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  1. I just wanted to ask, what's the bright idea behind smashing the playlists together? Was it really so difficult to keep up on a separate big team playlists? I'm just curious as to the new updates on the Halo 4 frontier as this is a very disappointing game on the multiplayer flip side. I'm not here to start a fight as I am generally curious as to what the meaning is behind this. I understand games have to evolve to keep up with the current gaming demands but we all loved being able to chose between Big Team Slayer and Big Team Objective! I understand that people want to have more variety in their gaming experience but this is why there was a general assortment of playlists, as different as they were. Are you truly making a large portion of us chose between Halo 3, Reach before 4 even comes into play? I call shenanigans! And now with the new DLC, don't get me started on that... Season pass my a$$. Pardon my language Yours faithfully Halo, XxxHarley
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