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Found 3 results

  1. On forbes.com there is a new article on Spartan Op's with Frank O'Connor. Here is the article. For gamers, November 6 isn’t just Election Day. It’s the day when the Halo Nation get their collective hands on the long-awaited Xbox game, Halo 4. But gamers have even more to look forward to than the continuing adventures of the Master Chief and his ethereal AI sidekick, Cortana. 343 Industries will also be releasing the first segment of Spartan Ops, one of ten “episodic co-op adventures” (like a TV series but streamed via your Xbox). The episode sets the context for a gameplay mission. In other words, after you watch the episode, you can actually play it to continue the plot of the episode you’ve just seen. But you don’t just play one adventure per episode. You play five. According to 343 franchise development director Frank O’Connor, “Each week, we’ll introduce five [emphasis mine] 10 to 15-minute missions that continue the story of the UNSC Infinity.” That’s a whole lot of Covenant-killing action—and that’s in addition to Halo 4. (Spartan Ops is free with the purchase of the game, although Halo 4 will set you back $59.99 or $99.99 for the limited edition.) Even though Spartan Ops will be released the same day as Halo 4, Spartan Ops is actually a sequel to the main game. But rather than further the storyline of the Master Chief, the series will follow two Spartan squads, Crimson and Majestic. That way, Spartan Ops will keep spoilers to a minimum. O’Connor, however, offered tantalizing tidbits: “The story of the UNSC Infinity intersects with the Halo 4 campaign, but continues on through Spartan Ops after the events of Halo 4. The UNSC Infinity plays an important role in Master Chief’s adventure, and while Spartan Ops is separate from Halo 4’s campaign, don’t be surprised if you periodically cross paths with the Chief. “In the first episode, you’re going to find the Covenant is doing an archeological dig and has discovered an ancient artifact. You don’t know what it is, but the Covenant wants it, so that’s good enough for you.” The “you” O’Connor refers to is a Spartan supersoldier (either male or female, your choice) that you can personalize with “a new armor modification system that introduces gameplay-enhancing customizations for the first time in a Halo game.” As you progress through the game, you unlock more, presumably more awesome, gear. You can go it alone, but O’Connor said that single-player gameplay will be difficult. However, Spartan Ops supports “matchmaking,” that is, the game “will find you three other players at the same state of the series as you are, so you can play it together and hopefully make some new friends.” (And everybody needs friends who would kill for you, even virtually.) Will any familiar voice actors make an audial appearance? O’Connor said, “We have a couple of actors in the game we haven’t announced. It’s not a star vehicle, but there are great journeymen character actors in the series.” Sounds like a terrific way to introduce and develop the Halo storyline. Heck, it sounds like a terrific way to create a whole new form of entertainment and media delivery. But are these daily episodic missions really only fifteen minutes each? “The gameplay is as long as your friends are cooperating,” said O’Connor.
  2. This is something I want 343 to see and read, to take notes on what we the community what in Halo 5. So if any member of 343 reads this, although it is highly unlikely, please tell us out of everything in this list tell us what can and cannot be done on this list as there is a brand new Engine used in Halo 5 and it may not be capable of putting some of the stuff mentioned on this list in the game itself Halo 5 Multiplayer & Firefight [updated] Made by The RZI Guy All of these are the changes I made to the list, if you have any other suggestions, and if I like them, I will update it and give you credit for your awesome ideas. So if you like it and even if you don't like it, or want a few changes, please give me your thoughts so we can possibly make Halo 5 the best it can be. One person does not make a game, one Company does not make a game, it is a collaberation of many great minds who work out there thoughts and visions for something and make it into reality. [Thanks to Pureeey for some of his ideas, and corrections for what Halo 5 Multiplayer should be.] Thel' Vadamee Returns Not even a Multiplayer idea, but please bring Thel' Vadam The Arbiter back in Halo 5's Campaign and give him a role instead of being there for "just" the love of the fans! Halo: Escalation will be coming out in 1 month and that might be there way of bringing Arby into Halo 5. Lets hope so. Halo 2 Anniversary I think that after they make and release Halo 5 next year, they should make a Campaign DLC add on. Think about it, Halo 5 is coming out 10 years after Halo 2, so what if 343 actually made a Halo 2 Anniversary Campaign DLC