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Found 7 results

  1. Not much is known about them, but information that can be found by text from the logs stored in the terminals around the Ark indicates it is possible that the Forerunner 'Mantle' (Guardians of the Galaxy and all life) was handed down from "legends of the past", the Precursors. It has been presumed that the Precursors viewed the Forerunners as their own legacy, continuing their work after they departed, much in the same way Forerunner lifeworkers (including the greatest lifeworker: the Librarian, or the Lifeshaper) viewed Humanity before the activation of the rings. Having obtained the status of tier-0, it is likely that the Precursors can travel between galaxies. Precursors are described as "very large", with 4 upper limbs and 2 legs. Also having an "ugly head shaped like arthropods" - like spiders or crabs(describe like scorpion) - they have oval, faceted slanted eyes and a "flat face". Coming from the back of the head is a long tail with a 2 meter barb coming out of it. Whether this is the way all Precursors look has yet to be revealed, but this is the way the prisoner on Charum Hakkor is described. - Halo Nation - Precursor <---More info here Precursors are thought to be the creators of the Forerunners and the Flood. They had the most advanced technology out of every creature in the universe at Tier-0. The Forerunners and the Precursors had a big war and even though the precursors had better tech, the forerunners beat them. The prisoner mentioned above is also referred to The Timeless One, the Precursors created a new Precursor that was too powerful, so they locked him up. More on the Timeless One can be found HERE The Precursors created species for the Milky Way, and if they didn't find them worthy, they would be eliminated. The Forerunners were created and after a while, they were thought not worthy to exist so the precursors were going to eliminate them. the Forerunners became aware of this and attacked the Precursors. They won and decided to destroy the Precursors, but a number of them escaped from them prior to their destruction. Those that escaped created a new race called humanity. The surviving Precursors decided to try and unify the Forerunners and Pre-humans into their shared origin before thier ultimate downfall, so they created a parasitic species called the Flood. The Precursors died off, all except the Timeless One, who was thought to have turned into a Gravemind. Another Website on Precursors is - http://www.halopedian.com/Precursor If you haven't seen my other topic on what Forerunners were, go check it out: http://www.343indust...-what-they-did/ Also, if you know something that i missed about Precursors, please post it to help others out. Thanks
  2. This will have accurate guesses for the upcoming Halo games. I based these theories off of the books I have read which indeed will contain spoilers. Books I have read - Halo: Glasslands, Halo: The Thursday War, and other Halo insights I will begin to discuss the manner of ONI's plan for the planet, Sanghelios, home of the Sangheili (aka Elites). In the book, Halo: Glasslands, Jul 'Mdama (the head of the Covenant fleet in Halo 4) sets off to find what his partner 'Telcam is up to, for 'Telcam was acting suspicious. Jul and 'Telcam are both planning to overthrow the Arbiter and 'Telcam is to take his place as leader. So, when 'Telcam leaves, Jul follows him then to discover 'Telcam is recieving human aid against the Arbiter. I'll explain later why humans are doing this. Anyway, Jul is caught, but not by 'Telcam, however by a spartan. Jul is then taken prisoner by humans. 'Telcam doesn't know about this, nor did he know he was followed by Jul in the first place. This eventually leads to the next book, "The Thursday War." While Jul is imprisoned, which was at ONIRF Trevelyan (aka Onyx), he was tested on (via food) to see how he reacts to certain chemicals and so. Basically being poisoned. Eventually, Humans tell Jul what their plan is. To poison the food supply of the planet Sanghelios. To basically torture Jul, making him feel hopeless. Eventually he escapes through a portal (humans let him wander outside in Onyx, for they didn't know there were portals), where it drops him on Sanghelios. There, he appeared in thin air, and a few Sangheili had seen this. There was actually a 'prophecy' to find the Didact that these Elites knew of, and Jul matched it. Jul then also finds out that his wife died during the Civil War. Thus Jul (he doesn't believe in the gods anymore) uses this prophecy and gods to create a fleet against the humans, for vengance of his wife and to stop the human domination. Basically, ONI is wanting the Elites to kill themselves out via Civil War. To weaken themselves, and then ONI would poison the food supply. This would kill off nearly all of the Sangheili (Plan proven in books!). The ones who survive would be weak, and most likely their reproductive systems would be damaged. Thus completely wiping out the Sangheili race. If Chief does find out their plan, and the plan to kill Catherine Halsey (she was like a mother to John), he may go rogue. Also Cortana's death may factor. Now, there was actually a race before the Forerunners, called the Precursors. The Forerunners killed them off, supposidely, but the Precursors created the Flood. They seem to be very important in this manner. Possibly, the Precursors will return, maybe they all