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Found 16 results

  1. What do you predict Halo will be like in the near future? Curiosity poll, feel free to explain your choice below as well.
  2. Hello everybody, I would like to introduce you to a map of me. Gamertag(s) of the map creator(s): Medizinmann92 The map's player count: 8 Map: the Future The name of the map's gametype: A day in This map is inspired by the movie The fifth element. It is also possible to play Showdwon on it. Best wishes Medizinmann92
  3. Dear all, I have come to realise that Halo2 PC servers will not be online indefinately, this in itself is not a problem, a game like so many things in life has to come to an end and although Im fairly new to the PC version I have come to enjoy it very much. The population currently is past what many other publishers would deem dead and I am grateful for the servers being kept online. All I ask is that when 343i/Microsoft decide to shut down the severs please give adeqaute notice so the people who enjoy Halo 2 Vista can cram all the online play and achievements in before the close and have one final hurrah for the game. Thank you very much for your time, hopefully someone higher up will consider this at the least, Sincerely, HuxWard
  4. I just want to say goodbye to everyone from my name being Green, soon I will join the ranks of the Purple names and it certainly has been a privilege to green, but all good things must come to an end yes? As God closes the door, a window opens. I wish all of those good luck to being green and I say hello to all of those who are purple. Thank you.
  5. Forge: Ideas in Evolution Throughout our time with the Forge, in various Halo iterations, we've witnessed the progression of the system towards a more well-rounded experience and set of tools. Some of the changes have been invaluable and make the past look archaic, while others have left many of us in the lurch wonderning why something would be removed. Regardless of where we are now, it's important that we directly address the future and evolution of this beloved feature of the Halo franchise. While not all thoughts posted may be winners, all constructive ideas will help guide what we would like the Forge to become. Please submit your stories of both toil and love for the system, so that we can steer this ship towards a greater tomorrow! =^..^=
  6. Here are some ideas i dreamed up for halo 5 Halo 5 weapons and vehicles: UNSC Vehicles: -Warthog •Gauss •Rocket •Chain Gun -Mongoose -Scorpion -Mantis -Viper (Light assault aircraft) •Equipped with heat seeking missiles and light machine gun •Highly maneuverable (on the level of the banshee), weak armor -Hornet -Falcon • Assault (has a front mounted chain gun which can be controlled by the pilot as well as two .50 cal door guns, can carry 2 passengers who can shoot their personal weapons) • Light (door guns only, can carry 2 passengers who can shoot their personal weapons) -Pelican (Heavy Transport aircraft) •Pilot controlled forward heavy auto cannon • equipped with 2 .50 caliber door guns on back. Can hold up to 8 personnel who can shoot their personal weapons •contain two small arms racks in cargo area UNSC weapons: -Magnum -SMG •can be used as a sidearm -Battle Rifle -DMR -Assault rifle -SSMG •the silenced SMG from ODST -Frag grenade -SAW •buffed H4 version -Grenade Launcher •fires projectiles similar to the sticky detonator that will explode on contact or await detonation depending on firing mode(Utilizes a 3 round magazine) -Spartan Laser •similar to the reach version -Sniper Rifle -Rocket Launcher •Fires two types of rockets, Anti-personnel rockets (which appear green on your HUD) are unguided