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Found 6 results

  1. This is what you gave me to work with, Fishy. This is what you get. Our resident Sea Animal turned World-Martial-Arts Champion Fishy is hosting another event on MCC, April 19th. So, this Sunday, April 19th, at 1 P.M. EST, you'll be hopping on MCC. If you don't, you die. Well, not really. But we'll be very very angry with you. And we'll send you a letter, telling you how angry we are.
  2. I have an Idea of an Armor set for Halo 4. Its called "Haloween Armor". It would be a perfect amount of lights on the wrists, helmet,legs,torso, and shoulder pads.......and cape. It should have a real time reacting cape. The cape would show your emblem and you get to pick the design of the cape as well. Bullets would make holes in the cape. And it should be free and be released on Halloween of course. Please 343 Industries, make this happen. This will be the best armor ever.
  3. What do you guys and girls think should be in the game as a pre order bonus, in my opinion, you should get the same thing for any store you buy the game at to prevent future regret about not going to a certain store for that special thing....... Back to my point, halo 2 anniversary needs something cool as a bonus or for bonuses... My idea is maybe a code that can be used to turn every warthog in campaign to the golden warthog and make it indestructible. I don't know if that's a good idea or not, let me know what you'd want in the posting area below. Thanks
  4. Now, I do not want to hear people complaining that Forge is bad, or Forge World needs to come back, what I am here is to let you know how you can improve your confidence in the Forge mode. First things first, managing your Forge files. Always name your Forge files. If you Forge so many maps unnamed, you will find your self buried in Impacts. A safe way to make sure that you can find your map would be to name it something creative and easy to distinguish. Now, most people are sometimes mad when they try to open a map file, and it reads that they are opening a different variant of another map. This indicates that your file has been corrupted. A safe way to have your files protected would to have two of every file. This means that if one of the files are corrupted, you can always use the backup. The second point I want to get to is actually using the Forge. Tired of playing third party custom games that have flawed architecture? Well, if you don't like it, then you shouldn't make maps like that yourself. The first thing you should ever do when you enter Forge is press B, change Rotation Snap to 15 degrees, then scroll down to Magnets and turn them on to low. Now using the Forge, improvising may work for brainstorming and drafting, but your final product must show balance. This means that symmetrical maps are more balanced than asymmetrical maps. Speaking of the devil, when placing pieces, make sure you coordinate your pieces via Edit Coordinates (Press B then A), or that they are connected to Magnets. This will add professional measurement to your maps. Now on to Custom Games, when you desire a complex goal in your gametype, such as Battleship, or Monster Trucks, you must make the map flaw proof. If a single flaw were to be exploited in your map, anyone would abuse it. For instance, if my map was set on an open plain, and there was no walls or boundaries, someone could walk away from the game, and this would prove useful during Flood, but just because it is useful, does not mean that it is designated. The key element to a map is it's operation. What is your map's purpose? Is it a fortress to fight off the Flood? Is it a war ground for Mantis'? Add decor and design to your structures, so that they can shine and add flavor. Choice of map might concern you that are new to Forge. If you want a map that you can create a team war out of, definitely don't pick Erosion. If you are looking for interesting tunneling and large space, choose Impact. If you are looking for a map that involves making a city, I would choose Ravine. It depends on your purpose, and never underestimate the amount of space you need. In conclusion of the longest page on my screen, if you have an idea, go for it. It is better safe then sorry, so copy your files and flaw proof your maps. Never bias a map so that one team is more dominant than the other, and most importantly of all, there is a such thing as too big.
  5. I've been playing around on the new forge maps and I have to say, I love them. 3 Different themes/settings is a great idea. I don't even think that, as they are, the maps are too small. For how the maps are designed, the size fits well. I do, however, have a suggestion that would make forging a far better experience for everyone. (I have more, but this sticks out the most so I will focus on it) Remove Level Boundaries I can understand why you include boundaries on your maps. You don't what players to get places that may be advantageous or problematic when playing a match. 100% logical. But, I have never seen a reason, and this goes for previous Halo games as well, for map boundaries when making/editing your own map. We all know that there are out of sight areas that are not detailed/completed, but why does that matter? I'll use Ravine as an example. I have to say it is my favorite of all the forge maps in Halo 4, by far. This map is HUGE! ... Except for the boundaries... As I was exploring as my little spherical friend, I noticed a few things: 1.) You cannot go water level without the soft and eventually hard kill boundary getting you before you touch it. I loved making water level or slightly submerged maps on forgeworld. It adds a great effect to your maps. 2.) You cannot go behind the rock spires on both sides of the map. Why not? I would almost bet my life they are completely textured. I was thinking that I could make a cliff face level the protrudes out into the ocean, but alas, I cannot. 3.) When you get close enough to the edge of the map, you can literally see the black line in the water where they set the edge of the map. If you look out into the distance, there is an insurmountable amount of free space just sitting there. Yes, the texture of the islands out there is low. That's fine. If someone wants to make a map that stretches that far, why not let them. It's their map. This would also allow people to make their large race maps because none of the forge maps give enough space to do so. 4.) The physical structures of this map extend higher than your moveable/buildable area allows, much higher. Why prevent players from building up there near the clouds, or on top of the higher rocks in the level for that matter? The boundaries even prevent you from standing on top of those. Here's my idea for this. Instead of setting hard boundaries on your maps, use the placeable boundaries already in forge to set your desired boundaries. This way, players who want to be more creative can remove them and use your maps to their full potential. I can promise that if you do, the variety of great maps will increase drastically.
  6. Gamertag: nateskywalker01 Map: Nuketown- http://www.halowaypo...etails/31063423 Gametype CoD or CoD alone-http://www.halowaypo...etails/31063432 Recommended 2-6 players Cod for team or CoD alone with 4-5 players. There is a neutral falcon raised above the map, accessible only by the 3 jetpacks in the center of the map or 1 pair hidden on a roof of a building. There is a plasma pistol and high damage game settings (1-2 shots to kill falcon) rocket launcher in each teams house, at different places. It is asymmetrical, but it is similar on both houses, but uses different structures and 1 uses a teleporter as a staircase and one doesn't. It is high damage, 1 sniper shot to the body kills. You can spawn with a wide variety of weapons, including shotguns, assault rifles, sniper, grenade launcher etc. You can only spawn with sprint. If you can get the falcon hidden far away is a stash of weapons, armor abilities and powerups. There is also another falcon. My email is [email protected] if you have questions. There are secret armor ability, weapons, and a falcon hidden in a cave accessible by falcon there are tanks, and hogs in a building off nuketown, unable to move but can be reached by jetpacks/grav to counter falcon. I am very sorry but I have no pictures. I will try but I am busy. The idea of this map is to take the idea of the nuketown map and be creative, not accurate.
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