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  1. Okay we all know that in halo 4 we can now see a grenade indicator icon when we are near an active grenade just like cll of duty. However, the thing I hate about cods grenade indicator is that I always fine myself thinking I'm safe, but really I'm not. So I honk that in halo 4 it should be that if you are within the Danger zone of a grenade, the inicator is red, but if you are near a active grenade, but not I. Danger of being damaged, it should be blue. What do you thnj?
  2. Who's to say its not because chief is literally genetically similar to the Didact??
  3. Last update: 6/19/12. 4:19pm Okay so, heres another one of my theories. So basically i believe that Master Chief has geas' imprinted into his dna that is similar to/from the didact. This would explain why we keep seeing the didacts symbol everywhere (even though hes dead). Because the didact was actually a good guy and he never wanted to even activate the rings. So i dont think that he is the enemy. I believe that the enemy is somehow medicant bias or a similar (corrupted AI). I believe that the enemy is a rampant AI because the Promethean's on requiem are AI's and due the fact that they are that red color (like the monitor when he went rampant). Also there seems to be a theme of rampancy all around Halo 4. In addition, at one point in the e3 trailer, we see what seems to be a seperate class of Promethean's, except that they are colored blue. I believe that the Promethean AI's that attack chief are rampant or under control of Medicant Bias (or another rampant AI). - I'll add more to this theory later, but WHAT DO YOU THINK?? Have anything to add? Or any criticism? -Update: 6/18/12 11:58pm Okay so let me clarify some things. First off, i want to explain the "chief's imprinted dna" thing. Now when i say this, i dont mean that he has the didacts exact dna. Lemme explain, when the humans were being de evolved after they lost to the forerunners, the librarian was in charge of overseeing their de evolution and their future evolution. Now she imprinted every human with certain geas' and (it is believed) she chose certain, specific humans with geas' from people she knew. For example she ( the librarian) gave every male human a geas that makes them attracted to women who most resemble herself. So what i am saying is that, maybe she gave chiefs great ancestors a geas that resembles/took from the didact? -This could also explain the trait that chief has that no one else does: ""luck"". what if luck was given to him via a geas from the librarian?... Just saying haha. HUGE EVIDENCE!!!!: -Also, in halo CE the monitor says to chief, ""Why would you hesitate to do what you have already done?" (regarding activating the halo). and we know that the didact was the one to activate the halos milenia ago. So it now makes sense as to why the monitor would say that...because he mistook the chief for the didact. -It also explains this line "Last time, you asked me, if it were my choice, would I do it? Having had considerable time to ponder your query, my answer has not changed." - Also, if you believe that the chief has geas' from the didact, it explains and sheds light on everything in the first terminal in halo cea. (oh also assume that Bornstellar makes eternal lasting is dead or out of the picture when reading this theory) Update 6/19/12 - Just another thing to add, at one point in chiefs adventures in forerunner territory, he comes to an area and says it seems strangely familiar, as if he had been there before.... Maybe he did... As the DIDACT! anyways i hope this update cleared things up.. any more questions/comments? -Also feel free to check out my older ( now basically debunked) theories.. they have been basically shot down now, but still interesting to read.
  4. Rumerboy

    I'm back!

    I've been off these fOrums for a long time, but now I've studied more halo mythology and I'm back and better than ever. Plus I have tons of new theory's I can't wait to share!
  5. Yeah this is all true. Mjolnir mark VII armor can literally upgrade itself when in standby. ( like being in cryosleep for a few years) however, mjolnir mark VI armor also has this ability, but only as a prototype
  6. Haha but where's the FULL EDITOR thath there used o be???
  7. Hey 343 moderators/whoever, can you please fix the post editor? Idk how to use any of the full features, and I have so many updates for my posts but I can't do it cause Idk how to use the "full editor" is there even one of those anymore??? This needs to be fixed ASAP....Thanks!!! -RUMERBOY
  8. Many of my friends keep asking me why they should get Halo CEA. So I assume that most of you're wondering too. Well here's why: -If your a diehard Halo fan, the remastered campaign will be like an orgasm to you. - Even if your not a diehard fan, you should still but the game because to you, it's an amazing, full game for just $40 dollars! - There are 7 remastered maps for Halo CEA and Reach! Everyone is willing to spend 15-20 bucks for just a 3-map map pack. But this, is like 3 map packs combined into one! Plus an amazing, beautiful, 8-10 hour campaign along with it! - Terminals. Which, if your a Halo 4 info-maniac, will be very pleasing as it will reveal hints to the Halo 4 campaign. (Which I am the MOST excited about) - SWEET kinect features! -Skulls! - ACHIEVEMENTS!! -Remake of the greatest game ever made. - The game itself 10 years ago would cost $60 bucks! This is that same game, plus basically 3 map packs, and completely remade! This game SHOULD cost like $100 bucks!!! - And finally, IT'S ONLY $40 BUCKS!!!! An amazing deal. So after all these facts, and features, who wouldn't want to buy this game??? It's certainly a must have game this Christmas season.
  9. Uh ok guys, you realize the kinect features are just little neat gimmicks that wont effect the gameplay at all? Its just there giving you the option to use it if you want. So what if microsoft is trying to push it? Its not effecting gameplay at all, its just enhancing the experiance for the user. Oh and kinect is 100 times better than the wii, the wii u is neat, but totally uneeded and like all nintendo stuff, impracticle
  10. Mno, it never gets dry, that why there is a cycle. To keep it from ever getting old cause there's so much to do
  11. Aha! Maybe in forerunner language, Master Chief is Chakas!
  12. Yes and no.... although ut would be cool, it would take away the whole feel of halo. Like indesctrucible enviorments are actually funn and really without it, wouldn't make halo, halo. However having the option to do so, would be really nice. But if they're gonna make industructable enviorments, it better be made perfectly, as in EVERY thing can be destroyed, not just a few, EVERYTHING, and everything she doesn't need scripted code, as in it should not lose the same piece everytime. Oh, and when I saw eveything I also mean, like the insides of rock walls and like u can never stop creating giant holes in the ground.
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