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Found 7 results

  1. So,theory How do ships in Halo hang in the air? Example; In Amber Clad manages to stay stationary over New Mombasa in Halo 2 with no (obvious) thrusters. I think this can be explained with Slipspace drives. I believe that a 'passive' ability of the Drives could be to anchor a ship in a particular spot, similar to how the Forerunner artifact immobilized Infinity over Requiem. The Drive creates a link into Slipspace that suspends it in a spot. Now, the reason why only certain ships can go into atmosphere while others can not (Halcyon's can't, Charons Can) The immobilization effect only works on the drive itself, not the whole ships, since it is only the drive creating the link. In practice, the whole weight of the ship is held in spot by it's tethers/anchors/mounts to the drives themselves. Obviously a Charon weighs alot less than a Halcyon, so the tethers/anchors/mounts don't need to hold as much weight. Super Halo space aged metals are still limited and so while the do manage to hold the Charon, the weight of a Halcyon is too much. Now, why can Covvie ships hang in the air? It could be that their super Halo space aged metal technology surpasses the UNSC's (access to crazy alloys and Huragoks) and so can hold more weight. It could be their Slipspace drives are more powerful and so able to create a larger field. This was just an idea I had. Obviously, post war UNSC had more tech and so now every ship can do whatever.
  2. So i'm sure this has already been said by someone somewhere upon the forums but has anyone considered both of Chief and the mystery spartan working like the Halo 2 Campaign system. Where as you would play maybe a mission or 2 as chief and then maybe switch over too the other spartan and repeat until their paths collide. Just an idea to throw out there. Not sure what to speculate on the silver spartan. Maybe he is looking to bring chief back if chief went rouge maybe he has a completely different goal or maybe he is out to kill chief. So many questions but im sure some of them will be answered at E3 discuss on here freely!
  3. Hello everyone, This is my first post on this website and it is about a topic that I'm sure may have been talked about a lot. I've been thinking about it for a long time and have been wanting to talk about it myself with other people. Spoilers: (not sure how to actually mark spoilers, I'm sure nobody should care at this point though.) In the ending of Halo 4, the Didact is narrating and talking about how humanity is basically the enemy and the forerunners are the good guys. What caught my attention was the fact that, in the final cutscene, as Master Chief is walking into the building to where he has his armor removed, the Didact says "I stand before you, accused of the sin of ensuring Forerunner ascendancy," and mentions that the are forced to "recede." He mentions that humans are the greatest enemies and should be wiped out, and only fools would believe otherwise. As he is saying this, it seems as though Master Chief could possibly be staring at the other humans with disgust and condescension, especially while walking past the female spartan. In the end, he says "Think of my acts as you will, but do not doubt the reality. The reclamation has already begun and we are hopeless to stop it." As he says this, Master Chief takes off his mask and in the legendary ending, you see that his eyes don't have the whites. They are pure black. Also, consider the fact that John is known as "The Reclaimer" and the Didact says the reclamation has already begun. Multiple theories derive from all of this. I think that either the Didact has fused with Master Chief. He is the reclaimer, the reclamation has begun, and you can't stop it. If Master Chief, the best soldier on the planet, has been taken over by the Didact, or any other Forerunner, then obviously he would be extremely difficult to defeat. This would ensure the ascendancy of the Forerunners. "Do not doubt the reality." If the Didact has not taken control of Master Chief, I still believe that either Master Chief has Forerunner DNA inside of him, or that he is a Forerunner-Human hybrid. Another thing that can be evidence to this is when Master Chief detonates the nuclear device. Forerunners are basically living digital code/data. While Master Chief is talking to Cortana, it seems as though he is digitizes based on the surroundings. Also, if he is human, he would not have been saved by a nuclear explosion, not to mention the explosion of the spacecraft that the Didact controlled, by Cortana. I believe Cortana turned Master Chief into data to allow him to survive, just like how the Prometheans can teleport by turning themselves into data, traveling through space, and reforming themselves. I believe the same trick could have been used by Cortana on Master Chief to get him away from the blast of the nuke. What does everyone else think? I find this evidence to be highly likely, if not actually true. Yes, I've played all of the Halos. Feel free to state your own opinions/beliefs about this. I'm not even sorry for the long post. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/KPmBT08zcc4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Apparently you can't embed youtube videos.