and deal high splash damage, while anti-vehicle rockets (blue on your HUD) track ALL vehicles and have high penetrative power, dealing twice the damage against vehicles. -Railgun •Halo 4 version -Heavy Railgun •One hit kill on ANYTHING, including pelicans(comes with 1 extra round and takes 5 seconds to charge and fire) -Hyper Rifle • 3 shot kill, low ROF • battery operated, batter holds energy for 36 shots • emits high intensity atom laser Detachable Turrets: -Machine gun -Flamethrower Emplacements: -Rocket Turret •Fires volleys of 4 rockets, rockets become guided when the operator enters first person mode and looks through the emplacements holographic optics. Range 1000m -Gauss Turret • Identical to the turret mounted on the back of a warthog -Mortar Turret •Starts with a target locator, the player who acquires the locator can use it to call in mortar fire anywhere on the map. • locator creates a red circle around its target and sticks to objects, including vehicles and personnel. •Mortar fires 3 rounds volleys, each round yielding the power of 2 antipersonnel rockets. Covenant Weapons: -Plasma Pistol -Plasma Rifle -Storm Rifle -Needler -Needle Rifle -Covenant Carbine -Assault Carbine • 5 shot kill, fires particle beam with extreme accuracy at extreme range • low rate of fire -Beam Rifle -Concussion rifle -Fuel Rod Cannon -Plasma Launcher • identical to the one in reach but with a longer range -Energy Sword -Plasma Grenade Covenant Vehicles: -Ghost (reach version) -Banshee (reach version) -Wraith -Revenant -Spectre • holds 2 passengers, 1 gunner, 1 driver • equipped with 1 dual barreled plasma cannon, the same as that of the banshee -Phantom (Heavy troop transport) • equipped with 1 forward rapid fire concussion cannon which is controlled by the pilot, as well as 2 door mounted light plasma cannons • Capable of carrying 8 personnel who can fire their personnel weapons •Contains 2 small arms crates in cargo area Turrets: -Plasma turret Emplacements: -Plasma cannon shade •Identical to the one in reach but with higher projectile speeds -Fuel rod shade • like the ones in the reach campaign • Firing homing fuel rods rounds that tracks land and air vehicles Brute Weapons: -Spiker -Brute shot -Mauler -Brute plasma rifle (halo 2 version) -Gravity hammer -Napalm grenades (halo 3 version) -Spike grenades Brute vehicles: -Chopper Armor abilities: -Jetpack -Thruster pack (buffed h4 version) -Active Camo -Evade -Berserk • allows users a brief burst of extreme speed once their shields are removed (like the h2/h3 brutes) -Regen Field -Stability • allows player to remain scoped in while taking fire -Thermal • shows players and vehicles in bright red/white, terrain is darker blue. • Residual heat signatures will reveal enemies hiding around corners by slightly brightening the air next to the corner (YOU CANNOT SEE THROUGH WALLS) Equipment: -Anti vehicle Mine •Fits into a slot on your HUD next to the grenade slots, destroys warthogs in one hit as well as personnel -Bubble shield •remains active until destroyed -EMP field •Immobilizes vehicles and SLOWY drains shields within a 20m radius You may notice that i left out forerunner weapons and vehicles, that is because (in my opinion) the forerunners are utterly boring and annoying to fight. I would love to see the brutes return as a sort of pirate like rouge faction in halo 5, possibly attempting to invade and take control of a weakened Sanghelios which we must defend alongside the arbiter. In addition, many of the vehicles i listed are only plausible if used in a 16 vs 16 or 32 vs 32 playlist (such as the pelican and phantom) which will hopefully be possible with the processing power of the next gen xbox.
