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  1. How was this playlist not the first one completed for H5? It has had a large following since H2 and during peak H4 days, was by far the largest populated playlist. Idk what 343 has been up to as far as multiplayer design but getting rid of DMR starts for Multiplayer ( which I hope isn't the case for BTB since the large size of map justify it) is not a good start. I hope the BTB playlist, with its massively larger than normal maps is excluded from the extinct DMR starts and all the goodies are firmware updated rather soon. This is an unfinished game. Why did you release without the most wanted ( again by H4 player count) playlist? BIG TEAM 4 LIFE-Bring back a BTB Skirmish ( Objective) playlist too. The playlist population can support two variations.
  2. I played BTB Slayer today not long ago on Exile. I went 20-0 but wasn't awarded a perfection medal. Why not? What's up with that? My gamertag is: WARRIOR I M I added the file to my file share. Please have 343 look at my file and award me 1 perfection. A reply from the staff would be appreciated.
  3. I love playing BTB on Settler and spawning into the water aka spawning into a suicide. Nice work 343! Fix ASAP kindly.
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