weren't dead. If so, this would be too much for humanity to handle. And if they kill off the Elites, they got rid of their best line of defence. Now to ONIRF Trevelyan (Onyx). Onyx is a shield world that is a shelter from the Halo Rings... Hmm.... Which was in the book Glasslands and The Thursday War, which they make it seem to be very important, very. Quite possibly, this is a huge theory, this will factor in another Halo launch. The books kinda seemed to foreshadow something, but it's unclear. Possibly, the Precursors, if they come back, and the flood will be so powerful maybe a Halo launch will be humanities last resort? Chief would probably factor in big time. Maybe the gift the Librarian gave Chief was to survive the Halo Array, for he survived the Composer. He might only be the one who can fire the rings, possibly if this were to happen. So then humans/other races will try to get to Onyx, and maybe not all life will make it to Onyx, maybe most life will be wiped out from the Halo's. I'm sure this will become pretty dark if they do this. The Halo's however will have to come into play again. What do you think of this theory? Give me your thoughts!
  3. I enjoyed Silentium. Very good book, and very suspenseful as well. However, I felt it left some loose ends, and left many questions still unanswered. The whole Path Kethona thing felt detached from the storyline. How did that settlement of Forerunners get there? Whats the deal with all the empty Forerunner fleets and Precursor mumbo-jumbo? What exactly is that anchor thing, what is its purpose, and why is it there? But the biggest question still in my mind is: Where did the Forerunners go??? Was every single one of them consumed by the Flood or Halo? Or did some manage to get away? Did some possibly go live with the other Forerunners in Path Kethona? Maybe its just me, but I still feel empty as far as the Flood, Forerunners, Precursors, etc. I hope either Halo 5 and 6 cover this, or maybe more books will be released. Who knows? Maybe Infinity travels to Path Kethona and finds the Forerunner settlement? Oh and PS: Wasn't Infinity assembled in Path Kethona?? If so, why didn't the UNSC see any Forerunner or Precursor shenanigans such as empty ships and star roads?
  4. Now, here me out. Though I fully believe that all remnants of Precursor technology are gone in this galaxy - this being the Halo fictitious one - wouldn't there be Precursor remains in the other galaxy the Librarian traveled too? It is mentioned she traveled to this other galaxy, saw 'star roads' and some other Precursor artifacts, along with ancient forerunner warships. Now onto my more pressing question. What if in the next few installments of the Halo games series, the flood returns - being precursors - and regains the use of their old neural physics technology? That would be a sight to see. The books described the creation of 'star roads' so vividly, I would love to see how they would make that on screen. Any thoughts? What would you guys think about them bringing in Precursor technology and giving the flood the use of it? Would it make the flood seem more mysterious, dark, ancient, incomprehensible? A more formidable enemy perhaps? Would it make for better games - in terms of campaign missions - ? Post away!!
  5. I am not too sure if this is old news (I apologize if that is the case), but a link over on HBO lead me to a few pieces by a man who created concept art for the live action trailer that aired at E3 before the live stage demo. The last image on the page is a concept piece which depicts a dark-skinned man who lacks any clothing save for a loin cloth. His right arm is raised and his hand is pressed to a downed portion of the Infinity's hull. Could this imply that there are humans (or other forms of humans) living on the interior of Requiem? Concept Art Link http://www.jbachdesi...on-trailer.html
  6. TLP Zeus

    The Flood

    well basically here it is do u think that the flood should be in h4 whatsoever? personally i think that they should along with precursors. If you do think they should be in the game where? In spartan missions or in the campaign
  7. Who are we going to be fighting? A lot of evidence points at the Forerunners themselves and definitely some Forerunner made machines. Leaks show the crawler and the watcher (1) as most may know, but the Halo CEA terminals heavily hint at more specific Forerunners like the Didact (2). There is no more flood, the covenant have been ruled out as the main antagonist for the game, so what would be left? Were crashing on the shield world/dyson sphere which was created to protect from the ring blast. Who else would be in there? Its hard to believe were not fighting the Forerunners in some way or another. There is a video which was removed from halo waypoints Forerunner terminal log in (place to unlock the last terminal) which would be shown after typing "wake up john" in the Forerunner language. link below (3). And if we just so happen to have a Precursor in the game at any time, it will be in Halo 5 or 6. So what do you guys think? Will we be fighting some completely unknown enemies which have never been mentioned before? Or will we see Prometheans Ready to kick our asses? 1- leaked enemies http://images.thisisxbox.com/2012/05/halo4toys1.jpg 2- didact everywhere http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/841/speculation.png/sr=1 3- wake up john
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