  7. I was just playing Halo 4 and Battlefield 3 and i was thinking, it would be cool if Halo was a bit like Battlefield. I guess people would only understand what i'm talking about if they have played battlefield. Instead of playing as overpowered/shield generated spartans, we could play as ODSTs, marines, engineers, marine force recon, snipers. I guess some people might say, who will fight who? mmm maybe marines against marines from different halo games? For example: Halo Reach marines vs Halo 3 marines, ODSTs vs Marines? To make it fair, and not biased it should be made so that being in different branches of the UNSC or being a marine or ODST doesn't make differences just difference in appearance. Or following the halo story line, it could be UNSC vs Insurrectionists and using different weapons from different Halo games, bringing back.. classic Halo CE assault rifle, SMG, Halo 2 & 3 & 4 BR, Halo Reach & 4 DMR and of course adding Covenant and Fore Runner weapons. Also unlocking attachments and making attachments affect the weapon and gameplay different. It would be hard to moderate and control the damages done by the weapons to make the game play fair and not biased. But it would still be cool. Multiplayer maps could be made bigger in scale to support bigger battles with much more people and vehicles. In Battlefield 3, there's always some form of vehicle you can ride: Jets, Tanks, IFVs, Helicopters and Jeeps. You could bring Warthogs Mongooses Pelicans HORNETS (I miss the hornet from Halo 3) Elephants Falcons Tanks [unlockable attachments for vehicles too?] and more. I guess what makes halo different from Battlefield, Call of Duty and many other games is its unique multiplayer, gameplay and campaign. And I understand that a lot of people may disagree with me and think this is absolutely ridiculous, but I don't know, I don't think it would be that bad. To add on, I know Halo 5 is going to be a Reclaimer Trilogy but who knows what Halo games will be like in the future? With generations of XBOXs to come Tell me what you guys think!
  8. Halo Universe -An idea of a MMORPG based on Halo 4, and similar gameplay to DC Universe Online- This game is full of options and pathways that help create your character. This also does not involve a campaign, but Master Chief can help you along the way. In the character creation menu, you have many options on what your spartan will be. For example, grenadier, recon, soldier, etc. As you progress, you gain much more abilities and will eventually get to use all the classes. You start off as a recruit (training/tutorial) This part is basically explaining how to move, shoot, complete objectives, etc. After this part, you become a spartan. The game's main central hub is in the UNSC infinity. This can let you go into PvP (War Games), and Missions (Spartan Ops/Ideal way to rank up) Missions In the missions, you will get your orders from Captain Sarah Palmer. Missions vary from your class type and your rank. For example, neutralizing an enemy territory may be simple at first, but progressively gets harder as you rank up. This means more enemies, tougher enemies, and more damage. There is no difficulty in this game, but from starting the game to becoming max rank can be like going from easy difficulty to legendary difficulty. Players might be interested in it if there are almost an endless amount of missions, even/especially if you are max rank. Solo missions will reset your last objective if you die. If you are on co-op, your partner(s) will have to advance without you until they either die or complete the mission. Co-op missions will only reset your last objective if all the members in the squad have died. Missions will work in a following mini-storyline, just like Spartan Op Episodes, built in 3-5 Missions. This keeps the repeditivety low and a new experience every mission. You cannot repeat a mission, after you have either completed it or cashed in the reward. PvP In pvp, many games can still be played. Slayer, Dominion, V.I.P, King of the Hill, Infection, etc. This allows you to access commendations, and better armor. Player Your player's actions, skills, and looks all determine on how you play, and what you want to be. You can join squads (partys), fireteams (guilds) or rough it out solo. Many other players will have quests that you have, so it will be easy to complete quests when you see a fellow spartan trying to complete it. Quarters Your spartan has his/her own quarters (accessed through Infinity's Central Hub). Every player has their own private quarters, which players can invite their friends in personally. If a player gets a game invite through the dashboard, they will start the game in the quarters of the person that invited them, rather than your own. Your quarters are very important to gameplay. If you played too much missions or PvP in a row, your spartan will begin to slow down, not sprint, and miss shots constantly. You will need to sleep in your quarters to fully restore your stamina (access bed in your