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Found 4 results

  1. Heyy, welcome back to the Weekly Site Poll! Poll 38 - 'What are the HARDEST to kill villains / enemies in gaming?' - is here if you'd like to read the responses, or post a late reply. Moving on, this weeks questions venture outside of gaming, and into animation spawned from a specific culture... What anime are you watching right now? Explain what they are. Also, which anime are your favorites overall, and why? The next Weekly Site Poll will be posted on 9/3/16. Feel free to suggest the topic for the NEXT Weekly Site Poll in your response! SD, out!
  2. I've been playing AC III multiplayer and at the end of each match, the top 3 accolades are shown on screen along with an animation for the best one. For example, if you had the most kills, you character is shown stabbing, punching and killing 3 enemies like a boss! What if a similar system was brought in Halo 5? Like "Most multi kills", showing your Spartan/Elite killing some enemies in a flash or "The Assassin", your player performs an assassination. It would be great to have this in the game. Rate, comment and sub- wait, just post your thoughts
  3. Incoming wall o' text transmission There are a few serious topics going on in this forum as of late (nothing wrong with that of course) but I thought I would change the mood and dim the lighting a bit. After all there is supposedly a release coming out on the 29th and I wanted to inspire a little extra Halo love to float through the ether. I was thinking about assassinations the other day because I realized again that energy sword wielding players forgo knife assassinations and a entirely different set of animations is substituted. After playing too much grifball and searching the web for people's opinions I wanted to make a poll for your opinions of whether or not Halo 4 should include this idea of substitution for every weapon's assassination animation. Some people believe that assassinations are simply not a good thing to include at all because MC has never had a knife ingame before, I think that this could solve that problem. We can all agree that maybe players should be able to switch assassinations on and off, and the duration for holding down the melee button could be longer. The question is should weapons have different animations for assassinations? Should these animations show ammo being used (and use it, or not use it) or not? Should this not even be an issue and assassinations should be done with the hands, knife, or both? And finally should Master Chief throw in some more technical martial arts moves; kicks, Steven Segal inspired necksnaps, jujitsu, etc.? A couple ideas from me for this are: Gravity Hammer: smack to the head jab to the spine with spiked end choke hold and neckbreak with shaft Needler: normal whack but some of the needles get stuck, break off, and explode (non damaging) Magnum: spins enemy around and pistol whips in the opposite direction, breaking the neck
  4. This is going to be a long one so I'll just dive into it. No Halo before Reach incorporated the ability to assassinate other players and while it has some hiccups (like unintentional use, lag working it's shenanigans) and inherent balancers (vulnerability, duration) there are some other issues that haven't been addressed in this discussion so far. (WARNING if you have had the following discussion before, just punch me in the mouth and let's get it over with) So far, ways of fixing the beat down/assassination problem boil down to 1.) Assassination itself being a setting that can be turned on or off and 2.) Lengthening the melee button hold time. What hasn't been talked about are some things that i haven't seen much debate over in other similar threads, this mainly has to do with an epiphany i had the other day in a match. When the armor lock or assassination animation ends, you can instantly rotate your character to any angle if you were facing that way at the end of the animation. In a SWAT Magnums game this allowed me to instantly turn, crouch, and kill a passive third party which i assume was keeping a distance in hopes of headshotting me. I made this a single topic because they both have to do with the same principle. I don't know the technical term for this segment in the animations but I'll just name it "exit snapping" I would mostly like to discuss with players what their opinion is concerning the validity of the instant rotation that can be utilized when exiting these two animations. Is this a good way of balancing the dangers involved in performing assassinations and deactivating armor lock? Should it be altered somehow and if so to what extent or in what way? Can changing the assassination animation itself (length, positions of players, etc.) fix this? Or is this simply not an issue? Please keep it clean and friendly. I placed this topic here because the future of AA's and assassinations in Halo 4 is not certain, and while even I don't think another TU is a probable event in Reach this is something that could change Reach gameplay drastically and it is currently a factor in Reach's gameplay.
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