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Found 2 results

  1. So I need some opinions real quick from you all on something called the CSI effect in Forensic Investigations. Do you believe that the CSI Effect really exists, and if so how would it affect your decision as a juror? CSI Effect (Definition): A phenomenon reported by prosecutors who claim that television shows based on scientific crime solving have made actual jurors reluctant to vote to convict when, as is typically true, forensic evidence is neither necessary nor available.
  2. Our online school library is kind of derp. In most books in stock they usually have a summary of the plot, characters, setting and often times the first chapter, right? I was poking around online and found they had a pretty good selection of some of the Halo books. The Flood, The Fall of reach, Cryptum, so on. So I believe it was The Flood I clicked on and, well... Look for yourself. Master Chief Male Soldier Orphan Known as Spartan 117; bioengineered technologically advanced; super soldier; taken from an orphanage as a child and turned into a super being through surgery, drugs and military training; designed to be deadly in wars; disguised as an alien race; fighting with the humans an alien race called Covenant Cortana Male Artificial intelligence Fighting with the humans against a race called Covenant So, disregard Cortana's boobs and everything else that this conflicts with. If the School library says it, it must be true. Seriously?! XD
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