quarters, screen goes black for 2 seconds, you will wake up ready to go). Players are also granted movement abilities from start. They will get to choose from Jetpack or Sprint. These two are apart from armor abilites. The disadvantage that these give is that you cannot have both. Armory In your quarters, you will be able to change your character's appearance. This is called the Armory. Body appearance, and armor are seperate selections you can make. Like in DCUO, if you have armor that looks terrible, but gives amazing stats, you can use your own armor style instead of being obligated to wear something awful. Different armor will give different stats. You can also fully remove armor and just walk around with the black under armor. (If you use this in missions and/or PvP, you will have no shields or stats, but still have your weapons. Friends in your own quarters will not be able to sleep or customize their armor. You can also customize your loadouts through here. Currency Gaining Currency (Spartan Points; SP) can be either from PvP or missions. PvP will give a balanced amount of points depending on how good you play, while missions give you points on how many objectives you complete, solo or co-op. SP will allow players to buy armor that they want (regardless if its for stats or looks) instead of having to wait to unlock it. However, to keep the balance, most armor will be very expensive, and are more quicker to unlock in PvP rather than with SP. (This, of course depends on how far and dedicated you are on getting that armor). If you unlock armor through PvP, you will not be able to buy it anymore, and vice versa. This is simply because you already have it. With SP, players can also gain ordinances. They can begin a PvP match or mission with better weapons or boosts. For example, you can buy an ordinance that lets you spawn with a overshield after every time you die, or be able to gain SP or XP faster than normal. This also depends on the quantity you buy. Each ordinance will last you 1 mission or game, with the option to activate it before the game starts. Commendations Players gain commendations just like Halo: Reach and Halo 4 by completing repeditive feats. After completing commendation stages and masteries, players can gain XP and SP depending on the commendation and stage. Enemies Enemies are very common in Halo, and become much more intimidating in your spartan's future. You will be able to jump around melee'ing grunts in the face for a while, but as you progress, you'll eventually find yourself pinned down by a bunch of covenant cruisers. Missions will also get harder even as max rank, forcing you to join a squad or fireteam. There will actually be more missions done as a max rank than a progressing spartan. In missions enemies will drop weapons that will allow you to keep in storage in your armory in your quarters. Ranking System Mainly following the ranking system in Halo 3, ranks will be from 1-50. Every rank has its own correspondant name, from Recruit to 5 Star General. Also, again like Halo 3, different gametypes in War Games will also be from 1-50, and will ultimately rank up your overall rank. Your overall rank will only be shown through mission menus, service records, and leaderboards. Gameplay The game will run fairly similar to DCUO, but with Halo inspired familiarites. The HUD (Heads Up Display) will show: -Shields (Top Center) -Grenade Count/Type (Top Left) -Ammo (Top Right) -Player (Center) -Scoreboard {PvP} (Right Center) -Chat Bar (Left Center -Skill/XP bar (Bottom) Skill/XP bar Depending on your specilization, your skill will vary from many things. The skill bar works just like DCUO. For example, a standard skill would be headshot. Headshot gives a 25% damage increase on any enemies except for vehicles and hunters. This also insta-kills grunts and crawlers with a percision weapon equipped. Controls Standard controls wil go on the Xbox as follows: A - Jump B - Action/Enter Vehicle X - Shoot Y - Switch Weapons RB - Enemy Lock LB - Armor ability RT - Right Half of skills LT - Left Half of skills RS - Camera movement LS - Player/Menu movement RS (push) - Crouch LS (push) - Movement ability Back - Game Leaderboard {PvP} Back (hold) - Chat Start - Player Menu (Standard) Dpad - Menu movement Controls can be changed completely to your own liking and play style. Preset controls are not included, but players can save their own Preset controls (for players who share accounts/xbox) Chat System The chat system is standard like most MMORPGs. Like DCUO, the game will have a text chat system. The controls for the Chat Bar goes as shows: A - Open Keypad B - Close Chat Bar X - Change Text Output Y - N/A RB - Change message input (chat/game/system) LB - Change message input (chat/game/system) RT - Change Voice input (game/squad/fireteam) LT - Change Voice input (game/squad/fireteam) RS - N/A LS - N/A RS (push) - Scroll text chat LS (push) - N/A Back - Close Chat bar Back (hold) - Open Chat bar Start - Player Menu (Standard) Dpad - N/A Xbox party chat will