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Found 12 results

  1. Does the Halo fandom ever wonder about H4+ Elites? Well, there were NO ELITES in Halo 4 and 5. - Enter the Berserker - Sangheili Berserkers, a subspecies of Elite, dominated the ranks of Jul 'Mdama's Remnant and favored brute strength and kills over graceful, covert tactics. We get it, "the Brutes lost a lot of weight since Halo 3" and that Elites are not savages. But, these are not Elites. In Halo Infinite (hopefully) the Berserkers will make a debut as a new enemy with new weapons, ranks and a new moveset. You will find these feral warriors along with a Brute pack that they lead, the Brutes respect the Berserkers. They will do a Brute Plasma Rifle or something else... something new....a Sangheili Spiker!
  2. Heyy, welcome back to the Weekly Site Poll! Poll 34 - 'What are your favorite consoles, handhelds, controllers, and/or peripherals?' - is here if you'd like to read the responses, or post a late reply. Moving on, this weeks question pertains to aggravating entities... What are the most annoying and/or infuriating non-character enemies in video games? The next Weekly Site Poll will be posted on 7/30/16. Feel free to suggest the topic for the NEXT Weekly Site Poll in your response! SD, out!
  3. Yeah so I like to snipe my enemies how's about you?
  4. Although, there are many different theories, some can be the correct and some wrong. What do you think? SOME OF THE FAMOUS TOPICS ARE: The Arbiter is comming back Cortana being alive The Flood is still here The dictator is still alive The librarian is still alive and helping. If you are asking me what i think, i think the Arbiter is comming back to help master chief find something. The Flood is still here. Cortana is alive, but is used as a slave by the dictator, but is still hiding something from him. The dictator is indeed alive. The librarian i am not sure. Post and vote what you think!!!
  5. The Flood. You either Love or Loath it. Many people loath it due to the library missions in Halo CE/Halo 2 as well as Cortana from Halo 3. I admit Cortana was tedious at times and the Libraries could become frustrating, but thats no reason for pulling one of the most dangerous threats (in theory) from a game where all the awesome ancient tech is based around combating it. The flood in the original trilogy was good, but after reading the books and terminals about it, the fungus zombies didnt seem to portray the unstoppableness-ness that overwhelmed the Forerunners and caused them to commit cosmic suicide. In game i think the flood needs to become scaryer. Slithering in the dark, ambushing you, literally tearing through allies. The spartan flood in the Infection gametype of halo 4 has a giant claw, so lets see it put to use. Another thing is the weakness of flood. In halo 3 you could almost dissolve combat forms with a nasty look. Halo CE had it right. 2 clips of 60 round MA5B ammo and the ******** can still hop up off the floor. Now in many topics Ive seen Deadspace fans gloating how their necromorphs are scaryer. And to be honest I have to admit the flood isnt as scary in game. But in concept the flood should be able to make Chief nervous. Im trying not to express my sadistic side, but i think non scripted marine deaths by infection forms in Halo 3 were amazing. Graphics and gore upated with modern software and you have a greusome yet amazing incentive to protect your AI buddies. If 343i made you respect your marines (rather than using them as meat shields and ammo mules, get them to give you ammo or help you in some way without the scripted cutscene like events so you DO want to keep them alive, even for just sentimental reasons) then when they are tron in half and eaten in front of you, you might exact revenge rather than laugh. I know I beat the crap out of Spark when he killed Johnson. -Imagine this. You are running along through Halo 5 with a couple of AI buddies [that arent in any way significant to the mission], theyve been talking to you, weakening and killing enemies, supplying you with ammo and generally being helpful [yes i am still taling about Halo marines here] when suddenly jimmy-bob AI is grabbed by a Combat form and torn in two, while the other AI is making horrible gurgling noises as an infection form burrows into his rib cage. This would make me go on a rampage. Why not make us care about our AI buddies, then have the flood come rip our bromance apart? Gameplay wise we need variaton with flood. Halo 3 should be seen as a concept point for 343i. Pureforms were a good idea but never seemed to be as big a threat as they were made out to be. Why not have a stronger flood force where most infection forms were tank strenght. Not requiring a rocket launcher to take down [thats just crazy] but making them bullet sponges. Force a player to fall back as a staggering wall of flood marches at you. Infection forms can stay as popcorn, its part of the games now and actually suits them, but noone seems to panic when they are around. If you have AI allies around these little guys should become your worst nightmare. Buddies