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  1. i will not be posting anymore updates or sharing anymore files
  2. Trifle10


    everyone gets an assassination when the chance arises. you want others to not mess with your kill unless your already half way through and still manage to get the kill, otherwise, you dont want them to mess with your kill so why should you mess with theirs. and what point are you proving? that your a non team player or perhaps your that jerk who wants to screw the team over. while im at it, lets all steal your kills because you keep screwing our assassinations. enough said
  3. i laughed when i read this. it sure seemed that way. its like when any of them were around me, arrows showed up so we both died while that maybe true, theres no anyone can suck this bad, unless they have never played halo before and this is their first match
  4. here are the stats. if you are on the same team with this player, quit right away
  5. after playing fiesta on haven, i have never seen brain dead players on my team before. it was a player with 2 guests. their total combined kills was 5 to 21 deaths (i think). i have to leave in a bit so ill have to attach the score when i get back and then the video another time
  6. depends on the playlist. really only big team has the only vehicles each match. i believe team slayer and ctf also have vehicles too, but the rest of the playlists dont (not counting the rotational ones) like stated above, get pioneer or engineer and then rank up to 60 so you can equip fast track. it will help you level up faster
  7. aside from the playlist changes that basically limited the power ordnance recieved on resupplies to the updated "balanced" maps. funny thing about some of this stuff dominion everyone is so sick of lockdown that they would rather vote for it on a very crappy map then play lockdown on a good map. sure you have radar and 3 bases, but with braindead teammates who dont know attacking from defending, they may as well go afk the whole match. when this happens, i say 'screw it' and quit. i would rather be in a game with players who actually put up a decent fight then be with noobs who dont know squat lockdown its an ok gametype. only problem, the low score limit. takes only 10 resupplies to win. all you need is a good place to camp that doesnt include camo or the boltshot and you can put up a defense. there's even ordnance at the other bases that can help with B legendary dominion i cant say much as no one votes for it. i assume its a really bad gametype if it cant get 2+ votes. im thinking its probably the very original dominion before the changes came or its something that aids the defenders. though it sure would be nice to play it before it gets removed again. ill even back out just to try playing it im mainly playing it to get "defender" commendation complete
  8. i really love the BR in post 1 and the suppressor right above me. even though these are nice finds, unless 343 says something that will make this true and legi, i cant believe it 100%
  9. i find there is no point to chatting with your teammates or non friends in a non party chat. everyone does their own thing, 50% of your teammates are generally braindead. even if you do use callouts, like they know what you mean "brown" or "green ramp". so i just do my own thing and hope my teammates can actually do something as for the topic at hand, you can talk to the team though who will answer
  10. today, i present a new map and gametype. Plasmafest on Octogon. Map Overview red vs blue with 4 members per team slayer only for those who decide to modify the gametype, there are boudaries if you try to get out your only weapon is a plasma pistol and damage boost. melee and assassinations are disabled map: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/shinyspot2001/halo4/fileshare/#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=eebccdad-cc6d-4d04-93ae-7c63a612f98e gametype: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/shinyspot2001/halo4/fileshare/#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=f3200fde-d2d2-4c55-aa6d-100f8a5712ca as long as you dont change the gametype, you wont jump over the walls
  11. this zipped file contains useful stuff relating to halo 4 if anyone is intrested. you get every dashboard banner stuff relating to in game every medal i have encountered after matches halo 4 merchandise every playlist and their changes every weekly update all version changes with the required updates thanks to all who downloaded. also, leave a like to this post if you like all the contents inside
  12. this is actually my 5th time encountering this since launch. if i known and went with my instinct, i would of filed a complaint
  13. i did have a "problem" that caused my nat to become moderate. ill try a few games later on and hopefully get no problems
  14. ive started noticing stats like these over and over again. after playing fiesta, this player had this... as you can see, they have weapon kills but the "killed most" slot is empty same thing after big team if you look at the "mantis" picture, you can see it says "no kills" you can also see both weapon TOD's as funky letters why does these player stats turn out like this? are they using a different language? are they plain out hackers who are boosting their stats? does a player's region that's different from mine play a factor?
  15. 4 hours after today's update was released, i noticed the update and was like "yay, dominion!". i play 1 game normally but lost 420-180 due to braindead teammates who allowed the enemies to spawn kill but they didnt capture. my teammates didnt even try to capture another base so i was glad we lost. the following lobby, becomes a problem. after voting and after 5 mins this happens.... it didnt even say nothing so i dashboarded i then reload halo 4 and try dominion again only to find this happen again this time, it said "establishing new connection" and a few players even left in both lobbies above, there was no voting lag (you push A 10 times before your vote shows up) after that happened, i went to forge for a bit before i had to leave for life related stuff. is dominion still having problems 12 hours after the update came out or can i play dominion normally? also, what is "Legendary Dominion"? no one votes for it
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