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Found 5 results

  1. Gamertag: FatAussieFatB0y (The 0 is a number and not a letter) Map Name: Tower Defense Gamemode: Tower Defense (Infection) Description of the Map: Protect your Castle from those Dirty Blues... (Infected Players) ​Grab some Weapons and defend that Castle Entrance. If you fail to protect the Entrance and 3 Blues breach the castle then one Red (Random) will be killed and turned into a Blue. Once all Red players are killed or the Reds protect the Castle for 10 Minutes the Round Ends. Pictures of the Map: Reds can travel across the map using Buildings and other Platforms (Blues must use the Footpaths as they cannot Jump) (Recommended that you stay on off the ground as a Red as Blues can easily overrun a Grounded Red) Blues are given Plasma Grenades which they can use to Kill Reds sitting on top of Buildings and other Platforms (Alpha Zombies get 2x Plasma Grenades where Minions get 1x Plasma Grenades) REQ Store, used to purchase Powerful Weapons and Power Ups for the Reds (Player Score is used a Currency, Players earn 1 score every 30 Seconds and 1 score every Kill) The Castle Entrance that the Blues have to reach before dying (Right Side of Image is the Castle Entrance) The Life Counter which shows how many more times a Blue needs to breach the Castle before a Red is Turned A Couple of Cinematic Images - And that’s about it. Hope you all Enjoy! PS: Recommended that everyone playing is in a Party Chat so players can communicate and strategize. <3 FatAussieFatBoy
  2. Gamertag: FatAussieFatB0y (The 0 is a number and not a letter) Map Name: Holdout: Camp ​(Has been known to change back to "Town Holdout" which is the original file name) Gamemode: Holdout (Infection) ​Description of the Map: This is the first installment of a series of maps I like to call Holdout... In Holdout: Camp your goal is to survive the onslaught that is the Undead, however this is easier said then done so grab a friend, find somewhere to hide and Holdout... Map Story: ​The sky is bright orange as the Sun sets over this Beautiful camp surrounded by Pine. You and your fellow companions hear something strange coming from the Food Hall based at the top of Camp, you find something to protect yourself with as it becomes clear that something isn't quite right... And Queue the Epic Music and Montage Effects... Pictures of the Map: Most of the shots are cinematic and the map kind of explains it self, there is however a few things that I couldn't take a photo of and even somethings that you might of missed in the images, these include... 1. There are 3 Zip-lines, these can be seen in a few images as cables. ​2. Each cabin contains unique weapons and is surrounded with at least 1 Assault Rifle. ​3. There are waypoints that spawn above the Survivors heads every 20 seconds that show their current location. 4. Most people don't realise but the Tree House ladder is broken, so you'll need to use the rock placed nearby. And that's the whole kit and caboodle, I hope that you enjoy playing the gamemode as much as I did making it. <3 FatAussieFatBoy
  3. DragZilla

    Hunger Games

    From the album: Hunger Games

    May the odds be ever in your favour. Made by HALO4DragZilla on one of LordZedds modded maps download link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/halo4dragzilla/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=58a9dabe-b4b7-4103-a91b-0ef69ddf2bb9
  4. I am proud to introduce a 8-16 player competitive slayer map on Forge Island. This map features several powerful vehicles, jumps, aesthetics, and more! Gamertag- Trio of Kings Map Name- Compitum Gametype- Slayer (CTF, oddball, and other gamemodes coming soon) Player Amount- 8-16 Weapons on Map- Rocket launcher (Defenders), Rail gun (Attackers), Sniper rifle (Neutral) Vehicles on Map (Per Team)- 2x Ghost, Mongoose, Warthog, Scorpion, Mantis; Rocket hog (Neutral) Details- Compitum is a competitive map on the middle island of Forge Islands, and is built in a V shape. On each "end" of the V, there is a base, Attackers or Defenders. At the point of the V there is a sniper on a tower, along with a rocket warthog. This map is Forge compatible, so if you start this map in Forge, just open up the tools, press "Delete by Pallet", then scroll to the bottom and hit "Delete Everything". All the items I locked will then still be there, like the map outline and a small part of each teams' base. Everything else you can edit to your liking. Images- Download- https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/trio%20of%20kings/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=5c87d5f8-f12f-4b6e-b9d0-f01329abedeb Thank you for reading, please consider doing a map review of Compitum. -Trio of Kings
  5. HALO 4 SUNDAY CUSTOM MAPS GAME-DAY NOON PST / 3PM EST "FFA SLAYER ONLY" 16 PPL ADD GT: PURIENCE HALO 4 CUSTOM GAME-DAY SUNDAY NOON PST / 3PM EST "Only FFA SLAYER" 16 Players "Come early to get in" Add GT: Purience "Will Send a reminder message on XBOX LIVE a few hours before gametime "Online Matchmaking is terrible" "Now this is a playlist" 3x3 and 4x4 MAPS Breach (FFA) Lagoon (FFA) King's Throne (BTB) Talisman (BTB) Skyward (BTB) Crucifix (FFA) Cavern (KING) Puncture (BTB) Static (MLG) Electrify (FFA) Shadow (BTB) Propulsion (BTB) 5x5 and 6x6 MAPS Hangtime (BTB) Guardian (CTF) Blitzkrieg (FFA) Flying Waterworld Deathmatch (FFA) Battle Arena (BTB) Symmetria (FFA) ALG Epitaph (BTB) 7x7 and 8x8 MAPS Space Rock Deathmatch (FFA) Channel (CTF) Office (Flood) Transverse (BTB) G.I. Joe Deathmatch (BTB) BumperCars (FFA) Artisan (BTB) Dr Doom Deathmatch (FFA) Behemoth (CTF) Assassination "Only" 0 Gravity Arena (FFA) Duck Hunt (Flood) Cobra Deathmatch (BTB) Haunted Mansion(Flood) Basketball (Oddball) Castle Wars (CTF) Underground Cave Deathmatch (FFA) Tunnels (Flood) Crash-Up Derby (FFA) Graveyard Deathmatch (FFA) Hulk (Flood) Lockout (FFA) Lockout (FFA) "Fists" Griffbowl (Griff) The Prison (FFA) Nether Den (Flood) Sinister Deathmatch (FFA) Presented by HALOHAPPYHOUR.COM (Usually Following Game Day) Hosted by Purience & Monkiman300 Breaking News / Live Interviews / Forge Discussion / and more Listen @ http://www.blogtalkr...halo-happy-hour
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