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Found 10 results

  1. Heyy, welcome back to the Weekly Site Poll! Poll 35 - 'What are the most annoying and/or infuriating non-character enemies in video games?' - is here if you'd like to read the responses, or post a late reply. Moving on, this weeks question continues the theme of displeasure... What is the WORST experience you've had in gaming? The next Weekly Site Poll will be posted on 8/6/16. Feel free to suggest the topic for the NEXT Weekly Site Poll in your response! SD, out!
  2. Pbrabbit

    Fail feelz

    From the album: Grunt Feelz

    We all have these moments..
  3. I feel that the halo 4 forge is some what good. But within the first 2 minutes of checking out the forge, I absolutely hated it and I will tell you why....they literally got rid of custom maps.... If you dont know what I meen by that, then I will tell you. Remember in previous forges there was one thing that made the forge worth while to spend hours and hours in for? It was the ability to change the map that you chose to something completely different. What do I meen by that? Well using the boxes and crates and the ability to suspend items in mid air to create a combat area, or even a death trap. When I went into forge in halo 4, it does have a lot of functionality which is good. But the main...and in my opinion the biggest key feature is lacking...the ability to add Large scale objects, to suspend them in midair. This causes folks to use their imagination and create something truly unique. Mazes, Race tracks, Zombie Fortresses, or simply adding a second level to walk on so that it adds an extra challenge to the map. Thats one thing that Bungie will seem to keep over 343 Ind. is that they took their own maps and created new ones using the forge, added them to the XBL map playlist and let the players decide if its worth keeping or not. How do you think grifball was invented? Exactly it was a custom forge game that if you were to try and create now...in Halo 4's forge... you would not be able to because you cannot remove large scale objects or ramps or anything of that nature... Im not the best with my words but I try to make things make sense. I seriously doubt that 343 will add this function to Halo 4, but seriously....343 Ind., You need to step it up. Ive played Halo since the original Combat Evolved title. Do not ruin this game for me.....Its a good game but when you remove the core features that players like and EXPECT, and make it a dumb newb version.....it pisses a lot of people off. And thats what Forge is right now....It used to be great, you just dumbed it down is this way. In previous Halo's that contained Forge. I would spend countless hours, just letting my mind wander on what to create. I would do all kinds of things. But with Halo 4.....I have yet to spend even 5 total minutes in there. That is the difference between Halo 4 forge, and previous forges... Post your pro's and cons of Halo 4 Forge. Maybe 343 Ind can use it to make Forge into what it is supposed to be and not a half *** "we let them control what weapons are on the map and thats it" type of forge on an unrelated Note.....wtf happened to Halo Reach hornet or the covenant vehicles that are not the ghost...one thing I liked was the balance of vehicle support.... This is Halo 4....did bungie not sell the rights of those vehicles to you?? what gives At this point I am going to place 343 Ind under the same type of practices as EA Games. Removing key functions that a lot of players enjoyed. Not thinking well enough about how to make the game....needing to install disc 2?? good one guys...one would think you could have just split up the campaign and multiplayer onto 2 different discs but no, you have to MAKE US waste hard drive space to play otherwise... I am not a designer, I am not a huge nerd who knows programming language....but My grandma and I could make a better Halo then 343 Ind....You did well on the campaign I will give your that, I really enjoyed that, otherwise its a CoD replacment with stupid loadouts and ordinence....basicly the same as CoD. Did people cry too much over getting killed while trying to go for the oversheild or camo or sniper rifle?? Were they not able to man up and get better? Guess not
  4. Ok so the nearby Rampisham antenna array which I have a perfect view of and enjoy studying the area's unexplained lights. They're planning on replacing the antennas with 163,000 solar panels... I hate these worthless slates of glass. They're expensive and don't produce much electricity! The materials used such as Titanium Oxide could be used for much better purposes. There are much better sources of clean and cheap electricity which is also not ugly... Britain has enough shale gas to last for hundreds of years yet nobody has mined it. Nuclear power is clean, safe and produces tons of electricity. Nuclear power is safe unless we get another arms race. The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was hastily constructed in order to be better than America; the staff onsite were poorly trained and further more were told to conduct a training exercise with no supervisors... It didn't actually kill enough people for it to matter. The radiation from it was pretty low too. I think if we killed all the hippies, hoodlums and other worthless people we could power the Earth from Methane produced by their corpses. I hate this planet... I don't like raging but seriously humans need to start putting their future ahead of them instead of worrying weather their fancy clothes look good.
