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  1. PC Gamers are different from the average gamer, they tend to play anything that they deem fun more then current releases unless it's great, H5 would have more people hosting lobbies if crossplay was enabled between Console and PC gamers, it also might be that they only have forge and custom games but no MM or campaign to play. It may be cool that H5 forge was released on PC but it's extremely limited which won't keep them playing for long.
  2. My goal for this post is to give new members a "cheat sheet" of where to find people to play custom games with, despite what game or platform they are playing on. HaloCustoms.com When new halo games release, this website receives more traffic and members new to the website will want to play, would recommend making a lobby 1-2 days in advance. 343industries.org A friendly community built of Halo players similar to HC! HaloCustoms (Discord Channel) Ever since the Halo 5 forge released for PC, this discord channel has gotten on average 60+ members online per day, so it should be easy for you to find atleast some people who want to play Halo. Eldewrito / Halo 5 forge (Discord Channel) A halo discord channel that I've come across with 1400 members in total! It's mostly a hub for PC players but has a room for all Halo games available on PC, Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3 aka Halo Online, and Halo 5 forge, it even has a LFP room so just post "@here" and everyone online will get the notification. /r/Halo (Discord Channel) With 1400 members online at the time of this post, this is by far the most populated Halo discord channel I've come across, You can find any room you need, for you console guys it has a Xbox LFG room, and there's a PC LFG room for you PC players aswell. Halo 2 PC (Discord Channel) Since the Halo 2 PC servers shut down last year a new group has risen to make sure the Halo 2 PC experience doesn't die, At the time of this post this discord channel has 190+ members online. (I will continue to update this post if I see more websites, or etc, dedicated to Halo custom games.)
  3. Could you remove that I no longer host those lobbies.
  4. I don't mind it being moved.
  5. Battle Royal is a 2-16 player minigame where you have to knock your opponent(s) out of the ring, once they touch the floor outside the ring they're eliminated, once you are the last man standing in the ring you earn a point. Players will have a Hammer with unlimited ammo and a grenade to use, Spartan Abilities: Shoulder bash - when charging full speed against your target they will be knocked back by your gigantic muscle bound arms Ground Pound - will knock them back even further, best used to get back in the ring and slam on your opponents Also the gravity hammer is your legal tool of destruction to knock them out of the ring
  6. Never thought I would get mentioned in a spotlight just for posting in the shoutbox.
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