull**** slayer'
  11. She's a dumb ************* **** ***** ***** ass prostitute that never ******* does anything remotely useful so **** her in the ass I hope she dies.
  12. Settler is easily the worst big team map in halo history. It's small and cramped, and features only 2 power weapons, a Railgun and a shotgun. The only power position on the map is top back middle, and every game one team has control and can rain death on everyone else. The warthog is useless, sight lines are bad, and spawns are atrocious. It needs to be removed. Now.
  13. Hivemind is laughable. It's easier to get kills as a flood than as a human. I routinely get 3-5 human kills as a flood each round. It's honestly pathetic how every new gametype 343 tries to institute sucks total ass.
  14. Lol OP. I stopped reading as soon as you said Palmer orders chief to do something. Not only is Palmer and annoying, worthless, bit ch but she would never be able to give orders to chief. No way in hell
  15. You are both retarded. She is a useless, shallow character who does nothing useful in either campaign or spops and continually nags on everything and everyone. She is easily the worst core character of any game I've ever played and needs to be killed of as soon as possible.
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