now oozing with green slime and floodflesh turn and rip into you. Wall to wall popcorn is never a bad idea. new types? Take a leaf from Halo wars and have infected grunts/jackals in game. I know in the lore they are infected to become food and flesh for the hives of the flood, but we should get to see this. Flood growths could also be interesting. Halo 3 gave us the Mature spores that released infection forms but why not the stalks and tenticals of halo wars? the ranged pureforms could become stationary and allow for proper assault flood controlled areas objectives in campaign. Summing it up, scary and overwhelming is what it needs to be. With promethians and covenant requiring tactics and flanking to overcome, this updated flood should be the break from noobcombotakeoutthewatchersthenknights tactics and it should open up your inner Rambo. Tactical decisions would still be needed, but more along the lines of 'do i have enough ammo' or 'which flood should I avoid and which do i shoot at from range.' Another benifit of Flood returning would be the return of sentinel weapons. The sentinels in Halo 2 were awesome, and if you havent already you should look up the concepts for other in game sentinels. I can imagine massive fights between variations of flood and sentinel and promethian that you must navigate. It also means flame weapons can make a return. The bodies dissolving from forerunner weapons in game actually serves a purpose (apart from us thinking 'Ooh.... pretty...) by destroying bodies so flood wont infect them [this could aslo allow for a flood firefight- check out some of the other topics ideas on this, people come up with good stuff]. Story-wise i think the flood should remain as an extragalactic parasite. A biological weapon from the precursors? Thats kinda lame to be honest. I would prefer that when the precursors buggared off to the other galaxies to explore and do precursory things that they came across an entire galaxy that was consumed by flood. Not knowing what the flood was they were overwhelmed and consumed. Now the flood has the ability to travel the distance between galaxies ['cept the precursors sabotaged their engines to save life here in the milky way]. The flood manages to send one small cluster of spores and hive on a ship back to the milky way where the humans found it.... And the cannon story follows from there. This -and i know its a stretch- could be the return of the flood in Halo 5. A precursor vessel filled with highly evolved flood slips into the milky way after jul m'dama activates a forerunner device that could contact the precursors. The Ship offloads and starts a massive infection of covenant space. **** gets real and the Array become an option for the UNSC to wipe out the huge flood incursion. Promethians can get involved somehow. Everybody wins, original trilogy and new age fannon fans. Id Like to see your ideas on my ramblings and any additions/subtrations you would make to the halofanboy opinions i vomited in the essay above.
  6. Throughout the Halo saga, humanity has been plagued with deadly foes. First it was the Flood; then the Insurrectionists (Innies); then the Covenant; and most recently the Prometheans. So I ask you: Which was your favorite, which wasn't, and which would work best in Halo 5? Feel free add ideas for entirely new reasons, or support your own opinion of which is the best/worst. Thanks for all the support in the previous Volume; here's to many future Volumes to come!
  7. So with the Covenant all but gone now, what is everyone feelings about them, did you miss them in Halo4 ( I know the storm covenant were in halo 4 but they were pathetic) I for one am saddened they are gone they are by far one of the greatest villians out there in the gaming world, and I think its a shame that the whole struture of the covenant collased it would have been fun to at least have fought a smaller version of the covenant but with a new prophet incharge awk well
  8. I just so happened to be on Halo Waypoint when I ran into this guide. This first guide gives you help on finding the most amount of enemies, and on which Spartan Ops Episode and which chapter. Thanks to 'A Blues Fan' on Waypoint, he provided us with this chart: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst180802_Spartan-OPs-Enemies-by-Difficulty.aspx Also, thanks to another member on Halo Waypoint, TheSchnitzelMan, he has provided us with another chart that shows which Episodes have the easter eggs, as well as other ways to achieve these commendations: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst170296_Enemy-Counts-CHART-Spartan-Ops--w--Episode-7.aspx Also, he has provided us with the commendations progress per level: https://skydrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=A39C946A316F7935!221&app=Word&authkey=!AFn_odv9g6NjIaw
