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  1. So I posted this on a Facebook page a while ago, thought I'd get the communities opinions. This is what I could figure out from Halo 4, my speculations for where Halo 5 could go! 343 have stated Halo 5 will be a darker game. We will be looking at the Chief dealing with the loss of Cortana and finally realising his humanity, it's a huge point, "soldiers aren't machines Chief, they're just people" really hit him. Also there will be the issue of a newly enraged Covenant. Chief just killed (possibly) one of their gods. I imagine that would piss them off. Furthermore, is Didact dead? A lot of sources say yes but don't forget that line before the final fight about slipspace readings below the composer. He could've fallen into a slipspace rupture. OR there is the second option, Forerunner armour had personal slipspace jumpers (like the Promethean Knights used). He may have been badly wounded but he coulda jumped out of there. Will we see a return of a larger contingent of Forerunner from out of galaxy? Will they be hostile or friendly, sympathetic to the Didact or not? Could there be another Didact, much like when Bornstellar and the original Didact were "fused" in a sense. Plus there is that rousing speech that the Didact gives in the epilogue. Is that a speech from before the Halo activation? Sounds to me like he's talking to other Forerunner, on trial for the events of Halo 4. I feel a further return of Forerunner and the Didacts survival are the most likely options. Which bodes for the "darker" game. If he rouses the remaining Forerunner into a campaign of eradication against man kind, humanity will be almost powerless. Covenant tech is base doff back engineered Forerunner tech. If humanity was almost wiped out by them, what will the Forerunner cause? Could we lose Earth? Another factor is indeed the possible return of the Precursor. It's a possibility. Did Precursors flee the galaxy? Do some lay dormant, in cryptum like states, much like the Didact? We do not know. Perhaps we will learn more with the release of Silentium next year, but for now, this is my speculations. I hope people agree or see where I'm coming from.
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