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Found 3 results

  1. 343, what are you doing to assist in server lag or game functions (AS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE)? my NAT is open, and when it says "Moderate" i simply dont play until ive corrected MY connection for live. You arer all a joke of hosts. I have no such issues on any other halo matchmaking but H4 and it seems over the years you've completely blown off the community asking for you to address these issues on YOUR SERVERS. I seriously just played a game with such bad lag that i attacked multiple people with the sword in a 4v4 game AND NONE OF THEM TOOK DAMAGE OR EVEN DIED; but dont worry, they killed me just fkn fine. WTF? this is not the only instance, yesterday i watched the roster for the match i was in but was unable to spawn in the match YOUR roster said i was in?! no really i enjoy this unreliability. Ive gone thru spurts playiing H4, taking breaks because i was disgusted by the crap you fail to address in game connections during mm. Screen out poor connections, optimize servers, add servers, idfc what you do but this is serious messed up for those who TRY to get in H4 online gameplay and cant sustain a decent game because kills dont register, attacks deal no damage, or (on the rare occasion they do register) i die regardless bc the opponant has had enough time to figure out theyre temporarily immune to ALL weapons/damage and they can unload what they wish and still kill me in a chance they shouldnt have had. Flood? HA! i cant even tell you how many times i cant select my loadout, or when i do, you choose to give me one i specifically didnt select. You reset my points (im honestly SHOCKED you didnt reset my rank too), and everything ive earned up to mastery fo building armor or loadouts, and yet you cannot address connectivity for the live community? What exactly are you doing at 343???? Making new pretty armor and maps (that i cant use as i want because you screw up 90% of the games i attempt to play)? Really, id love to know how you address ANY complaints (if you even do) and what your priority is for fixing online gameplay. Really, give the game back to bungie and go home. Stop trying to improve what youve made worse and refuse to correct out of sheer inconsiderate laziness. I assume im not alone in these complaints, but not that that matters, 343, you'll still fail to correct anything you couldnt do so properly in the first place.
  2. stick to the script 939, stick to the got damn golden script. Dynamic armour, perks, classes, and load outs add more randomness to the gameplay, effectivley restricting one's ability to become skillful at the game.
  3. Once the file share system is up I will provide you with a link for download. Information about downloading the map right now is at the bottom of this post. -[Map Name]- -[Lunar waste]- -[Description]- -Scientists have decided that to save earth we have to get rid of our waste dumps, so this orbital station is our new site for toxic waste dumps- -[story]- Our planet has become poisoned by us humans. We choke it with our toxic waste that we dump all over our beautiful globe. Nuclear powerplants are going to destroy our home and until now we've let that happen. Now scientists have finally found a solution to save Earth: Orbital space dumps! Instead of dumping our nasty waste on ourselves we can transport it away from us and into the endless abyss of the universe where it will cause no harm to anybody. -[Game information]- -This map is created on Impact and was made to have great mass-carnage-fun in BTB Slayer but it also works great for Dominion and is compatible with many other gametypes aswell.- -[Features]- This map features a whole new kind of way to get hurt: Toxic waste! Yes that is correct, your shield will drain while you stand in the blue acid pools. You will also be slowed down and not be able to jump as high when walking into the thick mud of putrid waste. When you drive a vehicle into the bigger pool of blue death juice you will be forced out of the vehicle because all its parts are being eaten up by the vile liquid. -[Weapons]- (When playing Dominion each site will have x2 Ordnance drops) x2 Sniper rifles (Not on Dominion) x2 Assault rifles x2 SAWs (Ordnance) x1 Battle rifle x1 Railgun x1 Spartan laser (Not on Dominion) x2 Light rifles x2 Storm rifles x1 Magnum x2 Random ordnance drops that contains grenades and different ordnance weapons. x3 Warthogs x2 Ghosts -[Players]- -It is meant for 8v8 but works nicely all the way down to 4v4. -[Compatible gametypes]- (Green=Great for, Yellow=Okay for, Red=Not so good for) -BTB/Slayer -Multi Team -Dominion -Extraction (3 Sites) -King of The Hill -Capture The Flag -Swat -Oddball -Flood -[images]- ( Better quality coming soon ) (These pictures were taken in Dominion mode so anything Dominion related will not be in any other of the gametypes) Map overview. One base for the teams on each side of the map with more inbetween. Alpha base, equipped with a Sniper rifle and SAW plus vehicles! Interior of Bravo base. Be the first to get the Spartan laser! Exterior of Bravo base. Charlie base, equipped like Alpha base. The disposal facility, it comes with a Railgun! My own lift that will get you into Bravo base. The interior of the far side of Bravo base. The acid will turn your screen blue as a warning to tell you that you have to move now! The big pool of acid is iconic for the map and lethal! The big pool of acid will force you out of any vehicle like this. -[Download]- Link: ( Will be available later ) So instead, for now you can download this map if you search for my gamertag 'BIZaGoten' on Halo 4. Please comment if you remember to after you've played it. Have fun!
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