  9. First of all I have been a fan and have enjoyed halo intensely. I have related with every halo on so many levels. Nathan fillion, Allen tudyck, and so many reacuring characters made halo a continuous surprisè. This was an abomination. There was no comedic relief. The grunts didn't run and scream out in fear. The elites didn't yell at you just before you kicked their ass. There was no zippy comments from allies. There was very little sense of comradery. Changing the sounds of beloved weapons was a terrible idea. Not to mention the vehicles. The warthog was actually annoying. The storyline was good but needed more depth. The cinematics were great. I love watching the storyline but it could have included a lot more. I ran through halo 4 in 5 hours on legendary on my first try. I could have only had done that with halo 1 after a year of playing it. I found as though I was forced to feel intensity from the constant let down of my achievements. I would beat two waves of reinforcements against terrible odds and just before I could get a sense of accomplishment and relief, wave three would show up. It forced me to employ gorilla tactics as if I was a terrorist. This game incorporates details and shootem up style of gears of war. Halo is not gears. Halo is calm and precisive, gears is chaotic and dirty. That being said I love gears but that's what made them great and apart from each other. And where was the consistent halo theme. I was hoping to turn on the game and feel halo. That sound that makes you get all warm and fuzzy. This was a disaster. The weapon swapping between cinematics, instead of warming up an introduction to a newly introduced weapon. Or having any form of background on enemy advancements or enemy forces. Oooh not to mention how weak of the thoughts behind new enemy forces. Soo. They are a lambent grunt and a lambent cross between a elite and a infantry jackal. And head shots don't count for squat on minor elites anymore. This has been a horrible experience and a waste of my time. I can only hope the multiplayer may improve my opinion but I'm afraid to be disappointed yet again. I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way.
  10. Notice that the jackals in these images are a lot more fierce looking, also their heads are more thicker and buffer were as before their head structure was a lot more thinner and their mouths were longer and had a "Beak" like structure. There is a real major difference with the Halo 4 Jackals. Here are some images of Jackals from previous games just to give you a better view of the differences they have.
  11. Who are we going to be fighting? A lot of evidence points at the Forerunners themselves and definitely some Forerunner made machines. Leaks show the crawler and the watcher (1) as most may know, but the Halo CEA terminals heavily hint at more specific Forerunners like the Didact (2). There is no more flood, the covenant have been ruled out as the main antagonist for the game, so what would be left? Were crashing on the shield world/dyson sphere which was created to protect from the ring blast. Who else would be in there? Its hard to believe were not fighting the Forerunners in some way or another. There is a video which was removed from halo waypoints Forerunner terminal log in (place to unlock the last terminal) which would be shown after typing "wake up john" in the Forerunner language. link below (3). And if we just so happen to have a Precursor in the game at any time, it will be in Halo 5 or 6. So what do you guys think? Will we be fighting some completely unknown enemies which have never been mentioned before? Or will we see Prometheans Ready to kick our asses? 1- leaked enemies http://images.thisisxbox.com/2012/05/halo4toys1.jpg 2- didact everywhere http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/841/speculation.png/sr=1 3- wake up john
  12. This is an Enemies Guide to Halo Reach, Mostly used for general gameplay and the "Monument to All your sins" Achievement (Complete Legendary, Solo Campaign) The aim of this guide is to go through the enemy classes and the best weapons to use against them. Note that some classes use different tactics and weapons, and its more so better to use other weapons for effective performance. Be advised all weapons of choice are mostly ones you can commonly find on the field some weapons like the Sniper Rifle, Spartan Laser, Plasma Caster etc. don’t appear very often. Plus the following weapon usage makes use for quick and less costly work Skull have some mention, but are not really talked about fully in this, another guide would be added about them if I get time UPDATED: 10 Decemeber 2011: Given a revised version and added more detail to the guide RACES - Grunts - Jackals/Skirmishers - Elites - Brutes - Engineers - Hunters - Drones Grunts: - Weapon of Choice: DMR/Magnum/Needle Rifle. Threat Warnings: In groups with a Commander and leaderless suicide grunts General Disposal: Always aim for the head and take them out with one shot. Though 2 for the Ultra Grunts (1st headshot knocks its helmet off, 2nd kills them) Extra Information: Extra caution must be exercised when killing the squad leader (Elite or Brute) for some Grunts will go suicidal and run towards you with Active Plasma grenades that exploded on contact, when one is seen and heard, maintain distance and aim for the head, killing the suicide grunt would possibly take out