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Found 9 results

  1. Gamertag: FatAussieFatB0y (The 0 is a number and not a letter) Map Name: Holdout: Camp ​(Has been known to change back to "Town Holdout" which is the original file name) Gamemode: Holdout (Infection) ​Description of the Map: This is the first installment of a series of maps I like to call Holdout... In Holdout: Camp your goal is to survive the onslaught that is the Undead, however this is easier said then done so grab a friend, find somewhere to hide and Holdout... Map Story: ​The sky is bright orange as the Sun sets over this Beautiful camp surrounded by Pine. You and your fellow companions hear something strange coming from the Food Hall based at the top of Camp, you find something to protect yourself with as it becomes clear that something isn't quite right... And Queue the Epic Music and Montage Effects... Pictures of the Map: Most of the shots are cinematic and the map kind of explains it self, there is however a few things that I couldn't take a photo of and even somethings that you might of missed in the images, these include... 1. There are 3 Zip-lines, these can be seen in a few images as cables. ​2. Each cabin contains unique weapons and is surrounded with at least 1 Assault Rifle. ​3. There are waypoints that spawn above the Survivors heads every 20 seconds that show their current location. 4. Most people don't realise but the Tree House ladder is broken, so you'll need to use the rock placed nearby. And that's the whole kit and caboodle, I hope that you enjoy playing the gamemode as much as I did making it. <3 FatAussieFatBoy
  2. Welcome, soldiers. This is UNSC Warlord Commander Samantha Lea Magarnold. As you all know, we have encountered a few casualties of war heroes. Now is the time we’re going to end this, I need some soldiers who will do the job. Are you up for it? 1.) What type of soldier are you- Spartan, Marine, Helljumper/ODST, Pilot, Medic, Sniper. 2.) Which primary weapon do you carry? SMG, Battle Rifle, DMR, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Silenced SMG. (You can Dual-Wield) 3.) Which secondary do you carry? Pistol (M60), Survivor Pistol, Magnum (M6C, M6D, M6G, M6H), Combat knife. 4.) Type of equipment carried. Thruster Pack, Jet Pack, Drop Shield, Active Camo, Sentry Drone, Stealth Drone. 5.) Type of grenade- Frag, Plasma, Spike. 6.) What is your soldier's nickname or name. 7.) What type of personality do you have? 8.) Preferred Vehicle? Gungoose, Mongoose, Warthog Standard, Warthog Transport, Hornet (Pilot), Broadsword (Pilot), Mammoth, Scorpion, Mantis, Cobra. (Vehicle is NOT required.) 9.) How well do you get along with other soldiers? 10.) Do you collect fallen soldier dog tags? You may import your character from previous books, modifications ARE allowed. The only thing you cannot do is change the type of soldier you were. If you're an engineer, you can still be an engineer; it's just no new ones will be enlisted for this. Same goes for other types of soldier. (If you import you character, make sure to list all the same details down below. Don't just say you want to import your character. You can find your character in the Sign Up, Your Call threads.) Welcome to the UNSC Warlord Soldier. We’ll have everything filled in just a moment. Starting date will begin April 10th
  3. I think another problem with was the lack of urging teams to work together and many of the teamwork orientated playlists were removed, the foremost was Invasion. So i have come up with Some ways to oromote teamwork and coming to teamates aid they heavily reward players who aid teamates and the team as a whole during team games. Some of the content on this thread will require you to have a glance at my loadouts thread, link below http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/30684-halo-5-multiplayer-my-opinion-on-balancing-and-loadouts/page-1?do=findComment&comment=277212 1: More Assist and Rescuer style medals. And they should reward more XP than they currently do. Examples: Medic assist Medal (15 XP) Heal Teamates Health using Drop Shield Recharge assist Medal (15 XP) Recharge Teammates Shields using Regeneration Field Jammer assist Medal (15 XP) Jam an opponents Radar while a teamate kills him/her Lucky Star Medal (20 XP) Save a teamate by killing their attacker with the Binary Rifle Guardian Angel (20 XP) Save a teamate by killing their attacker with a Sniper Rifle Blue Guardian (20 XP) Save a teamate by killing their attacker with the Beam Rifle Boomstick Bouncer (20 XP) Save a teamate by killing their attacker with the Shotgun Scatter Saviour (20 XP) Save a teamate by killing their attacker with the Scattershot Banhammer (20 XP) Save a teamate by killing their attacker with the Gravity Hammer Slash n' Dash (20 XP) Save a teamate by killing their attacker with the Energy Sword Guided Rockets (20 XP) Save a teamate by killing their attacker with the Rocket Launcher Green Lantern (20 XP) Save a teamate by killing their attacker with the Fuel Rod Cannon Fireman (20 XP) Save a teamate by killing their attacker with the Incineration Cannon Needle and Stiches (20 XP) Save a teamate by killing their attacker with the Needler I Will post more weapon ones later. On Waypoint, And in game, It should display Not just kills and Assists but also rescues, heals, recharges and distractions, and going into details reveals what weapons they save teamates with most. This also would help clans establish wether a player is a good or bad team player easier and help them determine these players playstyle. Holding or Defending objectives should also reward players more for their effort, CTF has the right Idea with 100 XP a Flag Capture. Invasion should return as as Gametypes, as should all other previously removed gametypes. Any other suggestions should be posted with the utmost sinceriaty. Finally if you go to my loadout page to read up so you understand some of the stuff ive posted you might not undertand overwise (such as the Jammer medal) and dont forget to state your opinion there two!