for Halo 5, there would no multiplayer like they did with Halo: Anniversary, just a Full HD remake Halo 2's Campaign, this will bring Hundreds of Thousands of Halo Players back to Halo 5 to relive the glory days of Halo 2. Multiplayer Gameplay Halo 5 on the Xbox One has both Social and Ranked Playlists make a return with Custom Loadouts being in the Social Playlist. Both Custom Loadouts, like Halo 4 but "without armor abilities or perks" and also have Equipment being scattered around the map return. Preset Loadouts like with Halo: Reach but without armor abilities and instead having Equipment scattered across the map will also be in Halo 5. The Social Playlist will have Sprint and it would be a default ability like in Halo 4. Some of the Equipment are the old equipment from Halo 3, while some of them are old Armor Abilities that have been turned into an Equipment you pick up, instead of starting with it like an Armor Ability. I'll explain it later. In the Ranked Playlist, it will have a Halo 3-like set up with everyone spawning with the same Primary, secondary, grenade type and having Equipment scattered across the Map. Sprint "will not" be in the Ranked Playlist. Satisfying both players that like or hate Sprint. Both Social and Ranked will have Duel Wielding. Resupply becomes avaliable to everyone in both the Ranked and Social Playlists like it should have been in Halo 4. [Having resupply become a perk in Halo 4 and not being avaliable to everyone like its always been from Halo CE to Reach is rediculous.] [i would like to have Sprint, Evade and a new addition Slide from Destiny and Cod: Ghosts into Halo 5, but I don't know how to balance it out, or make it work out. I would like to have it all in one gametype somehow so if anyone has any idea of how to make it work, please comment and of course I will give you credit for this idea and any other idea you may have.] In Halo 4, When you are scoped in and someone shoots at you, you could still shoot at them while scoped. I loved that addition in Halo 4 as it would get annoying in other Halo games to have keep getting in and out of scope. That will also return. Players can join in midgame, but only in the first few minutes of the Game. Hitmarkers returns, but No Grenade Indicators. Weapon Skins will return in the few Playlists in Social that have Custom Loadouts, and Firefight (343 said they have no plans for Spartan Ops Season 2 so there will be no Spartan Ops in Halo 5). Another idea is that maybe we could choose different designs for each weapon. Like being able to choose between the Halo: Reach and Halo 4 Assault Rifle designs or the Halo 3 and Halo 4 Battle Rifle. There would be no difference in gameplay other than having a different layout of the weapon and also having a Weapon Skin along with whichever weapon design you choose, giving the player a ton of varietiy and customization. [Thanks to Wangtim3 for the idea of different weapon models, or at least that's where I got the idea.] Halo 5 Equipment Like I said earlier, Halo 3 Equipment returns but some of them are some of the old armor abilities from Reach and Halo 4. The Armor Abilities that are returning are no longer Armor Abilities but are now as Equipment like Halo 3 had it. The Bubble Shield, Jet Pack, Active Camoflage, Radar Jammer, Regeneration Field, Thruster Pack, Flare and Power Drain all return. The Regeneration Field, Bubble Shield, Power Drain, Active Camo, Radar Jammer, and Flair will be like in Halo 3, it will only be used once. The Jet Pack can be used only for a limited time before it breaks, it will not break if you dont use it. the Thruster Pack will be usable until the player dies in which another player can pick it up. Custom Game Matchmaking Halo 5 could have a feature that lets you choose what map and what gametype you want to play and searches other players that want the same map and gametype. There would be two playlists for this. • 1) it would only be default Maps and default Gametypes giving you XP for playing it as it normally would. • 2) it would be for Custom Made Maps and Gametypes and you would get no XP as it would be for players that want to have Custom Games and want to find other players to play those custom games as it can be hard to find enough people to play Custom Games. Plus there would be people that purposly try to rig the map so they win, so again, you would not get any XP so there wouldn't be a reason to cheat or rig the map. This would help solve both finding people for your custom games and others players that try to cheat. Destructible Environments Halo 5 Multiplayer should also have destructible Environments, wall panals can fall of, certain man cannons can be destroyed. No buildings can be destroyed in multiplayer. Halo 5 should feature some player-triggered environmental hazards like floors that can be electricized like in Vertigo in Halo 4, another good example is High Ground from Halo 3. Another thing is that in the Halo 4 Campaign level