any others hostiles within the explosion radius when the grenades go off Jackals and Skirmishers: - Weapon of Choice: DMR/Magnum/Needle Rifle. Threat Warnings: Snipers and Shields that form a wall General Disposal: Same as the Grunts, aim for the head Extra Information: Apart from the Snipers, most Jackal Classes have energy shields that absorb damage until it gives, They have part of their weapon wielding hand exposed to attack, aiming for it will cause them to be exposed as they shield is moved out of the way, aim for the head before he recovers. Skirmisher work like the Jackal Snipers, but they have much more speed and agility, plus can take more shoots, quick and effective aiming is needed Elites: - Weapon of Choice: Plasma Pistol, or any Plasma weapon and DMR/Magnum/Needle Rifle. Threat Warnings: Higher Classes have more powerful shields and sometimes Energy swords and the Special Operations class will make appearance on a few stages General Disposal: Usage of Plasma weapons (Pistol, Rifle, Repeater) to quickly chew through their shielding, after reducing their shields to zero, aim for the head Extra Information: Every Elite has a personal shield system that must be reduced, but some in higher class needed ongoing attack to reduced them. The Charge shot from Plasma Pistol will EMP them, but it doesn’t always work for the higher classes like the generals, Zealots and the Field Marshall, they require two charge shots and most have heavy weapons and swords, and Special Operations Class will pick off anyone that don’t keep a sharp eye. For all Elites, after depleting the shields, they tend to roar, leaving them open to attack, use it. If one goes after you with the energy sword, ALWAYS maintain distance and keep draining the shields, then shot the head. Always use your motion tracker, and/or look around for a shimmer to location and pick off Spec Op Elites, though hard to see, their shields are fairly poor Brutes: - Weapon of Choice: Needler or Needle Rifle(*), Plasma Pistol/Weapons for Chieftains first. Plasma Grenade for Armour Lockers Threat Warnings: Thick skinned, Armoured and quite powerful in combat and in packs General Disposal: Employ the use of the Needler weaponry to take down the Brutes. 8 from the Needler/ 3 Needle Rifle creates a supercombine explosion will kill them, Plasma Weaponry for the Chieftain to take out their shields before using the Needlers Extra Information: Because of the Brutes thick skin and heavy armour (specially the head) Most weaponry and headshots in not really advised because they can take a lot of blows and 3-5 headshots to kill them, the helmet and headdress must be knock off first. Brutes armed with Gravity Hammers strafe left to right while charging which doesn’t make it any easier, plus some will activate Armour Lock when the heat gets too bad. The needler weapons are the best choice on this race because the supercombine will kill them (regards of rank and some activate skulls), for the shielded Chieftains, the shield depletion tactic for them works like the Elites, Plasma their shields before killing them. Armour lock may save them from some fire, but it leaves them stationary, especially when they break it, the second they break out of Armour Lock throw a grenade (Plasma preferred) at them to make short work Engineers: - Weapon of Choice: Any weapon Threat Warnings: No hostile fire, quite rare to see General Disposal: Just shoot at them Extra Information: Firearm wise, engineers are harmless and are very slow in movement speed, but they do pose as a threat because they continuously provide the enemy within their vicinity with temporarily overshields, Quickly disposing them first will stop the overshielding being replenished Hunters: - Weapon of Choice: Any Explosives/Heavy Weapons and/or Shotgun Threat Warnings: Very high Threat in pairs and Close range General Disposal: The large weak point is usually the back. Full usage of Explosions, heavy weapons and close range shotgun. Extra Information: Hunters always work in pairs and they are lethal as all in Legendary, long range shots and melee is very devastating, but their strength hinders movement speed, the best plan of attack is to focus killing one before the other. Throw as many grenades at them for some damage and also usage of heavy weapons is extra help as one may fall, always aim for their backs, If all options are sent, there are weapons caches with shotguns their Hunter areas, grab one and go for CQC, **BUT** When using this method, do not, I repeat, DO NOT STAND STILL! One chop or smack from the hunter KILLS! Keep moving and strafing to dodge the melee strikes, and pump some shotgun rounds into its back until it drops, if it gives you too much trouble or need to pull back, Do so, but watch your surroundings Drones: - Weapon of Choice: DMR/Needle Rifle and big pair of balls.. Threat Warnings: Always in large groups and very quick General Disposal: Careful aiming of the head Extra Information: This race are the worst of all races in Legendary because of their speed and the fact that you’ll be up against a number of 10, 20 or 30!!!!! Removing them