  5. HALO 4 IS BAD. NO QUESTIONS Enough small talk 343, someone needs to tell it how it is. Halo 4 is a piece of crap, plain and simple... the final product of Halo 4 isn't good enough but ANY stretch of the imagination. The game is boring, generic, has a TON of glitches and bugs in EVERY aspect of the game from campaign to Forge. This game that you have the cheek to call Halo 4... is OUTCLASSED in every area by Halo 3. No Questions. A game made in 2007... How embarrassing. When I play this mess, I struggle to see how any of you guys were "long time halo fans" ... give me a break. We all gave you a chance, We trusted you and you messed up, plain and simple everything in this game is just simply bad. Not Different Not Evolution Not Change BAD..... GOOD OLD FASHIONED BAD !!! GUTTING, REMOVING AND KILLING HALO The FEEL OF HALO, WHAT FEEL... Prior to the launch of Halo 4 we told OVER and OVER AND OVER... "the feel of Halo is still there" & "it still is halo"....etc etc, Many Halo fans believed you... then you swindled them into buying your crappy game by basically straight up lying to the fans... because every aspect of what make halo, halo is GONE. GOODBYE HALO, WELCOME TO CALL OF HALO: SPARTAN OPS 4. PERKS, KILL-STREAKS, KILL-CAMS, NO REAL RANKING SYSTEM, LOAD-OUTS, BAD MAPS. FAIL NET-CODE CONNECTION, NO CUSTOMS GAMES, SPARTAN FLOPS, ACTIVE CAMPO, CAMPERS, USELESS TEAMMATES. JETPACK BREAKS MAPFLOW. NO TEAM PLAY. INSTANT RE-SPAWN DMR SPAM. PAPER VEHICLES. NO HORNET/FALCON. RANDOM ORDINANCE. FORGE MAPS. NO FILE SHARE. NO SKULLS. FAIL ARMOR. SPECIFICATIONS UNLOCK ISSUES. RANK RESETS. PUNISHED FOR WINNING THE GAME/OBJECTIVE PLAY. HOW THE HELL IS THIS ^^^^ HALO !?!?!?! - WELL DONE 343. WE NOW HAVE TWO CODS ON THE MARKET. THE NEW "HALO" FEEL Now all Halo is about is just using active Campo, sitting on a rock with a DMR and just putting you BRAIN on standby while you just Spam the DMR across the map for 20 mins EVERY GAME for POINTLESS XP that shows NOTHING apart from how long you spent playing this wretched game. No point of playing tactically you will get pooped on by DMR spammers.. Want to use Vehicles??? Nope Teammates will destroy them Want to play the objective??? Nope get owned by DMR active campo. Play to win??? Why bother?... You won't even get as much xp compared to if you kill. Want to compare skill levels??? Nope 12 year old's get butt-hurt when the ranking system calls them out. (If you can't Handle a TRUE RANKING SYSTEM aka 1-50, RETIRE from competitive games and please PLAY MARIO KART & AND KINECT.) WHAT HALO USED TO BE Halo 1-3 was a an absolute pleasure to play, It Catered to ALL TYPES OF GAMERS From Causal to Competitive... it included everyone and it gave a huge replay value to the game, It had the social and ranked split in matchmaking and it gave everyone the chance on how to play halo, if they wanted to go for the win or just mess around and chill... you had the option of choosing WHENEVER you wanted, you wasn't FORCED to do either... this gave the game an extra dimension, an extra edge, and boosted replay value greatly. The campaigns were solid, skulls kept you coming back for more. Because of these factors the custom game community was allowed to excel with tons of user content, boosting the life of the halo game beyond predictions Even on social, halo was about going for the win as a team, the game rewarded winners and only winners which encourage players to go for the objective at all times, boosting team play... players would start of on even ground whether it was your first game or 1000th game... you it was down to the player skill not down to what the unlocked or got in their kill-streaks Nearly every weapon was useful in the right hand or situation and had to be fought over to gain an upper hand by using map control. THIS MADE HALO, FAIR, FUN, COMPETITIVE AND REWARDING. WHATEVER TYPE OF PLAYER. Last words Rant over, clearly 343 has no intention of fixing the mess they created (or continued from reach) but I just want everyone to know that 343 did a bad job and it's not up to the standard of halo. Discuss.
  6. Hello. I don't understand how such a big game like Halo 4 DOESN'T HAVE DEDICATED SERVERS. Halo has one of the, if not THE biggest player base on Xbox 360. Lag compensation in H4 is ridiculous, it made people with horrible connections being able to play and people that are paying a lot of money for a decent connection not being able to. And don't come saying your netcode is good, because it isn't. Just get the dedicated servers, what do you do with our money? BF3 wasn't as big as Halo 4 and they got dedicated servers. Dear 343, We will not stop. We will not pause. We want dedicated servers.
  7. How could you? The heart and soul of halo gone. BUNGIE WOULDN'T HAVE DONE IT!
  8. Through the history of popular games such as "CallofDuty" and "LeagueofLegends", there have been multiple updates and Nerf's (decreased level of power and ability) for thousands of weapons and vehicles. As we have never experienced this through the Halo Series by Bungie, is it possible for "343 industries" to create and let an "Ordinary Halo Player" use an Over Powered Vehicle or Weapon? Thank you for checking this thread out, and with all respect, please be willing to share your own personal belief/opinion of Over Powered Vehicles and Weapons throughout any game. 1) Can rage appear through the all new Halo 4 produced by "343 industries" from Over Powered Vehicles and/or Weapons, or does the "Over Powered Weapons and Vehicles" apply to certain game modes and maps? With the first ever new "Halo 4" produced by 343 industries being released in literally less than a day with all new weapons and vehicles, will there be Over Powered equipment throughout this game that can create unfair teams and players? If so, what can it take to stop it immediately before the game continues to go on. As many people (including myself) are afraid of this, can this decrease or increase the sales of Halo 4 itself? Not only will this mess up the whole environment of halo itself, but it has the possibility to create madness and sadness throughout the "average gamer". How do you feel about Over Powered Vehicles and Weapons, and what does it take to get rid of it? Can it create debates, or can it create madness throughout the "average gamer"? Or in better words, will there even be Over Powered Weapons in Halo 4? Is this link considered "Over Powered" and will it be able to effect the Halo 4 community? Or once again, is it applied with the certain game mode and map? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qC_Pq-G72AI (right click and select "Open link in new tab") to create better use. Thank you LTD Velocity
  9. Hey guys check out the comic that I came up with. The drawing is made by an "inactive" member, FIREN4, who was at my house. Not his best work, but still: enjoy!
  10. I am using this thread to post rage comics that I make. Don't worry, I will add more as I create them! - I. Halo 4 Rage! - II. Getting Addicted to Halo: Reach - III. Challenge Accepted - IV. Books vs. The Internet - V. Another Rage Comic - VI. ZB-85 - VII. Trolldad Gets Trolled - VIII. Spectral Jester
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