override chat from in game, dampening sound depending on the Xbox Player preferences. The Change Text Output will allow players to change who will be able see your chat. That system follows as below: Speak - Players can only see your chat if they are right next to you. Shout - Players can only see your chat if they are near you or in the same room as you. (Can see anyone shouting when you are in the Infinity, but not in your quarters) Squad - Players can only see your chat if they are in your squad. (works anywhere) Fireteam - Players can only see your chat if they are in your fireteam. (works anywhere) Message - Can only be accessed by typing: /m gamertag . Players can only see your chat if you message them (works anywhere). Messaging players also lets you keep messaging that same person even after closing the chat bar (as long as you dont change chat). The chat bar will only update and appear every time you follow these above. The chat bar also disappears after 15 seconds of inactivity. My Personal Opinion This actually took me days to imagine, but after completing it, it sounds amazing (to me, of course). I don't know if this is terrible, but I've always wanted a MMORPG on the Xbox. Ive played the Phantasy Star Universe Demo and I enjoyed it. It was pretty sad when the servers were shut down. I don't know if this will be good because I really wish it can get as much support as a normal Halo FPS. I know it's not the same as good ol' Halo, but I hope it can even be remotely better than Halo Wars. That RTS game was isolated for not being a FPS, but I thought it was actually fun. Its also have been said that it's the best console RTS. I know 343 will not make this game, but with the slimmest glimmer of hope, I can only dream. Please make this a reality! If there is any issues, comments or concerns about this topic, please don't hesitate to say so. If you think that 343 will resent me for having an idea, don't bother to comment. I know there's barely a millionth of a percent chance that this will happen, but please give me strength in numbers! Thanks for reading this whole topic.
  9. May 16th 2020, Captain Brandon Niquette (my future self) heard that an passenger hypercraft for transporting tourists were hijacked during en route to Paris, France from United States for three hour flight. when the Terrorists managed to do it is still unclear, the Goverment can't do anything but to shoot it down. meanwhile at hidden base, Captain Niquette said, "we have no choice. it's time." the base officer responded, "what? but are you actually..mean it, sir?" CN: "yes, it's time for the deployment of Spartan." BO: "sir, i must protest, but i can see the mind is made up. are we go on this?" CN: "yes, Spartan Program is go. i've been training my life for this, prepare my Spartan Suit." BO: "yes sir, Captain" the whole base went on red alert status telling all personell to battle stations althrough the personell have no idea why. Captain Niquette walks from the command center to Spartan's SEP and suiting room to get fitted for Spartan mission. Doctor: "Captain, good luck sir. it will be the first time you actually experienced something like this. i'm not sure how will this whole thing affect your body." CN: "i know, the process is pretty quick. althrough it will be quite painful experience for me if i decide to go through this. but those are the people's lives on stake up here, i can't sit by and let them die. i have to do everything in my ability to protect them from goverment harm and bad guys." Doctor: "right, i believe in you, you're only one that inspired us to be better and build the technology we have today because of you." Captain Niquette lay down, face up on the operating table, he goes undergo the Spartan Enhancement Program, (SEP) he's transformed into Superhuman with talents, memory of Spartan Warriors. the process lasts only 10 minutes, as he comes to after 11 minutes later. the doctor says, "Captain, are you all right? how do you feel?" CN: "i feel.. better... strong. it is very strange sensation i have ever experienced." Doc: "yeah i bet... come on, we dont have much time. it's time to get you suited up" CN: "alright, let's go." he stands up he feels little wobbly. Doc: "whoa, easy here, take it slow, your body is getting used to the enhancements we gave to your body." CN: "ah, man. i thought i would stand better haha.." Doc: "not really, and it's fact that all patient can be little wobbly from the operation." Captain Niquette finally walks to the suit room, he fits into the thick underlayered suit and gets fitted with Armor plates all over his body. Chief Engineer: "sir, are you sure that helmet is best choice?" CN: "yes it is because it respects the Lore and life of how we came far to this very point. now, give me the damn helmet." CE: "yes sir... Master Chief." (then salute him as CN puts it on) Captain Niquette is now a Master Chief in real life. fully suited and ready with magnetable weapons fitted on his back and his thighs. CE: "sir, can you hear me? radio