requires concentration and time, rushing is suicidal, but thankful they only appear in three stages (Final stage is the big concern) Carefully aim and fire their heads, and they do have a headshot indicator as they explode after getting shot in the head. Using cover and distance is very important to keep them at a small number so you don’t get swarmed VEHICLES - Ghost and/or Revenant - Shades - Wraith Ghost and/or Revenant: - Weapon of Choice: Rocket Launcher, Plasma Launcher, Fuel Rod Cannon or any friendly manned vehicle (DMR for Grunt controlled) Threat Warnings: Their firepower and Speed General Disposal: Kill the driver with a headshot (Grunt only), Mostly use the heavy weapons or the vehicle gun/cannon Extra Information: Don't bother Hijack them, unless you got good skill and big pair, because failing the hijacking is just completely suicidal from either hostile fire or splatter. If you have a vehicle (with good odds that you do) Just drive, don’t stop for anything and let the gunner (Player *co-op* or AI *solo*) do all the shooting, DO NOT LET THE AI DRIVE, that’s an open death wish. With heavy weapons, use the high ground to avoid be splattered and offload the rockets, plasma and FRG when it gets close Shades: - Weapon of Choice: Rocket Launcher, Plasma Launcher or Fuel Rod Cannon (DMR if no explosive weapons) (Sniper Rifle comes in handy on Nightfall) Threat Warnings: Can’t move but has high rate of fire General Disposal: Kill the driver with a headshot (depends on operator), Destroy the battery with heavy weapons Extra Information: USE EXTREME CAUTION, though stationary targets their rate of fire is extreme high making them extremely lethal head on. Most Shade encountered on the field are Grunt manned some picking them off with headshots will temporarily shut it down, if it gets manned again by grunt, headshot, BUT if its an Elite… you may have to use full clip of DMR to kill him, If possible, all use an explosion weapon to take it down, Gunner and Shade together, or grenade an unmanned one so it doesn’t get used behind your back. Don’t bother manning yourself, you’ll be a sitting duck Wraith: - Weapon of Choice: DMR/Needle Rifle and one of the following: Grenade, Melee or Hijack Threat Warnings: Powerful in speed and power head on, but slow on maneuvering General Disposal: Kill the driver with a headshot (depends on operator) and use of one of three methods: Grenade planting, Melee bashing or Hijack method Extra Information: Not most of a problem than the small vehicle counterparts because of its slow turning speed, but still a threat. Besides the plasma mortar and its charging forward speed, the Plasma Turret’s rate of fire while manned is what makes the Wraith an equal to dangerous threat. Best method of attack is to kill the turret operator first, with headshot, at a distance (T. After the operator is killed, carefully proceed towards the Wraith, though something it won’t mortar fire you while close, but it will try to run you over, when he does, get out of the way or if you Armour Lock eqiuped, use it to stop the Wraith in its tracks and breaking out will EMP it, use either opportunity to board the Wraith and use the following methods - Plant a grenade at either end (depends on what end you board), the explosion will destroy it - Board the ass end of the Wraith and use melee to rip it about, this must be done quickly due to some foot soldiers may give you a little surprise - Hijack the machine, board the front and melee kill the driver (Don’t over melee and destroy it if you need it), after removing the corpse, take control. (This method is highly recommended for the final part of Exodus to clear the area of Brutes Chieftians and Ghosts, but use caution, the hijacked machine is more prone to destruction because of the melee damage) OTHER INFORMATION - ENVIRONMENT When in doubt with some situations, you can always use the environment around you to your advantage, - Useless vehicles like forklifts, half destroyed warthogs, etcs. - Fusion coils, Plasma Batteries, Fuel Tanks. - Grenades on the grounds When shoot at enough to make them explode, they can take a good number of enemies with them, See an opportunity, don’t hesitate to use them. OTHER INFORMATION - EQUIPMENT Also the use of some Equipment is really important - The Bubble Shield is a lifesaver when injuried and no health packs anywhere - The Hologram is important as it can take the attention away from you so can either finish the covies or move to a different spot with minimum risk. - Armour Lock has little use but can save you from sticks and Wraith mortars and charging - Mobility ones (Sprint, Jet Pack) have a minor role, but it does help with getting to vantage points faster - Active Camo seems to have some hinder to most because of the Motion Tracker Jamming and outside noise deafening, but would sure good use in Nightfall ((Will update when more information has been collected)) Use this guide well and have much patience in your quest to get the "Monument to All your sins" Achievement, it'll save you alot of heartache
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