Infinity, when driving the Mantis, you could destroy some bridges above the player. Perhapes something similar could be seen in Halo 5 Multiplayer. Ist Person Driving When driving a vehicle, air or ground, by pressing the thumbstick you can switch between 1st Person or 3rd Person when Driving a vehicle like in Battlefield 3. Creating a whole new driving experience in Halo. The same can be done when holding the Flamethrower or any Covenant or UNSC Turret, by pressing the thumbstick, you can switch between 1st and 3rd Person. Custom Emblems Like in Cod: Black Ops, you should be able to create and customize your own emblem. Now of course, there will be people who will make sexual pictures or anything else that is innapropriate, so while you can make your own emblem, anyone who makes an innapropriate emblem in Halo 5 will lose there ability to do so and will go back to Halo's original way of making a Halo emblem. You can choose to have the classic way of making an emblem if you choose to do so. Duel Weilding Returns Duel Wielding returns better than Ever! You can sprint when duel wielding without dropping your weapons. Armor Customization In Halo 5, I would like to transfer my Halo 4 armor configuration into Halo 5. Like how you could transfer your Mass Effect Character from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2 and 2 to 3. The Armor configuration you have in Halo 4 would transfer over and only that armor set would transfer, no other armor set would transfer over so you have to choose wisely as to what armor that you liked in Halo 4 to bring over to Halo 5. Although this idea of transfering you're armor to Halo 5 is probably just me, which I understand if some people don't like the idea. To unlock armor in Halo 5 you should have to do Vidmasters Achievements which I think need to return and also make more Vidmaster Challanges than Bungie did with Halo 3 and ODST, playing the Campaign Solo on Legendary, finding Skulls and Terminals in the Campaign and any other Campaign Achievements. Now some armor could be unlocked in Multiplayer, but they need to take time and real effort to try to unlock them. In Halo 4 it was too easy, in Halo 5, it needs to have a challange trying to get the Armor you want, so you actually have a reason to play multiplayer. Also many of the old Armor from Halo 3 and Halo: Reach that were forgotten in Halo 4 needs to make a return These Armor Confingurations need to return. Halo 3 Armor Returning Mark VI Mark V EVA (Halo 3 Design) CQB EOD Hayabusa [Definetly!] ODST Helmet (Halo 3 Design) Marathon Helmet Rogue Helmet Halo: Reach Armor Returning Recon CQC Hazop Operator Scout (Reach Design) Commando JFO Grenadier Sniper Sholders Jump Jet Halo 4 Armor Returning Recruit Warrior Air Assault Soldier Aviator Defender EVA (Halo 4 Design) War Master Orbital EOD (Halo 4 Design) Pathfinder Rogue C.I.O Venator Raider Scanner Strider Mark V (Halo 4 Design) ODST (Halo 4 Design) Prefect Ricochet Vanguard All Halo 4 Forearms, legs and all Visor Colors. Keep in mind, I think they should keep multiple designs for some of these Armor configurations like Scout, Mark V, ODST, EOD, EVA etc to satisfy players that like one one armor design from one game over another [Example me prefering the Halo 4 Scout Helmet over the Reach Scout Helmet] Elites Epic Return Elites Return in Halo 5 Multiplayer with Customizable Armor and are Playable with Spartans in Team Games like in Halo 3 with no difference except size, so playing as an Elite is your own choice and your own risk. You can also choose to play as a Spartan or an Elite at the Beginning of the Game, like choosing a side in Star Wars Battlefront, instead of having to switch between Spartans and Elites before the Game like in Halo 3, you can choose before you first spawn. When the Elites are teaming with Spartans like in Halo 3, the Elites start off with the same weapon as then, except for a few gametypes in which they can start with a Storm Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Covenant Carbine etc. I also want to have the Plasma Repeater from Halo: Reach to return, but it is now a Covenant LMG. When the Elites get the Thruster Pack, they get the Evade Ability instead, but both would have to be balanced equally with the same distance and recharge time. Elites also have the default ability to Sprint if they are in the Social Playlist but will not be able to sprint in the Ranked Playlist as there will be no sprint in the Ranked Playlist. Elites are in both Ranked and Social Playlists. Also an Elite Playlist would be a choice in the Social Playlist Gametypes for everyone who wants to play as an Elite. Medals Weapon spree medals were given a significant overhaul in Halo: Reach. While in previous games they were only awarded for consecutive kills with the same weapon, in Halo: Reach, the player needed to only accumulate the number of kills without dying. Halo: Reach had the best Medal System in any Halo Game. Halo 5 needs to have another