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Found 7 results

  1. I'm hosting a Halo 4 lobby tonight for those interested to get achievements for all the DLC's for Halo 4, message me letting me know who's in. Gamertag is: GH05T R1D3R ME
  2. tns22

    Team DLC numbers

    One of the largest topics that seems to be spamming up these fora is people complaining about not being able to play the DLC maps. And yet, we now have a DLC playlist for just 2 weeks and it has a population lower than all but throwdown. If people want a DLC playlist so badly, why aren't the numbers showing it?
  3. I just came back to Halo 4 after a while off. I've got a little time to kill, and picked up the Champions Bundle because I was all like "Right on, new maps y'all"! So I told my brotha Alexander Hamilton to make it happen because I know how he likes headshots, and Pitfall looked like some sweet nostalgic multiplayer goodness. Hamilton digs Halo 4, and he has hooked me up with some awesome DLC maps in the past... his favorite is Shatter cause it "gives him the space he needs to hunt that little punk Aaron Burr down" (his words not mine). The only problem is that in the 75 matches or so I have played since getting back on I have never seen Pitfall or Vertigo in match making as even an option to vote for. Understandably I was a little upset... some things were said aloud, and then I put Halo 4 down to go to bboy practice. When I got home Hamilton texted me from 343 Industries' bank account and was all. "Where you at man, these new map are the shizzle my nizzle, why aren't you online helping me mop up these fools?" ARGH!!! Your right Alexander Hamilton... those online fools need to be mopped! They need it! So I got online again to help my main man Hamilton under the condition that even though I know how he likes to hang out with Snoop Dog on the regular he needs to talk on the headset like a normal adult. "Hey Alex you were the first Secretary of Treasury for god's sake... pull it together son, and lets go do this." So Hamilton and I jumped back online to mop up some fools as we all know he likes to do. We cleaned up SWAT style on Haven, Adrift, Abandon, Solace, and Complex. Had some crazy fun on Exile and Ragnarok. And that when I noticed it. Not only had I not seen Pitfall or Vertigo up for match making I had not seen a single map from any of the DLC that I purchased come up even once for a vote on any multiplayer game type. At all. A ton of the maps that Alexander Hamilton and I were so ready play were the ones we were completely locked out of! That's when he called me... Me: "Yo, Hamilton whats up brotha?" AH: "It's cold and dark in this bank account. I can't get out to romp freely on the digital fields of battle... It's lands are locked to me." Me: "I know... Me too. It is a sad day. Buying Halo 4 DLC feels like a giant rip off right now." AH: "It's no fun here, and I want to make my journey home." Oh My god! I don't have time to write any more of a crazy stupid post so lets just get down to it. Set up Lobbies that allow me play on the DLC maps that I paid for or be good enough to return my Hamiltons to me!
  4. Why fragment the online community by selling map packs? Giving them free would ensure longevity .I bought Halo4 for 4vs4 Team Slayer and now cant access it because I dont have the maps.Im sure if you had a promotion where you gave the maps free there would be a huge increase in online matchmaking.The dlc should be singleplayer content.Halo Reach has more players because their matchmaking doesnt take entire game modes away.It simply removes the dlc maps from the playlist when someone in the lobby doesnt have that content.
  5. Mine, personally, would be Castle (I like vehicle maps). What's yours?
  6. I see in the do's & don't it says this section is for posting help & not asking for it, but I can't help but see the laundry list of posts doing just that. I purchased the War Games Map Pass. I can't believe I've only noticed this now, but the new maps never....NEVER...pop up on BTB or 4v4. I have no interest in any other gametypes except slayer, so if the maps are only for dominion or ctf well, that sucks for me. I've been entering & quitting for over an hour now & not once have any of the 6 maps show up. The packs show up when I look on my hard drive through the dashboard. When I look on the marketplace through the game, the map packs don't even show up to give me an option of re-downloading them. I can't help feeling a bit cheated. There are 19 maps, 6 are from those 2 packs so there is a 31% chance of one of them showing up & they never do. ????? I also just checked, both Majestic's & Castle's maps show up if I go to start a custom game.
  7. As some of you know the latest map pack included some small/medium maps. But its seems unless you are in the majestic playlist, they never show up in the normal rotation of maps, regardless of what playlist I'm in.
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