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Found 6 results

  1. There's quite a few reasons why I'm leaving; if you want it all, sorry but you'll have to read through all of this ____________________________ Before I begin an exodus of text flying out of my mind and into this thread in an abrupt, opinionated, biased and unruly sort of way, let me tell you a story. Over a year ago, I met a person named 'American Muscle'. He was a custom game host, and he had a messed up sleep schedule so it was usually possible for me to hop into his lobbies when I got home from school. His customs were ok; however, as a host there was an obvious room for improvement. I didn't really care; he was the only host whose time i could 'fit' and until then he seemed like a cool guy. One day, somebody whom I, and I'm sure some of you guys respected (twas a mom), gave some constructive criticism. American Muscle immediately went into close-minded ###### mode, and that was a jarring event for me. Because all of a sudden he was a toxic player, basically telling me to go **** off and stuff. Until then, my judge of character had been wrong. This guy went into an outburst; on another site where I was a member of, he spammed creating accounts and was basically.....not a nice person, so to speak. In a way, my reaction now is similar to my reaction then. A nice thing for me has been corrupted, whether it was by my own opinions, impression, or anything else. And now I just want to distance myself from this place. ____________________________ Time, and time again, I see a bunch of quotes saying stuff like 'Speak your mind, even if other people don't like it' and stuff. Yet, I've always tried to hold my mouth. Now that I think about it, it might be because of the above story; I'm afraid that something I like is going to suddenly lash out. But I feel like I can't leave this place without at the very least voicing my true opinions. Some of it will be good. Some of it will be negative. All of it should sound subjective and opinionated. Whether you listen to what I have to say and think about my words, or you toss them out the window and say 'Gtfo JL you're a little ****' I have no control over, but I'd prefer it if you did the former. Furthermore, before I begin, keep in mind that I might end up sound like I'm talking specifically about one reader. If it does, I apologize in advance, but I'll be saying it nonetheless. What I say will probably sounds condescending, conceited, arrogant and self-centered, and that's inherently going to be the consequence. The very reason I'm typing this out is because as hard as I've tried to be open minded, I think I've failed. I just don't like some things, and I can't bring myself to change that opinion. If a situation I describe is an event that sounds like it was involving you, sorry. I guess that you just left a jarring impression from that- -Kinda like getting quickscoped in CoD. It happens very little if at all, snipers are already at a disadvantage. but dying from a quickscope is such a jarring experience that I remember it very clearly, and for that reason I QQ all day. ____________________________ I feel like this site's members has gotten a bit close minded. And yeah, before you say it, I know. Me saying that is a very close-minded thing to do. But......well, I'll just go on, because the more I pander about how I've tried to be open minded, the more of a **** i'm gonna seem to be. There's been many times where I feel like I'm talking a person who is 100% Prideful and 0% Humble. I say anything negative about what you guys do and you seem to become a passive aggressive person in your words all of a sudden. And while I get that you can be prideful of your work, your achievements, I can't stand it when you go around revelling in the praise, reacting arrogantly to criticism, and it makes me dislike you. Period. Furthermore, I feel sometimes as though the thing that you are highly prideful for isn't exactly high in quality either. >"OMG JL ER YOU INSINUTATING DAT I EM BAD AT ENGLISH?" > Cannot string a sentence together. >"Hey, bubby, I think you haven't gotten here because you still haven't reached that level yet." >"JL you're a downie" And basically I simply don't like to be around people like you. I'm sorry that I feel that way around some of you, because ALL of you are some pretty cool people, it's just that sometimes I wanna slap you in the face, but I don't want to be a violent monkey either. The only thing I can do is walk away. ____________________________ Events are no longer fun around here. You might think it's dumb that I bring it up, but events were a big reason I signed up here. That mom I was talking about above? He used to host custom games every single friday/saturday, and that was pretty much one of the reasons I got on here. He was the game night king; within his lobbies there was an atmosphere that I simply liked. Here, nothing is true; everything is permitted. Even when this person left hosting lobbies, there were still people who could pick up the slack. This is when I met Drizzy_Dan who hosted some unforgettable lobbies (3 man Reach campaign, remembir gaiz?) and I remember always getting on at 9PM saturday just for that. I feel like lobby quality nowadays has fallen. The atmosphere itself is something I no longer enjoy; most of the lobbies here lack a certain fluency, and much of the talk within the lobbies themselves I no longer find fun. While I can put off the fact that everybody is gonna go 'oooh oooh aaah aaah' because they haven't played some of the maps that have been tested and glorified years ago, I can't stand it when: 1. We're playing untested maps and gametypes that have problems within and generally could be - AND WERE - done better. 