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  1. Hello everyone, This is my first post on this website and it is about a topic that I'm sure may have been talked about a lot. I've been thinking about it for a long time and have been wanting to talk about it myself with other people. Spoilers: (not sure how to actually mark spoilers, I'm sure nobody should care at this point though.) In the ending of Halo 4, the Didact is narrating and talking about how humanity is basically the enemy and the forerunners are the good guys. What caught my attention was the fact that, in the final cutscene, as Master Chief is walking into the building to where he has his armor removed, the Didact says "I stand before you, accused of the sin of ensuring Forerunner ascendancy," and mentions that the are forced to "recede." He mentions that humans are the greatest enemies and should be wiped out, and only fools would believe otherwise. As he is saying this, it seems as though Master Chief could possibly be staring at the other humans with disgust and condescension, especially while walking past the female spartan. In the end, he says "Think of my acts as you will, but do not doubt the reality. The reclamation has already begun and we are hopeless to stop it." As he says this, Master Chief takes off his mask and in the legendary ending, you see that his eyes don't have the whites. They are pure black. Also, consider the fact that John is known as "The Reclaimer" and the Didact says the reclamation has already begun. Multiple theories derive from all of this. I think that either the Didact has fused with Master Chief. He is the reclaimer, the reclamation has begun, and you can't stop it. If Master Chief, the best soldier on the planet, has been taken over by the Didact, or any other Forerunner, then obviously he would be extremely difficult to defeat. This would ensure the ascendancy of the Forerunners. "Do not doubt the reality." If the Didact has not taken control of Master Chief, I still believe that either Master Chief has Forerunner DNA inside of him, or that he is a Forerunner-Human hybrid. Another thing that can be evidence to this is when Master Chief detonates the nuclear device. Forerunners are basically living digital code/data. While Master Chief is talking to Cortana, it seems as though he is digitizes based on the surroundings. Also, if he is human, he would not have been saved by a nuclear explosion, not to mention the explosion of the spacecraft that the Didact controlled, by Cortana. I believe Cortana turned Master Chief into data to allow him to survive, just like how the Prometheans can teleport by turning themselves into data, traveling through space, and reforming themselves. I believe the same trick could have been used by Cortana on Master Chief to get him away from the blast of the nuke. What does everyone else think? I find this evidence to be highly likely, if not actually true. Yes, I've played all of the Halos. Feel free to state your own opinions/beliefs about this. I'm not even sorry for the long post. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/KPmBT08zcc4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Apparently you can't embed youtube videos.
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