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  1. I'm a F/A looking for a dedicated team that I can communicate with and everyone has the same goal which is to get better as a team. I've been playing Halo since the demo for Halo: CE... I know this game like I know the back of my hand. I just need some players that are as dedicated as I am to work together and grow as a team. Add my GT and message me if your serious about starting a team or already have one in place and looking for another solid player. My GT is xXxMARCHANDxXx message me on XBL preferably or on the PGL website. My hours are pretty flexible but I mostly play in the afternoon at the moment usually from 3 p.m. central - until...

    Photoshop Collages

    backgrounds....more coming soon let me know if you want the files for them cant get the water mark off some of them
  3. I didn't feel the need to add a reticle to the hud even though its built in the helmet so i went without it.
  4. Maybe you should go and compare the armor from the other games the armor/graphics/sounds are stupendous compared to any other halo game....and they should be. I would like to know how 343 wasn't considering you or any other fan when they made halo 4? As far as I'm concerned they did a great job, and did exactly what bungie should have been doing instead of making games like ODST or REACH they were fun games but they just weren't halo. I'm sorry if 343 peed in yours or anyone's cheerios by not throwing master chief on another halo and having him blow it up.....and keep playing there's a helmet for everyone you just have to have the time to look through all 38 of em
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