2. We're playing maps and gametypes that were modified and for some reason made worse. I'm gonna draw an example here: Playing Jump Rope on reach, the gametype was modified by some random guy and it made the gameplay a bit worse because now we could kill ourselves by shooting, and the map had been 'resaved' by somebody else and for some reasons the spawns were broken. Not very nice for me, especially when I'm friends with the creator but other people are taking credit for it. Also, rules are waaaaay too constricting. In other lobbies, such as the many, many lobbies hosted daily on Halocustoms, at it's core, the thing is to 'have fun'. Everything goes. Here, though, it seems like I'm being forced to have fun. All the chat restrictions don't help - no talking about this! no talking about that! Even though it's a very menial thing being restricted, I simply can't enjoy a game if the host is gonna limit what I can or cannot say. (I literally cannot say 'You suck' after I beat someone. No. Me. Gusta.) ____________________________ My sense of humour is way too different. It seems the slightest bit of sarcasm is gonna get taken as offensive; I've gotten reports about being condescending and for being a troll. I'm truly sorry if I offended you; but IMHO this is very, very mild behaviour in terms of what I actually say, and if you really, REALLY can't take me saying 'No. You are wrong.' without feeling like I'm your mortal enemy, then brace yourself, because your impact against the true body of the internet is coming and undoubtedly you will shatter, Also, everybody is laughing about Shrek and that annoys me to no end. Shrek is made a meme because everybody on 4chan is making pedophile stories of Shrek. You guys laugh about it so much.........(._. ") ____________________________ I can't seem to hold a debate on the shoutbox without somebody reporting me. I would love to know why you reported me. Really. But this is a Halo forum, right? It's about discussions, about debates, about viewpoints meeting, colliding, going together or conflicting each other. What's so wrong with that? ____________________________ I don't feel like this is the hub for Halo discussion anymore. There are threads on the front page of each subforum that are weeks old, and such activity doesn't bode well. It's too bad...........but I don't think of this place as the hub of discussing Halo anymore. ____________________________ I don't really have any other lingering feelings of malice, hate and anger remaining after I expressed all that, so I might say some good things before ending with an appendix of words dedicated and directed to all the people who I believe I should give some words with. This place is a really cool place. It still is. It's a community of people who find solace with each other. For me to have experienced something like this is really, really good. I'll miss this place; I'll probably stick around a whole lot, even, but I don't think I can ever enjoy 343i.org the same way I did as before. ____________________________ Now, I'm pretty sure I have quite a few people added from this site, including Yang, TDM, UNSC Spartan-II, Peanut, Biggles, and quite a few others. Might be wrong here. I'll do my fix up later. I'd love to add more people, but my list is limited and I probably don't play with you a whole bunch anyways due to my timezone. I HAVE sent some Xbox live friend requests to some of the people I want to still be able to see online. As I said, timezone is a factor. Console is as well; some of you guys migrate over to the PS4 and stuff - how can I add you? >>" If you still wanna talk to me, feel free to PM me. I'd still check that often. Otherwise you could always talk to me off-site. Halocustoms. I'm there. ____________________________ Appendix. GSD: I'll beat you someday. I outscored you a few times the past few games :DDDDD the ladder shall be climbed. Also, you should totally get the MLG xbox live profile pictures that have a German Shepherd on them. I dunno which DLC pack it is in though. Azaxx: I agree. Physics > All. Clannad still sucks though. Really nice knowing you. Mayhem: In a way, your sig was what motivated me to type up this post. So yeah, thanks. RSR: Good luck running this place. Seriously. AD: Your mentality is beast - the wish to unite the community of Halo was daunting, yet you succeeded. Though you probably won't be reading this, you were certainly a role model to me. GL at life. Drizzy_Dan: I have your facebook <3 BZ1: That one 1v1 we had was really enjoyable, even if I did completely stomp on you in a sense. Hope to play with you some more someday. EK/Omega: You're a pretty good person at chasing down news but I don't think it's apt for you to claim that you are 'better than people in the system'. You should also RP some more. Legit. JXZAW: You know that I don't think your artwork is all that great. But everybody has to start somewhere, and I'm sure you'll keep on improving. I await what's in store when I take a visit again. Yang/Fizm: It'd be nice if you discussed RWBY with me. Volume two premieres in RTX, which is just 30 days away! The Dumb Marine/Hyman: It'd be nice if you RP'd RWBY with me again. :/ UNSC Spartan-II: You're pretty swag. Peanut: Play proving grounds with me. Boss: Batman has no parents. lolololol Gryffin/Austin: LoL > Dota 2. GG WP. If you host a TF2/GMod lobby i will play Delpen9: Saber looks cool in a suit. Axilus: I really don't know why I added you here. I can talk to you about Bionicles. When the day comes where you stop wit all dat god modding you should come back to the BZPRPG. They think you're a noob; but even noobs can improve. Bnus: "I don't care if people hate me" <-- Do you really think like that? Sikslik: I'd add you but I don't really know your gamertag, even though I'm pretty sure it's just 'Sikslik7'. I'll probably still host forum games around here, but restrict myself only to that and nothing else. If you need any help with any stuff just ask. Also yeah i'll play through Mafia 3.0 as well. Biggles: We need a better connection. Twinreaper: I would love to learn more about all that tech stuff you're a genius in, especially modding. Any tips and recommended tutorials? Baconshelf: How's your machinima right about now? HaloGeek: How's the astrophysics? People in the anime PM: Play the Attack on Titan Tribute game. ____________________________ And while there are still some things I could say, I really don't know how to express them in words. With that, I'm out. It's been a nice run. Peace. -JL ____________________________ Things left unfinished: As I said, I'll probably still stick around for some of the forum games. I have things I want to host that haven't been unveiled; I would like to continue with Mafia as well. It's too bad Halofight died out. As for The Sniper of 343i.org, I'm debating two options. One of them is to continue the chapters. The other is to simply release a summary of everything that was going to happen throughout the entire story, which, as some of you already know, spans 3 arcs, the first of which we are only about halfway through. I'm pretty sure there's only 4 active readers right now - Axilus Prime, Caboose, Black Wolf and Twinreaper - but an unfinished story is still unfinished and I'd hate to do a disservice to those characters and that setting. No, this is not because of the name change rule. EDIT 1: What luck! EDIT 2: Added more to appendix.
