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  1. Our online school library is kind of derp. In most books in stock they usually have a summary of the plot, characters, setting and often times the first chapter, right? I was poking around online and found they had a pretty good selection of some of the Halo books. The Flood, The Fall of reach, Cryptum, so on. So I believe it was The Flood I clicked on and, well... Look for yourself. Master Chief Male Soldier Orphan Known as Spartan 117; bioengineered technologically advanced; super soldier; taken from an orphanage as a child and turned into a super being through surgery, drugs and military training; designed to be deadly in wars; disguised as an alien race; fighting with the humans an alien race called Covenant Cortana Male Artificial intelligence Fighting with the humans against a race called Covenant So, disregard Cortana's boobs and everything else that this conflicts with. If the School library says it, it must be true. Seriously?! XD
  2. Nafus


    Why was the water so dumbed down in Halo 4? Not only is it that you die when you're barely knee-high in water, but there are no effects, the textures are cruddy and there aren't even any sound effects! It looks horrible, wouldn't you agree? Along with the many Forge aspects that Halo 4 lacks and Reach does better in, the water is definitely a priority in my view. Due to the mass quantities of water-based maps in Reach, the glitches unlocked and secrets found that allowed people to forge underwater, One would think that 343 would have taken the hint when creating the new Forge. No, I don't hate 343 for handicapping forge, it is their first Halo game (Besides Anniversary) and they even admitted to it being more of a learning experience than anything. But if the Forge in the next Halo game isn't improved on, and the water is treated the same way... Well it probably won't stop me from playing it, but I'll be super pissed! Thoughts?
  3. Nafus


    Even though maybe ODST's are being converted into the new Spartans, I miss seeing them around. They had personality, pep and aren't too overpowered while still not being picked off by the littlest shots like the Marines. Or at least, it seemed that way. Besides the Spartans (Obviously) The ODST's were my favorite part of Halo. Most of the time, My Spartan has more ODST configurations than anything and I even have gametypes based on it.
  4. Forge world. Not only is it larger, but it has variable terrain and plenty of flatland If you know where to look. Along with that fact, they have more natural feature. Rocks, Trees, Hills and for gods sake, the water actually has effects! The water in Forge island is disgusting! I would think by the large amounts of water-involved reach forge maps, they would have taken the hint and made the water more workable.
  5. Personally, my favorite feature was the ability to use your own Spartan in a campaign-like environment.. T'was my favorite aspect of reach, too. I like being my own character from time to time. It'd be awesome to play a Separate campaign-like mission set where you could play as your own character alongside Master Chief.
  6. 'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello.

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