  4. Last update: 6/19/12. 4:19pm Okay so, heres another one of my theories. So basically i believe that Master Chief has geas' imprinted into his dna that is similar to/from the didact. This would explain why we keep seeing the didacts symbol everywhere (even though hes dead). Because the didact was actually a good guy and he never wanted to even activate the rings. So i dont think that he is the enemy. I believe that the enemy is somehow medicant bias or a similar (corrupted AI). I believe that the enemy is a rampant AI because the Promethean's on requiem are AI's and due the fact that they are that red color (like the monitor when he went rampant). Also there seems to be a theme of rampancy all around Halo 4. In addition, at one point in the e3 trailer, we see what seems to be a seperate class of Promethean's, except that they are colored blue. I believe that the Promethean AI's that attack chief are rampant or under control of Medicant Bias (or another rampant AI). - I'll add more to this theory later, but WHAT DO YOU THINK?? Have anything to add? Or any criticism? -Update: 6/18/12 11:58pm Okay so let me clarify some things. First off, i want to explain the "chief's imprinted dna" thing. Now when i say this, i dont mean that he has the didacts exact dna. Lemme explain, when the humans were being de evolved after they lost to the forerunners, the librarian was in charge of overseeing their de evolution and their future evolution. Now she imprinted every human with certain geas' and (it is believed) she chose certain, specific humans with geas' from people she knew. For example she ( the librarian) gave every male human a geas that makes them attracted to women who most resemble herself. So what i am saying is that, maybe she gave chiefs great ancestors a geas that resembles/took from the didact? -This could also explain the trait that chief has that no one else does: ""luck"". what if luck was given to him via a geas from the librarian?... Just saying haha. HUGE EVIDENCE!!!!: -Also, in halo CE the monitor says to chief, ""Why would you hesitate to do what you have already done?" (regarding activating the halo). and we know that the didact was the one to activate the halos milenia ago. So it now makes sense as to why the monitor would say that...because he mistook the chief for the didact. -It also explains this line "Last time, you asked me, if it were my choice, would I do it? Having had considerable time to ponder your query, my answer has not changed." - Also, if you believe that the chief has geas' from the didact, it explains and sheds light on everything in the first terminal in halo cea. (oh also assume that Bornstellar makes eternal lasting is dead or out of the picture when reading this theory) Update 6/19/12 - Just another thing to add, at one point in chiefs adventures in forerunner territory, he comes to an area and says it seems strangely familiar, as if he had been there before.... Maybe he did... As the DIDACT! anyways i hope this update cleared things up.. any more questions/comments? -Also feel free to check out my older ( now basically debunked) theories.. they have been basically shot down now, but still interesting to read.
  5. CHECK BACK OFTEN FOR FREQUENT UPDATES ON MY THEORY!!! My other Theories: Human-Covenant/Elite Alliance: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/2975-halo-4-human-elite-human-covenant-alliance-theory/ Human Vs PreHistoric Human: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/3482-halo-4-humans-vs-prehistoric-humans-theory/ BE SURE TO READ THROUGH IT ALL!!! DONT JUST STOP AT BEGINNING If you listen closely to 343 Guilty Spark in Halo CE he says things that made it sound like he thought that chief was the one who lighted the first halo ring back when the forerunners were around all those years ago. For example he says, "why would you hesitate to do now what you have already done before?" ( or something along those lines) Also, he makes regards to chiefs poor choice of armor and calls it a "class 2" and recommends he wears a "class 12" Now why would the monitor say these things unless he knew that chief was around back then and should have the armor necessary. ALSO the monitor said something about the chief asking him a question all those years ago.Now obviously, we all thought that that cannot be true because chief is here now. But what if at the end of halo 3 when forward unto dawn broke apart and chief was not only sent through space, but also sent back in time. Now before you regard this as a stupid and outlandish idea, think about it. It would explain why guilty spark said that, and it would bring us all new enemies, weapons, and vehicles and enviorments. Also, it would be the perfect ending for master chief, he lights the first ring to stop the flood and also kill himself, yet save himself and everyone else from the future. Here's a link to a video at comic con 2010 where the interviewer is asking questions to Frank O' Connor: (Keep watching until the part where he talks about the monitor and what Frankie says about it. This only supports my theory) The part im talking about begins around 3:18 (I think I fixed the link if not, please use the link that Raskulz posted below in the