overhaul bigger than that. Having" all" the Gameplay Medals in Halo: Reach and all the new objective and other new medals that were added in Halo 4. (New Medals) Vengence - kill the opponent who just ended your killing spree These Multiplayer Gametypes should make a return in Halo 5 1. Dominion - Halo 4 2. Extraction - Halo 4 3. Headhunter - Halo: Reach 4. Infection and Flood - Halo 3 & 4 5. Invasion/Invasion Slayer - Halo: Reach 6. Race - Halo: Reach 7. Regicide - Halo 4 8. Stockpile - Halo: Reach 9. Conquest - Battlefield 10. Gun Game - Halo 4 Mod 11. Hostage Rescue - Halo 4 Mod 12. Space Battle - Battlefront II 13. Search and Destroy - CoD 14. King of the Hill 15. Assault 16. Capture the Flag/One Flag CTF 17. Elite Slayer 18. Griffball 19. Generater Defense 20. Juggernaut 21. King of the Hill 22. Oddball 23. Silenced Slayer 24. SWAT 25. Team Snipers 26. Territory 27. VIP Cature the Flag Capture the Flag obviously returns in Halo 5. you still hold a pistol when carrying the flag like in Halo 4, but now returns the ability to drop the flag whenever you want like all Halo games before Halo 4. In a few varients of CTF, you cannot drop the flag, for those that like that change in Halo 4. You can have those settings in custom gametypes as well. Multiplayer Space Battles Much like Star Wars: Battlefront II, Halo 5 should have Space battles. Each team have 4 seperate hangers, 2 players in each of them. It will be 8v8, each team spawns in a hanger, gets into a Pelican, Broadsword etc and has to destroy parts of the enemy ship, and kill other players on the other team. It can be UNSC vs. Covenant Space Battle, Red vs. Blue Spartans Space Battles with two UNSC Frigate Ships and/or it could be Red vs. Blue Elites Space Battles with two Covenant Ships. Capture the Flag and Assault would also be available in Space Battles. Also have some other gametypes like trying to download data from the enemy teams ship and returning it to your ship, or have a Hostage Rescue gametype. When playing CTF you would have to take the flag in a Pelican and have someone drive you back to you're ship, promoting more teamwork in CTF. Silenced Slayer Silenced Slayer is regular Team Slayer where every weapon has a silencer attached to it. Except Rocket Launcher, Spartan Laser, Rail Gun and Sticky Detonator. No Covenant Weapons. Everyone Spawns with a Silenced SMG and No duel Wielding in this gametype. True Skill Ranking System Halo 3's True Skill ranking system for its matchmaking on a per-playlist basis. A linear measure of a player's experience with the matchmade portion of the game and each particular playlist is also tracked (denoted as EXP), but make it as or even more difficult than it was in Halo 2 and 3. Active Roster Returns to show you who is online, what they are doing and join them if avaliable Firefight Firefight would return in Halo 5 like its always been, with no major difference. You could fight against the Covenant like before, but you could finally fight the Flood in firefight and now you could also fight against the Promeatheans and even the Innsurectionists from the Halo Novels. If you want, you can play as an Elite and fight against another Spartan like in Halo: Reach's Firefight. You could also play as any other Covenant, Flood or Promeathean in Firefight against Spartans. Kind of like Horde Mode from Gears of War. So if you want to play as a Grunt or Jackel, you can finally do that. If you want to play as a Covenant against a Spartan, but don't have anyone to play with or don't have Xbox Live, the Spartans would also be an AI to play against making it easy or hard to fight, choosing the difficulty settings you want for it. You can also Forge your own map and play a Firefight on it, but only in custom games but it could make it into firefight matchmaking if 343 approves it. Space Firefight In Halo 5, they should bring back Firefight, but bring it back with a bang. Bring back Firefight on the ground and in Space. You would start in a hanger and would be able to choose if you want to fly a Pelican, Longsword, Broadsword or any other UNSC Flying Vehicle in Space Firefight to fight against the Covenant, "or" you could play as a Covenant and you could fly in a Phantom, Seraph, Space Banshee from Reach or any other Covenant Flying Vehicle against the UNSC. in Halo 4, storyline wise, Multiplayer is a simulation aboard the UNSC Infinity, Firefight and Space Firefight would also be a simulation aboard the Infinity to show other players how long the Player could last against the Covenant, Promeatheans or the Flood etc Halo 5 Multiplayer Map Packs Halo 5 should have 4 or even 5 Map Packs. Each Map Pack has 3 New maps, 1 Map Remake from a past Halo Game and 1 brand New Firefight Map. Halo 5 should have 5 Forge Worlds 1. Forge World (Bigger) - Reach 2. Impact (Bigger) - Halo 4 3. A Lava filled Forge World 4. A Snowy Forge World 5. A Desert Forge World And other Huge Maps for Forge. Possibly twice or even 3 times as big as Forge