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Found 5 results

  1. Hi. I would like to hear ideas for an ODST 2 game. Here are some of mine. Yarus Prime... Homeworld of the Kig Yar. On this planet it rains the crystals, and they will do you damage if caught in a heavy downpour. The coulur of the crystals is not pink untill it has been weaponised. Once they hit the ground they slowly melt into a liquid and then that liquid dissipates into the planets surface. This game is about getting intel on how the kig yar weaponise the needler crystals. The rivers and oceans of Yarus prime are made from this "liquid crystal" . It will act like quick sand if you are caught in it. Weapon ideas: Grenades: Non sticky needler grenade: once thrown , it detonates on the second impact, the needles fly out in all directions and when a target is struck by one needle all the other needles are attracted to that target. imagine a swarm of bees suddenly changing direction and charging at a single target.any "secondary targets" hit before the "swarm" attacks will be pulled into the first target and become part of the explosion. Sticky grenade:This grenade has to stick a target to be effective. once the target is stuck the grenades coverds the target in liquid crystal and then sends out a pulse encasing the target in hard crystal... boooom. Needler pistols: Hard needler pistol: Works like the needle rifle but the shots need to be in close proximity to each other to be of any explosive effect. Multiple hits will still bring a target down. Liquid crystal pistol: one shot will temporarily hold the target in place. used in conjunction with hard needler weapons this pistol makes fast moving targets easier to hit. If a hard needle shot was to hit where the liquid shot hit it will explodes the harded liquid and the resulting explosion will be big.makes using the hard needle pistol easier. Needle rocket launcher: You aim the weapon at the target and its round flys above that target sending out needles to blanket the area all around the target. A nice neat square are of needles stuck into targets and the ground will then explode... a nice way to take out large numbers of fast moving kig yar. Needle shotgun: This is a combination weapon. This gun uses hardened but non weaponised crystals. Effective at close range only it will kill a target that is at very close range with one shot if the target is unarmoured. The combination part of this weapon comes into play when you are taking on armoured targets or targets that are not so close or if you just want to make this go boom. Use the liquid needle pistol to hold a trget in place, then cover it using a sticky grenade, and before the grenade sends out its pulse, shoot the target with the shotgun, as the pulse then goes off it will weaponise the shotguns ammunition making the target explode with tremendouse force, killing any nearby targets and concussing close by targets. Needle sniper rifle: One shot one kill. This weapon does not need and explosion to kill, but timed right you can make it work explosivey. Firing this weapon to quickly will make it explode in your hands... not a good thing. Shooting this weapons clip will make it explode also. More than one way to take out that sniper. If it is raining on Yarus Prime and you have this weapon, the armoured targets out in the rain can be taken out by waiting for the rain to become liquid and firing a shot into the liquid. The shot will make the liquid become hard crystal and then it will explode. But the liquid dissipates quickly so you have to be fast. Needle dagger: The blade is somewhat like a syringe, the handle ful of micr needles. This dagger can be used as a once time thrown weapon or used multiple times as a weapon of assasination. either way it injects the target with micro needles and a small explosion inside the target will kill it. Needle explosive:(C4) Just a big pink boom on remote detonation. Needle mines: Pressure activated jumping mine: Jumps into the air at target head height, projectiles are in clusters, so any target struck will be hit with enough needles to make them explode. Proximity mine:(wall mounted) When a target walks by this mine it will send out a stream of liquid crystal and then a single hard crystal before the liquid has set, the resulting explosion kills the first target and damages any near by targets even killing them if they are close enough. Strip mine: This weapon is a variation of the needle rocket launcher. It has 3 modes of fire, circle, line and half square. Once pattern has been selected you fire the " rope" of mines and they will land in the shape you have selected. Explode them by means of remote detonation. ODST Weapons: Taser shot: Semi automatic pistol that fires an electrified round shorting out kig yar shields and killing most targets with one shot. Rampancy Rifle: This weapon fires a dart round, inside the casing of this round is a rampant A.I. construct. The target, once hit will become enraged and start to attack anything that moves. Light hammer: Heavy machine gun tht fires incendiary rounds, multiple hits on a single target will turn the target to ash. O.D.S.T. Bow: Silent long range lock on weapon. Once an arrow has been fired it will home in on the target. A smart team might even stick the arrow just before it it released with a grenade. A played that wants to stay hidden amongst a valley of snipers might use this weapon to hit the clip of the enemy snipers weapon. O.D.S.T. Equipment: Shadow suit: stay in the shadows and you will bcome them. move too fast and you will be noticed. M.D.J. ( multiple direction jetpack): Fly up then hit a direction on the D-pad and hit fly again and you will boost in that direction. Good for all kinds of reasons. Chameleon pack: Use this to become the hill to become the tree, no matter how close an enemy is to you, as long as you dont move, they will not see you. Cloak of betrayal: Assasinate an enemy while this pack is activated and you will become that enemy (holographically). This willl fool most targets. I think that will do for now. Cant wait to hear some other ideas.