check." CN: "i hear you just fine. i'm seeing many things through the HUD in the visor and helmet." (he squeezes his own fist) "the suit is fitting me quite great. it works. time for me to go, get the Pelican ready" CE: "yes sir, Master Chief." (snickers to himself) "always wanted to say that, sir." Captain Niquette walks to the Pelican as the ship is being rolled out. he walks inside and sit. the back door closed on him and feels the ship taking off. Pelican does the hover taking off, transits to flight mode, flys toward to the edge of space. about 280,000 miles high above. the Pelican pilot says: "sir, we're in position and over the hijacked craft's positon, what are your orders?" CN: "open the back door, move the pelican forward about 10 feet." (he stands up, walks to the door's edge, activates his magne boots to hold on the ship) PP: "sir, the door is opening up. we're also are at proposed location and moving to hold here at the location." CN: "good." (as he says that, the door open up, all air suddenly get rushed out. the beautiful sight of Earth is viewed from here) CN: "i wish he was here to see this. heh." PP: "good luck sir." CN: "you guys too. get Pelican back to base after the jump. that is order." (he jumped out of the Pelican and is flying toward down at 215,000 miles per hour) CN: "whoo! hell yeah!" Captain Niquette continues down soon enough, his visor alerts him to the approaching craft, it is same craft that was taken over by the terrorists. he quickly reactivate his magnet boots and standing upright in little bit of crouch position as he crash lands on top of hull of the hijacked craft. the noise from top hull scares the passengers, the crew and terrorists. the terrorists begin to question what was that? Captain Niquette walks on top of the craft towards the front while deploying his main weapon, Assault Rifle. CN: "i'm on top of the craft, that landing was rough on my body but i'm fine." as he walks to the front end, he walked down to the very end and pointed the rifle at windshields of the craft. here, the Terrorists are shocked to see real life Master Chief from Halo Universe and gave up right away. they turned theirselves out of the cockpit room and were later arrested by the crew. the hijacked craft was no longer hijacked. the craft returned to the united states, later here they have a live video of this suited man on top of the craft standing in the middle as it landed. the craft rolled to stop on runway. Captain Niquette gets off and lands on his own feet, he gets bombarded by the media who's shocked to see a real life Master Chief. out of nowhere, the Pelican appears overhead with its rope hanging, Captain Niquette grabs it and he gets yanked off the ground. Pelican Pilot: "we have Captain Niquette. we're hoisting him into the Pelican, ETA to base will be 5 minutes sir." everyone at the base cheered for the sucess of the mission. CN: "good work guys." Pelican headed home at last. the end.
  10. To 343 Industries: First of all, I'd like to congratulate you all on Halo 4. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I started playing it on Solo Legendary about 6:00 the Friday it came out, and had it beat by 2:00 the next day. It was very engaging. I have beaten all the Halo games on Solo Legendary, ODST and Reach on LASO, and I am currently working through the Halo books, so I consider myself well-versed in the Halo Universe. I think you did a great job of keeping true to the feel of Halo, and the new Master Chief looks awesome. I especially loved the intro with Dr. Halsey, it really got me pumped for the game. However, I have some concerns. 1) The legendary ending of Halo 4 shows a glimpse of Master Chief's face. It only flashed for a second, so I only had time to see the intensity in his eyes, but I was still shocked. The face of SPARTAN-117 cannot be shown. Please do not continue to do so. Perhaps some have requested it, but the die-hard fans of Halo do NOT want this. 2) I saw that there are tentative ideas about revealing more about Master Chief's past and the origin of the Spartans in Halo 5. I am not against this, but I fear that if you try to put that into a game focused on the Forerunner story, then it will be butchered. Those areas merit a game to themselves, if it is done right. For example, if the plan is to have Master Chief experience flashbacks throughout Halo 5, I disagree. While in Halo 4, you did a good job of not making our hero too sentimental, flashbacks would suggest that his resolve is failing. It would be a disappointment to fans. But that's just an example. 3) In Halo 4, I saw the Covenant lose their edge a little. They weren't as difficult to deal with as in other games. Please don't downgrade them to make the new enemies appear tougher. Rather, keep the Covenant the same, and upgrade the Prometheans. These points are all I'm really worried about. I believe that the next game in the series will be magnificent. Also, thank you so much for letting us pilot a Longsword! It is now my favorite vehicle.