  2. Hello everybody! I'm going straight to the point: ELITES CAN STILL BE SAVED! And by that, I mean 343 is still able to listen to a whole bunch of Sangheili fans, such as myself. Elites were playable since Halo 2, and were not playable only in Halo: CE. Even though Halo Reach did not have the option to play as elites in every gametype, we were still able to play as them in Custom Games, Forge and special gametypes. I have seen many topics regarding such a thing, and some replies to those topics were, mostly, not the most "appreciatable" by Sangheili fans. Of course, we, Sangheili fans, are fewer than the Spartan fanbase. And I know that you who bought Halo 4 expecting playable Elites and/or Elite Ops to be in the game were frustrated (that includes me!). BUT 343 can still release a game DLC in which we have Elite player models. Also, 343 has been updating H4 recently and frequently, so I'd be satisfied for now with at least one or another Gametypes with Elites (Invasion, Elite Slayer etc.). Well that's MY opinion. But what is YOUR opinion? Do you think 343i will listen to the Sangheili voice? Or do you think they will ignore our beggings and bury our voice with a filthy rock? Just to warn any 343 employee that might be reading this post: Please, we are begging you to bring back playable Elites in Halo 4, and you may lose a LOT of support from Sangheili fans!
  3. OK so most of us except the N00Bs outhere can tell you the H4 gametype "flood" sucks, well why cant it come back better like this: starts out with the player being a Infection form "little bug like popcorn things" then you latch yourself onto someone and they become an Infection form but you become a combat form "actual fighters" and you wield whatever weapon that player had as also with AA and Player species. After being killed as a combat form there is a chance that depending on what kills you got you could turn into a stalker form (Halo 3 ones that climb walls), Ranged form (Halo 3 form that shoots needles at you from the wall), and very rarely a tank form (big hunter like ones in Halo 3) flood base would either be gravemind or proto gravemind. Can operate vehicles flood announcer would be the gravemind carrier forms are a "place" to spawn at if you are a infection form and you can operate them, by the way if you get stuck by a grenade, you explode entirely, and if shot by a rocket or fuel rod will just end you flying undead. flood HUD would be all the same for each except the combat form who would have the previous user HUD but just with pestilence and flys in front. Hope you like the ideas!
  4. Me and my friends were playing halo reach in a custom game, after i was playing i wondered, " What if when your driver dies and you are in the passenger seat you can switch over into the driver seat, or turret (if nobody is in the turret) if anybody has any further ideas about this please post it below. (if i stole anyones idea, i am sorry) thank you!
  5. Hola, My name is Cynicz00. Well, at least it is to the Internet. I'm 16, a sophomore in high school, and f*cking sick of the stereotype my age group has become, and so I came to the Internet and gaming. Here, I've been able to converse with people that don't have the combined IQ of soap. As you can see, I lead an exciting life. To preserve my grades, I only play Halo: Reach competitively during the weekends, but I'll be on multiple hours every day in about a week when finals are over. Things that might interest me in you, or you in me: - I'm just started playing Halo: Reach again after a break, so I'd like a "clan" or just some cool peeps to play with online. My new "friends list" is empty. - My K/D is positive 4/5 times (I'm basing that off purely vague memory). - People that kill teammates for "power-weapons" should die in a fire. Underwater. In a volcano. - Dat Halo 4. - Interested in career in game model design. Not necessarily Halo, but obviously that'd be cool. If you know how one would get started with the basics of that aspect of game design, drop me a message. That about wraps it up. I look forward to doing "whatever people do here" with you guys. Dearest Regards, - Cynicz00
  6. Personally, i think they should. If you think about it, armor abilities are just improved equipment. Active camo=Active camo. kinda obvious. Jet pack=portable grav lift Drop shield=bubble shield armor lock=deployable cover (Now it sucks. Thanks 343!) Active camo=radar jammer Armor lock=invincibility Regenerator=drop shield The only things left out are Auto turret, flare, and trip mine. Personally, I could not live without at the very least: Sprint, Active camo, jet pack, evade, drop shield and hologram. Maybe armor lock for vehicles. Derp face
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