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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there everyone, first and foremost I'd just like to say THANK YOU 343industries, for (clearly) spending alot of time, resources and talent on making Halo 4 such a wonderful game. This is the first time I've used these forums but I am a long time Halo fan, I've been playing Halo since Halo: CE came out in 2001, when I was 10years old. I'm a bit of a fanboy but was pretty dissapointed in Halo Reach and I am utterly thrilled to see the direction that 343i and Halo 4 is and should be taking. And I really hope you guys get a lot of awards and praise from old fans and new, you guys deserve it. Because the game is so polished I don't really have any complaints, but here are a few suggestions I'd like to see implemented into Halo 4 and/or Halo 5. (I hope you guys check your forums like Bungie did). *Story length: I found the campaign to be a bit on the short side, I'm not too dissapointed because the story was exellent and very well paced and I know Spartan Ops continues the story somewhat. But I hope you guys make Halo 5 a little longer. *Emblems: There is not enough. *Spike Grenades: If/when Brutes make a return in Halo 5 or 6, please bring Spike Grenades back, they're unique and you can setup traps around corners with them. *Meta Game and Leaderboards for it: It would add alot of replayability if you guys added the ability to turn on the Meta Game in Spartan Ops and Campaign and maybe you could implement a friends leaderboards along with it. *Ranking System: I feel that currently, there is no ranking system, because it is only based on how much EXP you have, this is also not unique, as pretty much every modern shooter has this style. You guys should implement a secondary ranking system like Halo 3's 1 - 50. *Skulls: I was dissapointed to see that all of the Skulls are unlocked by default, it's much more fun if you have to unlock them and find them in the campaign first. *Please add clan support. *Please add theatre for Campaign and Spartan Ops. *Hunters should be twice the size and much more powerful, once you kill the first one and break the spirit bond the other should fly into an overwhelming rage. *Pre-order bonuses/Collector's edition: I don't like when companies have pre-order bonuses because it just means everyone misses out on something. Please don't do pre-order bonuses again, or atleast include all of them in the Collector's Edition. *Legendary Edition: I was dissapointed you guys didn't have one, please make one for Halo 5 and if you do you shouldn't just throw in a statue, do something like a suicidal grunt holding a bomb which is an alarm clock. Cheers.
  2. When are 343 getting back from holiday?? just asking because Halo 4 is basically a train wreck ATM. I do hope, Frankie and Kiki and the rest of 343 are having a great time in the sun... but you have got a job to do fixing this game you have the cheek to call Halo. Firstly the game was sloppily put together, if you the common sense to have a beta maybe there would be so much issues and people could actually connect and actually play the game, well I guess that would send even more complainers to the forums. Next is the file share system, or lack of one... we know you have taken so many options out of the file-share browser. Just like the rest of Halo 4. So whats the wait, your quick to shove your poxy crimson Map pack and Spartan flops in our faces so why can't you listen to the fans and give us what we want. Just for once. Your killing the whole of the forging community. Just saying. When I get bored of war games... (Which doesn't take long) I love to play custom games, May I ask you 343 what have you done with the "Custom" part of Custom games?? I can't find it anywhere, Options?? Nope. Settings?? Nope. Forge??? No Chance. What planet are you guys on ? If 343 are on holiday please accept my apology, Just tell me when 343 are going to be back in business and start fixing this half finished game. Because the game if full if glitches and bugs and the game as so many broken features: Scoring system broken "Death Cams" broken Alpha Zombie broken Custom load outs broken Flood customistion problems Connection problems Network problems Weapon balance Map flow problems No ranking system No File share Poor forge maps No precision editing Forge bugs and glitches Declining population EDIT: NO RACE WTF!! There are so many more to name but I'll be here until next week. Discuss.
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