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  1. I am looking for a Forge clan (preferably Halo Reach). I consider my self a good forger and can add that aesthetic touch to maps. My IGN is Larick Faran
  2. Gimme a Warthog that when you honk it it says dialog from something
  3. Ive found on other lists on other sites that many members there want some sort of weather and piece skin options. I just took it some steps farther. The Grizzly would work well for anti Scarab work in the Campaign/ Spartan Ops. It would also work well in my idea for bigger lobbies ranging from 10-30 Players
  4. Helmet = ODST No Attachment Body = ODST Right and Left Shoulder = ODST Arm = UDPS Visor = Blue Colors Primary = Steel Secondary = Orange
  5. I will need some ppl who I can rely on to help me test a maps effectiveness and maybe help forge with me. They need to be able to get on at EST early morning hours
  6. Sniper Rifle because of its stopping power and it dosnt overheat
  7. Things I want to see in the next Halo Game If these things are added many many Fans will love this game forever. Many are community desired however I added some of my own thoughts such as a new Warthog. Most of the community will find things they want in here. Map Remakes Blood Gulch Halo CE (Not a forged one a real one) Last Resort Halo 3 (I would like it to have the Zanzibar Halo 2 Doors) Sidewinder Halo CE Lockout Halo 2 (This is a fan favorite you would do yourself a great favor here) Headlong Halo 2 Sand Trap Halo 3 (Another favorie make sure you have Elephants or Mammoths) Forge World Halo Reach Impact Halo 4 (Make it bigger and perhaps have Space Craft such as Sabers and Serephs) Armor and Weapons More realistic armor (Like Reach. Halo 4s Multiplayer Armor felt Alien and cartoony I much prefer Halo Reachs gear) ODST Gear (This was a personal favorite I was very sad to see it not in Halo 4) Re-adding of Covenant Elites as Multiplayer Characters (This was aweful for Machinimas also make them customizable like in Halo 3) Weapon Customization (As in perhaps the MA5D Ammo Counter Color or other color options. Maybe the ability to engrave your Callsign into the gun.) SMG return (The Saw was awesome however so are SMGs) Flame Thrower return Vehicles Spectre Return Grizzly Tank Transport Hog Civilian Hog Halo 3 Style Mongoose Falcon Hornet Elephant or Mammoth Variant Vehicle Skins / Colors (Snowy, Desert, Urban, Jungle, Standard Colors) New Vehicle Spartan Laser Warthog (X shaped mount with Spartan Lasers on each end they coyld fire all at once or in a clock-wise pattern) Multiplayer Stuff Invasion Return Flood looking Flood Mode Larger Lobbies 10-30 Forge Maps auto download to players (When they are going to play a Forge Map it auto downloads when the match starts or in the lobby) Popular Forge Maps added to match making based on Reccomends or maybe a whole Game Lobby for Forge Maps Forge Stuff Dynamic Lighting done in a preview mode or something to make forging less annoying Precision Forging Return More Round Pieces Terrain Editor (Dig Tunnels Raise hills add water etc) Ability to save multiple pieces as one new piece More Scenery stuff (More Rock types, Trees, Brush, Broken Walls, fire, Covenant Sniper Tower, Bodies, Destroyed Vehicles) Return of Purple Special FX thing (Night Time stuff is fun) Weather Options (Raining, Day, Alien, Night, Snowing) Terrain Options (Sandy, Swampy, Alien, Snowy, Rocky, Grassy) Piece Styles (Can change at will with Bumpers (Covenant, UNSC, Halo Ring Forunner, Requiem Forunner) ) Piece Overlays (Damaged, Nature Covered, Flood Covered, Rusted) More Money Doors (Doors that activate on button press that come in multiple sizes) ODST Drop Pods (They function on button press and land the same way weapon drops do. On landing pd door blows outward and kills enemies if they are in the way to prevent camping) Custom Powerups return Feel Free to add on to the list!
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