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  1. Hi there! I'm glad you visited this thread. I will keep it short and sweet. K? ITG means INSPIRED TO GAME being that you are 13 years or older, you way join if you are currently not in another clan/community. We get together everyday except sundays, to lobby-up on Halo 4 around 8pm eastern time Our mission is very recreational orientated. We don't participate in complete competition. (Clan vs Clan) We like to meet new people, have fun, joke around, forge, we do spartan opps and campaign if some one is in need of help. If you ever concidered a social gaming community, or realized at any point competitive gaming is too crazy for you, join ITG and forget trying to be MLG pro, and have FUN. We use kik, you can contact me on my gamertag, I will leave it down after written statement. KIK is #syekostick My XBL Gamertag is #ITG Gnarls LEE for now.. You can also contact ITG Gud TiMeZ For more squad selection. Please use these methods to contact us. Thank you, I wish you luck.
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