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  1. 343, what are you doing to assist in server lag or game functions (AS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE)? my NAT is open, and when it says "Moderate" i simply dont play until ive corrected MY connection for live. You arer all a joke of hosts. I have no such issues on any other halo matchmaking but H4 and it seems over the years you've completely blown off the community asking for you to address these issues on YOUR SERVERS. I seriously just played a game with such bad lag that i attacked multiple people with the sword in a 4v4 game AND NONE OF THEM TOOK DAMAGE OR EVEN DIED; but dont worry, they killed me just fkn fine. WTF? this is not the only instance, yesterday i watched the roster for the match i was in but was unable to spawn in the match YOUR roster said i was in?! no really i enjoy this unreliability. Ive gone thru spurts playiing H4, taking breaks because i was disgusted by the crap you fail to address in game connections during mm. Screen out poor connections, optimize servers, add servers, idfc what you do but this is serious messed up for those who TRY to get in H4 online gameplay and cant sustain a decent game because kills dont register, attacks deal no damage, or (on the rare occasion they do register) i die regardless bc the opponant has had enough time to figure out theyre temporarily immune to ALL weapons/damage and they can unload what they wish and still kill me in a chance they shouldnt have had. Flood? HA! i cant even tell you how many times i cant select my loadout, or when i do, you choose to give me one i specifically didnt select. You reset my points (im honestly SHOCKED you didnt reset my rank too), and everything ive earned up to mastery fo building armor or loadouts, and yet you cannot address connectivity for the live community? What exactly are you doing at 343???? Making new pretty armor and maps (that i cant use as i want because you screw up 90% of the games i attempt to play)? Really, id love to know how you address ANY complaints (if you even do) and what your priority is for fixing online gameplay. Really, give the game back to bungie and go home. Stop trying to improve what youve made worse and refuse to correct out of sheer inconsiderate laziness. I assume im not alone in these complaints, but not that that matters, 343, you'll still fail to correct anything you couldnt do so properly in the first place.
  2. I seriously am developing a hatred for halo because of the unreliability of almost every aspect of matchmaking. Starting with connection issues in game I though lag was on my end, but after manually setting up, prioritizing, testing, and maintaining my own home network, I know my speed (both up and down) are beyond more thN enough to play live. So after setting up everything, I figured id solved the issues id been having in matchmaking. This sas not the case inf the slightest. Weapons, to start, either dont do damage or dont register damage until I have wasted an entire clip or grenaded and in turn been killed myself BEFORE everything I just did to the other guy effects him. 9 times out of 10 I can manage to dodge and attack long enough to let the other guys lag catch up and take his shield down before i die but again, thats all that happens and im in turn dead. This wouldn't bug me so much if I wasnt a sniper nut, but actually being able to SEE the head of youre enemy in your sight and watching 3 or 4 headsets not do a damn thing pisses me off. And it always seems that when the other guy notices, I cant take more than 2 hits (whether they shoot my head or not) and the 3rd ALWAYS kills me. This bring me to the 4 shot. No longer is it 4 but 5. Sure. I watch replays of my deaths usually and I unload 4 shots, take down their shield, they hop like a retard and shoot, miss, hit once, shoot next to me, shoot my chest (by now all I need is a head shot to kill them) then I die. Either knowing u got them more then enough or they got some magic ass shots that evennin the replay from their ******* end shows they didnt hit **** but air or environment. Weapons power level seems to waver frequently. 3 shot kills, 4 sometimes, 5 if youre lucky with aligned stars and a perfect connection with 343 helping you, or 6...7...8...9....a ******* clip. Grenades cant keep up or simply choose when they want the flying toss to happen, maling with the marker doesnt do **** if one grenade takes town a third of your shield but two will kill even when you attempt to evade. The dmr needs to be removed entirely. **** that unreliable gun in an unreliable server. Its **** and it encourages campers and false skills for cheap scores. Yes I too know how to setup a cloak loadout andmi know how to crouch, but wtf is the point of playing online if you want to find a corner, and just try to spray people from the other side of the map like a *****? Go find a click and shoot game on your pc and gtfo of halo. Jetpack is ****. Feels too limited after reach for me. I like how it works for mobility aline, but its a retarded crutch for campers to hide and attempt ambushes from above. Thruster pack is useless iutside of physics close to flood (I think its a little more jump heoght and player speed, possibly lacking gravity but im not sure). Whats the point of the pack if when you get shot you slow down in all controls and movement so you cant use it to evade and it doesnt move you far enough from a grenade blast you stuck on some jackass in your face trying to bash you? Or even better the sight is still red after you try to get away with a thrust and they just need to bash the red marker and you lose regardless. Im disgusted I wasted what little money I did on majestic map pack. That crap should be free. Pathetic tiny maps with grenade perfect halls. Are these maps really just hear to encourage mass chaos in clusrers or am I just missing the tactical points of a rocket designed one-way resulting map??? Seriously. My kd spread isnt amazing but I manage alright to stay around 500 on the positive side, but that doesnt last when I visit flood games managing all the lagging I see other players or the games host causeand manage to attack yet not kill after hitting enemies. Shotguns work further than the red sight shows and that always kills my ass when im flood, but when I use it from even just as im close enough to get a red sight my shots hurt but rarely kill. This usually pisses me off after about 4 games of me sarcastically calling out how many times I can hit but never kill someone before they get me with a single hit/shot. I don't even remember what else happens besides magic deaths when I kill someone without them hitting me at all, but when I deliver the final shot I fall dead as if he had done everything to me and not the other way around. Seriously 343 i will create a new word of profanity just for you're wonderful servers (I assume thats whats to blame on the mechanical end) and lack of reliable gameplay.
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