world. Please watch these 2 videos Halo 5's Forge needs this! Civilian Vehicles and all. Out of all the Multiplayer Maps, I want 1. Waterworks from Halo 2 2. Breakneck from Halo 2 and Halo: Reach/Anniversary 3. Coagulation from Halo 2 4. Last Resort from Halo 3 - All to return sometime in Halo 5 Halo 5 Weapons U.N.S.C. Assault Rifle Battle Rifle Designated Marksman Rifle [DMR] SMG (Duel Wield) Magnum (Duel Wield) Shotgun Rocket Launcher Sniper Rifle (Halo: Reach Updated Design) Sparan Laser Railgun SAW Sticky Detonator Flamethrower Machine Gun Turret Frag Grenade Covenant Storm Rifle Covenant Carbine Plasma Rifle (Duel Wield) Plasma Repeater (New Covenant LMG) Plasma Pistol (Duel Wield) Brute Plasma Rifle (Duel Wield) Brute Spiker (Duel Wield) Brute Shot Gravity Hammer Energy Sword Needler Concussion Rifle Beam Rifle Fuel Rod Cannon Plasma Turret Plasma Grenade Fire Grenade (from Halo 3) Forerunner / Promethean Light Rifle Suppressor Bolt Shot Scattershot Binary Rifle Incineration Cannon Sentinel Beam (finally returns) Pulse Grenade *New Forerunner SMG, other new Forerunner Weapons and a new Promethean Turret* Vehicles U.N.S.C Warthog (Default, Guass & Rocket) Troop Transport Warthog Mongoose Falcon (Modified Version) Scorpion Tank Mantis (Weaker Version) Pelican Dropship Broadsword Covenant Ghost Banshee Spectre (Returns) Wraith Chopper (Returns) Scarab (Certain Gametype) Seraph Phantom Dropship Lich Thanks for reading and if any member 343 Industries saw and read all this, please take it all into consideration.
  3. WARNING: PARTS OF THIS ARTICLE CONTAIN REVEALED CAMPAIGN SPOILERS! For quite a while people have been theorizing on why the prometehans are changing color and I have come to a conclusion. Lets start with the theories we have already heard of: 1.The Prometheans are orange in daylight, blue at nightime: This theory was brought to the table due the the only situations we see blue knights are in the dark and the orange knights in the light. 2. Classification of power: Some people thought that blue prometheans were somehow a stronger varient of the orange one relating to the elites and their colors structure. 3.Orange knights are controled be the Didact where the blue knights by cortana: The biggest reasons why this was thought of is that cortana is supposed to go rampant and is convienent on how the knights are blue. There are a few more lesser theories but these three are the most popular at the moment. Now I will explain my theory on how it came to me....(this theory was brought together from Information from Glasslands, Gamtrailers Halo 4, Cryptum, Primordium, and other press realeases in the last week) Watching the Gametrailers Halo 4 episode that came out last thursday on the 21 of september, Frank O'Conner goes into some detail on Chief meeting Prometheans on Requiem, Their role there, and the New Enemy (not suprising) The Didact. Frankie goes on to talk about how your first interactions are with the knights and the new covenant. They are fighting eachother making it clear that the prometheans do not want this new covenant (Storm) to interfere with what they want. Frankie has also told us in other interviews that this new faction of covenant, The Storm (or theorized The Servants of Abiding Truth) Is at Requim due to their Religion that see the forerunners as their Gods and have information on a living god on the planet and will do anything to get to him. If this is the case then why would the Prometheans be fighting the Storm? Just wait it will become clear in a second. Back to our gametrailers interview Frankie goes on, he says that your first encounter with the prometheans seems familiar like a defense AI system with no other real goals or intentions from them. However before he anounces the Didacts involvment within halo he says something very very important. He says that there is a specific moment in the campaign where you can see that shift in the Prometheans to a defensive group to something more. you see the prometheans as if they have organization of a higher archy. This is also when he anounces the didact. We see the prometheans as blue before the didact is awaken because they have been in a defensive state over the didact for 100,000 years. The blue is more of a calmer state in color giving us that same look of any other forerunner structure we've seen in the past halo games. Once we run into the Didact that means he now takes control over the prometheans and gives them drive, purpose and objectives making them alot more of an active construct making them Orange instead of blue. I mean think about it 3rd mission Forerunner(their blue), Infinity mission (their orange) Over all My theory: The Prometheans are blue Before the Didact hasn't taken control over his prometheans yet, then the Prometheans turns Orange after because he has then taken control of them giving them purpose. Give me your thoughts or flaws with this theory
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