  4. As you may have heard, the CSR (Competitive Skill Ranking) System is set to drop early 2013. But 343 is undecided about weather or not to give you a fresh start and start at skill level 1, or put skill ranks in based on what you already have done. 343 says they are tracking your skill rank right now, but just haven't implemented the skill system in yet so you can't see it. Personally, I think keeping the skill ranks instead of resetting it is a terrible idea. First off we don't know what playlists are competitive and which are social. Next, all playlists have Join in Progress. If the Skill system if based off if you win or lose (which it better be) than having people joining and quiting your match could completely mess up your skill rank. And last of all, the game is defiantly not developed enough to start tracking skill. As the game stands now, there are many problems that could interfere with your wins and loses. None of this would really matter, except your skill can get very hard to change if you get incosietant with your wins and loses. Let's say you win a few here, the lose a few there, and overall are just unpredictable winning/losing games. If that has happened then the skill rank can seem to be really hard to move up or down in either direction. A more explained look at the system can be found here: http://www.bungie.net/forums/posts.aspx?postid=14414600 In short, it basically states that inconsistansy = slow rank movement up and down, and vise versa. And since I'm sure most off you had been playing with randoms you probably have already been very inconsistent, and a fresh start would be a much better option for you in that. I'm not for sure saying that's how the CSR system will work, but they are sticking to something very similiar to the old trueskill system. Other concearns I have that we should tell 343 to do is tell them that they shouldn't make your skill rank only visible on Halo Waypoint, which is currently what they plan on doing. They should also keep it win/lose based and not personal stat based system. This is because Halo is a very team based game, and personal stats can't detect your callouts, teamwork, etc. I made this thread so we can make sure 343 makes a great system, because honestly the fate of the Halo series depends on it.
  5. General Info: Assassin is a custom flood game type I created in Halo: Reach. The general basis was that there was an assassin loosed onto a map (the flood) and his goal is to assassinate the other players. Then the other players, usually guards or some kind of authority (the survivors) have to find and eliminate the assassin, or simply try to survive. The players start out with machine guns and pistols, no equipment, and with all of their other stats normal. The assassin starts out with the energy sword (in reach he'd also have a pistol with limited ammo) and he gets to choose from the three starting equipments; Vision, Camo or the Thruster pack. He also has low defenses, but he is quicker and hits harder. All of the players, including the assassin, also have no radar, so you never know where each other will be. Stealth is highly encouraged when playing as the assassin, as trying to take on all of the survivors head on would end in a quick death. This was greatly inspired by games such as Dishonored and Splinter Cell. Maps: Currently, I have two maps made for this game in Halo 4. Hellridge Prison: This was the first map I made in Halo 4, actually. The story goes that the assassin was captured and thrown in prison, and he has to escape (pretty straightforward, if you ask me). There are several ways for the assassin to get around the map, such as pipes own the ceiling, vents, and even hiding in the walls. The guards have to patrol the prison to find the escaped assassin and kill him. "It's us or him" basically. If the assassin manages to kill all but one of the players, then the last man standing gets the ability to either grab the machine gun, or pilot the Mantis in the left wing of the prison. Both have the ability to finish of the assassin very quickly, but the player loses mobility because of it. I added many aesthetics to this map, such as bars for the prison cells, a shower, red blinking lights to show the prison is in lock-down, and a guard station. Also, all of the secret entrances for assassins can be seen as they are closed using pallets (guards have 0 melee damage so they can't break them down and get into the vents and such). Pictures: coming soon Corporate: The second map I made for Assassin. (I'm not really sure what the story is for this, I just figured the people in the building have a bounty on their heads.) In Corporate, the assassin starts off outside and the other players are inside a building that they can't leave. The assassin has multiple approaches in this map (I tried to expand on the ways he can get around) but its mostly under the floor boards, in the walls and in the ceilings. On the first floor is a broken elevator shaft, a reception desk, and a hanging chandelier. On the second floor lies cubicles and a table with their respective chairs. Then on the third floor sits a mantis for the last man standing to utilize if need be. And throughout almost every wall are passages for the assassin to stalk his prey. Pictures: coming soon. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you guys want to download these maps and the Assassin game type, they can be found in my file share: Soul DestroyerX. However, even though these maps worked out and played well, there were a few bugs that needed fixing (I actually fixed Hellridge Prison's bugs, but my Xbox live is being poop so I can't upload it). Just letting you guys know. I'll be uploading the V2's of these maps once I get the chance. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: Hellridge Prison is now finished. To download Map: Hellridge Prison V2 Get on Xbox Start up Halo 4 Press start and go to file share Go to map search Search gamer tag: Soul DestroyerX Download: Hellridge Prison V2 Game type: Assassin V2 Get on Xbox Start up Halo 4 Press start and go to file share Go to game type search Search gamer tag: Soul DestroyerX Download: Assassin V2 ~Enjoy yourselves.
