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  1. I'm not asking for 343 to take away the FPS completly. This asking to make it into a epic scale combat where many players can be in the worlds. Huge maps. They can have a normal FPS campaign along side and normal multiplayer as well. Like for normal multiplayer they can use buildings from the large map, like enclosed areas, or custom made maps from the campaign for the normal FPS multiplayer. Still, I think it be awsome. Not everyone will agree to the idea. Its just a suggestion. It can even be a whole different game, not connected to the main story line. Like Halo Wars.
  2. I am hoping that this information gets passed along to the 343 Developer Team. I loved the halo series and even 343 games. I hope they take this idea into account in a meeting or something one day. I been playing planetside 2 now on my PC. The battles are intense. Reminds me of halo a bit as well. But i think 343 industries should do something similar. Planetside 2 Motto is "Massive Combat On An Epic Scale". Do something similar but for the halo series. I could only imagine using halo vehicles and weapons. Being on the human / flood / and Covenant. Man, I would so play that kind of a game everyday. I can this imagine the intense battles over territory on the halo rings. I am sure the xbox360 be able to run it too, that's if 343 industries has perfected the rendering system to render FOV. Hopefully the developer team checkout planetside 2 to get a very good idea of what I am talking about. I am sure halo fans would love something like this and sure microsoft would too. I hope an admin of this website takes this information I shared, this great idea and share it with the 343 developer team. I am sure they would like it too, that's if they love halo as much as I do. This a dream for now. If I could do it myself, i be happy to but don't got resources or the knowledge to do it myself. EDIT: I am also thinking of making a small sample level on the source engine for gmod. To see how it could look one day. I spend a lot of time in making game worlds. Mostly do it as a hobby sense its this awsome how you can make a digital world. Later I post a image if I get any progress this for fun .
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