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  1. Honestly, I have some issues with this game so far. Weapon balance/ changes I'd like to see. The plasma sword has no counter. previous halos the shotgun was an excellent counter and the ability to parry. the needler should have better tracking. possibly adding better tracking to the needler could help this? the plasma pistols tracking has been nerfed, effectively removing one of my favorite pistol combos (magnum+plasma pistol) Grenade explosion radius is massive. No classic Equipment/ armour abilities. M41-SPNKER sounds a lot like SPANKER when the announcer says it's available. Armour colors should not be locked behind a pay / unlock wall. I'd Like to see an unlock system similar to reach where you earn xp and can choose what you unlock. even if it is still integrated into the battle pass. the UI for pc is clunky. Now I do like this game, but I think It needs work. I can tell that they are focusing on a more competitive audience for the multiplayer. I'd love to hear what others think.
  2. In terms of customization I would agree that reach had the best progression system. The ranking system made a lot of sense as well. I had a hunch this game would be a huge cash grab.
  3. I'm not sure why they decided to make the color pallets curated only. A system similar to the Mcc would be much better. Sadly I feel this is pretty low on their to do list. -
  4. based on the trailer I'm assuming there will be lots of wildlife. (More so than previous Halo games) If the flood comes back it would be interesting if they could infect said wildlife. Hopefully, they don't give barebones factions as mentioned above by RedStarRocket91.
  5. My favorite style would have to be the Halo Reach era of armour. I just love the way it looks.
  6. A change in the art style would be appreciated by me. After Halo Reach the art style has changed rather dramatically. That's to be expected since the advancement of technology allows for it. But for me Spartans just don't look human anymore. And that's something I really miss. Some of the simpler armour designs that we're gritty were my favorite. Now it seems that they have to add random shapes just to fit the asthetic of the rest of the game, even if it seems impractical. Also why is everything so darn shiny now? Maybe I'm just not the target audience anymore?also I don't really expect this to change but it's what I'd like.
  7. so September 8 (usa) Halo 5 forge will be arriving on Pc. Here is a link from Microsoft http://news.xbox.com/2016/05/19/forging-ahead-the-halo-forge-experience-comes-to-windows-10-pc/ I am very excited to see this happening as it could be a gateway to more halo things on pc.
  8. this is just for fun so no one get to heated plz. Now what Pokemon team did you choose to join and why? Team valor Team mystic Team instinct or none (Also i'm not sure how to add a survey in this forums so if anyone knows how let me know! ) i chose team valor because i miss-clicked
  9. whert!?!? how does one acquire this for free?
  10. i would but i don't have a xbox one or gold.
  11. unfortunately the console won't be able to handle two players playing on the same console as it is a demanding game. this could be fixed if the console was upgraded again; however, this would make the console price skyrocket.
  12. fishy i love how you just direct him to the guide @@Fishy i love how you direct him to the guide
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