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Found 9 results

  1. This is what halouniverse said about this picture "A few hours ago, it leaked online a fantastic artwork by Halo 4 representing a new Multiplayer/Spartan Ops map, which however do not yet know virtually nothing, except some possible detail due to its appearance. The map, of generous size, and that has some human structures, seems to fit the frenzied clashes Big Team Battle that Halo has always been accustomed. Furthermore, since there are no mountain ranges scattered in the middle of the arena game, you can expect the use of aircraft. I propose to follow the artwork, stay tuned for updates." Write in the comments below what you think this map may be and if its Multiplayer or Spartan Ops.
  2. IGN brings you 2 hours of Halo 4 multiplayer while answering questions and discussing our review. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEVVJ_CETKk&feature=g-all-u
  3. reasons why i think halo 4 multiplayer sucks > no power weapon timing/control since its just pointed out in the map or ordinance >all the precision weapon practice from halo 2 to reach gets shut down EASY with an AR >T-bagging is pretty much gone which was a tactic in itself as well as a notorius yet traditional part of the halos >very less work is needed to kill because of many 1 hit kill weapons >how is it an even playing field when 1 person can have faster reload/weapon change and somone else scavenge many nades which can give a great edge to a team depending on the map. yes i am butthurt/nerdraging, but i feel pretty strong about this, i wanna get peoples thoughts on this coz i feel pretty alone with lotta people saying halo 4 multi is the best thing yet.
  4. Changes: BR Headshots (swat) currently it is one, which mean in modes such as SWAT you can kill 2 even 3 people in one burst... making it hugely advatagous to the DMR. Dont even try to deny me... i have had it happen multiple times... i heard that 343 was going to balance it... and 1 hit wonders for a 3 shot gun vs a 1 shot doesnt seem balanced. Personal Ordnance currently only the player who calls it in can see it, that makes it so that someone can get a weapon and magiclly pull it out of no where without you knowing making a fight you could of avoided an instant killjoy... ex: scattershot around a corner when you think they only have a BR. Master lvl armor rewards Master lvl skills take way too long to get just another skin. and the only good armors unlock by master lvls are one that will take hours and hours of play time to achieve, yes it makes it more prestegious... but i dont want to have to TRY to get assassinations. Make it 3/5 or 4/5 and just put a larger xp reward for master lvl. Weapon flitch and recoil We are spartans we dont flint when shot... master cheif didnt for the past 10 years so why start now. recoil should be for visuals only... i would like to pump out a quick two sniper shots for that one bad shot that misses before they get in cover... not after my sights reset. Bloom is not terrible this time around... but it does seem that the BR lands a more accurate shot at medium long range continuously than the DMR. You have to pace the DMR but not the BR so medium range fights the DMR was excellant in Reach is now at a disadvantage. Removals: Join in progress: just get rid of it... i wont complain when it's 4v3.... i will complain when i am trying to pump out as many wins as i can and i have to join a match that is losing by 20 kills in the first 2 minutes and i cant leave or i get penalised. i would rather face 4 vs 2 than have random people join the game and die 10 times then leave... contributing nothing... just remove the whole join in progress option completely... causes more problems than it is worth... one of the main reasons i like halo over cod.... and now it is gone...
  5. IGN brings you 2 hours of Halo 4 multiplayer while answering questions and discussing our review. This post has been promoted to an article
  6. 343 Have announced that Valhalla is returning to the newest installment of the Halo franchise, Halo 4 in the form of a remake called Ragonok. Hope you enjoy th video!! Subscribe for more! Tell me here, what is your fav map in the Halo series!! Mine is Valhalla!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBi1THkOYpU
  7. Halo 4 Match Making This is the forum where you can discuss the heart and soul of Halo 4's online play. All the latest topics are here including Load Outs, Specializations, Ranking System, Abilities, Armors and Weapons Skins that will keep you reading and debating the world of Halo 4's Match Making for years to come. Be sure to read up on all of the latest Halo 4 Match Making News on our informative News Page!
  8. Okay i hope 343 saw my other great idea thread about the machinima hopefully i put the thread on the right topic thingy but i must say this is my number 3 idea for halo 4 if they ever make halo 4 and give it a kinect setting i was thinking about this to up the halo creativity cause i have a wild imagination so tell me if you like this idea i recall bungie showing a vid for a part where the animation copied how the human moved when he was acting as a marine getting off a pelican in halo reach with the turret so i was thinking to help the halo experience this is a little part for connect nothing to big but maybe they could design it to where when the human moves so does the spartan in real time so they can give a section where you can create your own assassinations and you can use a second friend as the dummy spartan so you can make your own cool customization of assassinations and of course it will have a time limit on how long you perform the assassination so do you guys think this is a great and fun idea for online customization? so you can freely show off an attack you created?
  9. In this topic i want to say my thoughts on the direct link and hypothesised links of the Karen traviss novels and the halo 4 story, first one being glasslands and a new one comming out soon. Already we see a relation to glasslands with the mention of spartan IVs and the Infinity by Parangosky near the end of the book. With the rogue cevenent species on the chip Master chief gets attacked by could possibly be the Sangheilli followers who, might of lost the rebellion against the Arbiter for the older styler looking armor they wear. It could be possible that BB the AI could be a major part in the Multiplayer story such as a replacement for Cortana and the Chief relationship. The multiplayer missions could have alot of relation to the rebels you read about in glasslands. that the Infinity and the Chief will confront each other durring halo 4. Alot of the spatans II's and Spartan III's survived and may end up assisting chief near the end of halo 4 with the arbiter (or separete, this one is more of a "I think it would be cool if") Most of these things will not be known until the New Karen Traviss book comes out, until then what are your thoughts or what relatoins have you seen in Glasslands and what might be in the New novel.
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