  11. I was just wondering if there is going to be an update for Halo 4 soon.. There is a lot of bugs still and weapons/vehicles in War Games are WAY WAY WAY to OVERPOWERED ( O.P ) Whenever you shoot and kill someone with a DMR, the hit detection acts as if you always get a head shot (If you shoot someone in the chest, it will act as if hitting them in the head). This is really the main bug in War Games.. Other than that, there needs to be some weapon nerfing (make less powerful). The DMR is way over powered.. Even though its my favorite gun, it needs some better hit detection and a range decrease.. It can hit someone from across the map on Ragnarok.. Please fix this.. Other than that, Halo 4 is really good and was well worked on.. Just fix the bugs, have an update and BAM Halo 4 is rated the #1 Halo game.. Lol... Thanks for reading
  12. So what does everyone think will be in the future for CoD? I mean they have hit the future with BO2. Will they keep on going and blow up the world? Or will they go back in time to the Stone Age? My thoughts are that aliens will be introduced within the next 2-3 CoD games . 200 yay
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htSmSUaWtBE Credit goes to G4TVand KONAMI573ch Metaru Gia Raijingu: Ribenjensu Yes, that was japanese. Because legendary japanese publisher Konami is at it again. Just let me tell you one thing. I do not speak japanese. Not one word. Well, except for those few i wrote above, and chances are i'll forget them again. But even though i don't understand or speak japanese the trailer above completely blew me away. Because let's face it, who doesn't like Cyborgs Swords Ninjas Orb-shaped monkey things that attack enemies Epic battles And there is much more in that trailer So go ahead and watch it Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will be released on February 19, 2013 (USA) and February 21, 2013 (Europe) for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htSmSUaWtBE Credit goes to G4TVand KONAMI573ch Metaru Gia Raijingu: Ribenjensu Yes, that was japanese. Because legendary japanese publisher Konami is at it again. Just let me tell you one thing. I do not speak japanese. Not one word. Well, except for those few i wrote above, and chances are i'll forget them again. But even though i don't understand or speak japanese the trailer above completely blew me away. Because let's face it, who doesn't like Cyborgs Swords Ninjas Orb-shaped monkey things that attack enemies Epic battles And there is much more in that trailer So go ahead and watch it Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will be released on February 19, 2013 (USA) and February 21, 2013 (Europe) for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 View full article
  15. Credit goes to g4tv and KONAMI573ch Metaru Gia Raijingu: Ribenjensu Yes, that was japanese. Because legendary japanese publisher Konami is at it again. Just let me tell you one thing. I do not speak japanese. Not one word. Well, except for those few i wrote above, and chances are i'll forget them again. But even though i don't understand or speak japanese the trailer above completely blew me away. Because let's face it, who doesn't like Cyborgs Swords Ninjas Orb-shaped monkey things that attack enemies Epic battles And there is much more in that trailer So go ahead and watch it Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will be released on February 19, 2013 (USA) and February 21, 2013 (Europe) for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 This post has been promoted to an article
  16. The Next 10 years of Halo GameInformer has talked with Frank O'Connor about the next decade of the Halo universe. They discuss about mapping the next ten years and how the Halo will evolve within that time. O'Connor also mentions some details discussing the next game in development, Halo 5, And how changes in hardware might affect it's direction of course. The future of Halo, 10 years - link here.
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