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  1. Im open to any suggestions to what the clan should be based on. Must be at least 17 years old. Any level can join. Active Daily! Skill enhancing custom war games. If interested Message me on xbox 360 @ YettiPopper Thank You!
  2. I think id like to join msg me on xbox 360 my hy is YettiPopper
  3. None so far I just started recruiting yesterday. Field Officers would command a party in battle and run training exercises I need people who know what there doing when it comes to running a clan thats where the advisiors would come in If you have any more questions please feel free to ask
  4. The clan is based of game of thrones brothers of the nights watch but that is up for suggestion. Recruits will be placed in positions were they are best suited for example Brothers who are skilled at making forge maps for training will be builders, brothers who have the skill to lead a team take over the battle field will be flied officers and selected few will be advisers but everybody will get a say in what the clan does. My level isn't the highest but its climbing fast and i have every other halo under my belt including halo 4. If you are interested add me as a friend and msg me my gamertag is YettiPopper I am based out of the maritimes in new brunswick so i run on the Atlantic Eastern timezone. Please msg if interested!!!!!!!!!
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