comments. I will fix it when I get home to an actual computer) http://www.youtube.com/watch?nomobile=1&v=-WcVz8hPN5s Notice how giddy and a lil weird Frankie gets when he says that? it greatly helps my idea and gets me giddy and excited so badly!! Update: ADDED August 20th, 10pm: 343 Has repeatedly said that in Halo CEA there will be terminals that will help reveal things about Halo 4's story. Now these terminals will be explained by the Monitor. ====> http://attackofthefanboy.com/videos/the-story-of-guilty-spark-holds-halo-4-clues/ Now if the monitor in Halo CE will explain the story of Halo 4 how is that possible if Halo 4 (supposedly) is way in the future from Halo CE? It's not, that's why the only way the monitor could explain the Events in Halo 4 is if it has already happened. That furthermore improves my theory of time travel. Update: ADDED August 22nd, 10:30pm: Now everyone claims that when the monitor calls Chief "Reclaimer" that he means humans are the reclaimers to the forrunner's mantel. However, I believe that he calls chief a "Reclaimer" because chief lit of the first halo rings, and he's back to light or ""Reclaim"" them again. Think about it, have you ever heard the monitor call anyone else besides chief a "Reclaimer"? No because chief is the only one Actually ""Reclaiming anything"" Update: ADDED September 2nd, 7:30pm: This is just something I thought of but, In the legendary ending if Halo 3, Cortana says, " You did it. Truth, and the covenant, the flood, it's finished." Along with Chief ( kinda relieving ) saying, "It's finished." Now this sounds like they're saying that it's basically all over, the galaxy is at peace. Also keep in mind that there actually is really nothing threating left in the (present) galaxy. Now Cortana couldn't possibly need Chief ( in Halo 4) if the (present time) galaxy is at peace. Unless the galaxy they're in NOW is in the past and is NOT at peace. Again, keep in mind that Corana says that the Flood is finished. Now Halo 4 is obviously going to contain the flood. Because well first of all, it just has too. And second, the entire series is literally BECAUSE of the flood. Without the flood there would be no Halo ring, therefore no "Halo 1-3" or in this case... a ""Halo 4"" Just another idea I thought I'd put in there.... Update: ADDED September 3rd, 1:00pm: At the end of the concept art video for Halo 4, these weird pictures were quickly flashed. I have strong belief that these are precursors because precursors are known to look like anthropoids, and the pictures sorta looked like anthropoids as well. And since its in the concept art, that probably means its in the game. Now, we know that precursors are all long gone. ( Like it is a fact that they are all dead). So if they are in the game, how would that be possible unless the game is in the past?? Update: ADDED September 7th, 10:30pm: Also addressing the concept art video: in the video, there was clearly a pelican flying around. Now, I admit this is a major setback on my theory however, there are a few possibilities that could explain this: (Probably best answer) 1. At the end of Halo Wars, Serena says "somethings happened" now if the spirit of fire also went back in time due to a faulty slipspace rupture, this could explain the presence of marines and pelicans. (This ones stretching it a bit) 2. We all know that Precursors were extremely advanced in science and technology. So what if they (or possibly forerunners) mastered time travel and would go into the future and take marines and other unsc equipment in order to study them? ( again, I know I'm stretching it a little) The video, also seemed to show, what looks like new covenant craft. Now this could easily be forerunner or precursor, but who knows? This concept art video, really did a number on my theory, so anyone with any ideas to explain UNSC or possibly COVENANT presence in the video, PLEASE POST THEM!! Update: ADDED September 7th 11:00pm The concept art clearly shows UNSC and maybe even COVENANT on this unknown planet. Now this would surely ruin my theory, however, maybe the UNSC and the COVENANT are allies now (after the war) and are going to rescue chief. And what if something happens and chief just goes back in time later in the game or even Halo 5? CHECK BACK OFTEN FOR FREQUENT UPDATES ON MY THEORY!!! What do you think of my theory? What other theories do you have?
  6. So real quick, I just want to say this. I routinely check Halo Waypoint every other day to see the bulletins/updates. Now they usually always start popping up around 1:30-2:00 for me (eastern time). But for some reason this today, they haven't. I mean come on, its almost 5:00. Is 343i maybe waiting to post a Major Update? Who nows, just a reason and a theory to help us wait and see if there is going to be any info..
  7. I'm sure most, if not all, of you have seen or heard of the GRD dolls on the new multiplayer maps... The use of this topic is to discuss rumors/theories on what the heck these could be used for or why they're even in the game. I know, "It's just an easter egg " but still, there has to be some kind of purpose. Discuss at your heart's content. 3, 2, 1, GO! -- Andrew
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