  2. Reach featured ground breaking improvements to the forge. One of the lagerst was a blank canvas recomended for forge editing only called Forge World. Although Halo 4 added the option of all maps having a blank version, It's forge world equivallant was TOO SMALL. I would like to see a larger forge world type map in Halo five.
  3. Halo Reach's Forge World was big, and could accommodate giant race maps, BTB and just be fun to explore and walk in. Sure, structures were gray, but so many options were available. The large space allowed for so much to be built. Anyone who says "well, you didnt use all of it, so why do we need it?" We didnt use it all, correct, BUT we were given more options on where to build, bigger things to build and simply as much room as we needed. Halo 4 has stripped our ability to build large structures and the like. What we need: 1.A Large map, as almost as big, as big or bigger than Forge world. 2.This map would be semi-hilly, with larger pieces of flat land. 3. Off to the side we would like some mountains, a lake, something interesting to look at, BUT also to climb up. 4. Get rid of the kill boundaries or at least let us go farther out. 5. If the map is big enough, why not include a pelican or a mammoth? Its possible, who cares if it isnt "practical" for matchmaking or competitive, leave the Forge decisions to the Forgers. We as a community dont want much. Flat land and some small hills thrown in, completely possible. Please 343 Industries, take this into consideration.
  4. Me and my friends were playing halo reach in a custom game, after i was playing i wondered, " What if when your driver dies and you are in the passenger seat you can switch over into the driver seat, or turret (if nobody is in the turret) if anybody has any further ideas about this please post it below. (if i stole anyones idea, i am sorry) thank you!
  5. This is another suggestion thread started by me but unlike my forge ideas this one consentrates on the invasion gametype in case it does return in Halo 4. I do not know if invasion will be in Halo 4 but I have my hopes. I found after a while invasion simply became repetitive because it was always the same objectives, same strategies, same threats and few maps that after a few games you would know inside and out. I thought that to make it more intresting, more gameplay aspects should be possible and I thought that it would make it more intresting to have... wait for it... FRIGATES... and... CORVETTES! Yes I am aware what most people say about implementing such massive vehicles and the incredible amounts of problems it can cause and the mountains of reasons it is not feasable but please, hear me out. What I am implying is not to add whole controllable vehicles but more of a giant model like the aegis fate from sandbox. For them to work a few new vehicles/weapons would need to be made available: covenant drop pods ODST drop pods mac guns, the one you use in the reach campaign covenant AA guns, the ones you destroy on tip of the spear corvettes frigates pelicans phantoms How they would work would be that the invading team spawns and respawns inside the corvette or frigate depending on if they are humans or elites of course and could either man large guns mounted on the side of the ship to act as arial aid or jump in the drop pods and drop into the battlefield. Only one or two corridors would be accesable so they dont need to build a full interior and the rest of the ship would be behind forever locked doors. Only a few corridors are required to hold spawn points, mounted guns and drop pods anyway. The opposing team would eventually get a MAC or AA gun with which they can shoot down the opposing teams spawn ship which would then crash onto the battlefield and the previously accessable corridors simply get remodeled to look destroyed and have holes in them etc. It wouldn't have any guns or drop pods however it would keep respawn points. The enemy MAC or AA gun can be destroyed. The Big gun only becomes usable in the last round and a hanger in the ship opens containing one or two pelicans/phantoms that can be used to transport pretty much an entire team directly to the enemy's base. If something here does not make any sense or if i skipped over a detail somewhere let me know and I will clarify. Please tell me what you think of my ideas below.
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