  6. Is it just me, or has teamwork really declined in Halo 4? I've been encountering a lot of selfish players in matchmaking recently, up to the point where I've seen better teamwork in COD (and that's saying something) and I personally think it's down to two things: 1) Commendations and 2) The lack of team markers that previous Halo games had (for example, the X). Perhaps the lack of an actual skill system doesn't help either, but from my experience, teamwork wasn't bad in Reach and that also didn't have a skill system. I don't know whether this can be done for Halo 4, but if not, then 343i should look into making future Commendations point-based rather than kill-based. For example, say if you're using the DMR, rather than the Commendations being "get x kills with the DMR", it should be "get x points with the DMR". Assists should be counted. That would in theory promote more teamwork. They should also bring the team markers back. For those who haven't played previous games, there were specific markers that appeared over teammates when certain activity occurred. Yellow for the teammate firing, red if they were taking damage and an X if they died. I didn't even realize just how helpful this was in previous Halo games until it was removed. Now I don't even know where my teammates are half of the time. Does anyone agree with me, or is it just me who has been experiencing bad teamwork in Halo 4?
  7. Hi, everybody. I'll warn you now that this post is a bit of a rant, but it has a purpose. I hope it brings to light an evolving situation with our Halo multiplayer in the upcoming War Games of Halo 4, and gets my fellow community members seeing something behind all the hype and anticipation that they may be missing. I'm sure that most of you have seen the videos and heard about the new scoring method implemented in some of Halo 4's MP gametypes, like Infinity Slayer and Regicide). You likely have noticed how much more important it will be to play with skill, and allow teammates who are in advantageous situations to work some of their own magic. After all, when a player who gets 3 kills by Assassinations (30 points each) can earn more points than a player who scores 4 kills by Headshots (20 pts each), don't think think we should worry less about getting an average kill by ourselves and more about your team getting an awesome kill by working together? So if Red Team is aiming for quality of kills, while Blue Team is just going for quantity of kills, Red Team may actually win without even having worked as hard as Blue Team, and actually dying more often than them. Such craziness, but it certainly adds a much greater depth to MP madness. Being more or less hammered-out and ready to play, I have a feeling that the scoring values we've seen aren't likely to change (much, if at all). But who knows. While watching the gameplay footage from a couple of Infinity Slayer matches played by some guys from MLG (Elamite, Neighbor, Hoaxer, etc, you know the videos I'm talking about, but click the link if you don't: http://www.youtube.c...slayer gameplay), it becomes obvious that teamwork will become much more important in H4 WG, particularly in Infinity Slayer. Now, I find myself with a question. Not so much a question that requires an answer, but a question just to think about. It's a question for the entire Halo fan community, and, more importantly, for the lone wolves who play team games and then don't play as part of the team. Are you ready to play nice with your teammates? I can't help but think of Halo players who think only of themselves and their K/D ratio and stats. The kind of players who purposely Yoink your kill when you're in the middle of an Assassination. The kind of players who demand that you give them that power weapon and betray you to get it. The kind of players who have made me reluctant to play MP unless I'm playing with a friend. In games like Infinity Slayer, teams that are evenly matched, and they should be, can have some pretty intense games going on where the scores are neck-and-neck for the lead. Picture this: You're in a match and both teams are within 30pts of victory. You pop an opponent's shield and he rabbits, taking off around a corner. You chase him down, catch up to him and start an Assassination to score the winning 30pts. Suddenly, one of your teammates comes a-trollin' and Yoinks your kill. That guy scores a mere 10pts for the kill, leaving you 5pts for the Assist, and you both lose the match by 15 points. Don't be that guy. It's time to stop competing amongst your own teammates. Even if you end up on a team with a player you hate, rise above it and try to get along. I, myself, last year when I was most active in Reach MP, found myself on teams with former opponents who were at great odds with me. I soon found myself getting along quite well with them. So I know that not all people who seem bad are really bad. They have it in them to play nice. We all do. At the very least, understand that if you see a teammate in a position to score major points for your team, you should let them. Twam willing, karma may yet reign and reward that good behavior. And if you absolutely cannot, will not, and utterly refuse to try to play nicely... Free-For-All gametypes. You want to play matches solo? Go play solo matches. Well, that's enough out of me. I don't know if this will reach the right people, or even if it was necessary. And if it's too long for some people, well that's just sad; go read more books. I don't post often, so I hope that the posts I do make serve their purpose and are well-received. Be well and have fun, everybody. Just not at the expense of one another. Get ready for a new take on the old Halo we know and love. Four months and 14 days left. Blessings of Twam upon you, my children. Edit: The good DoctorB77 pointed out that the scoring system is not as I saw it. In an Infinity Slayer match, the score increases by 10 per kill... Which leaves me to wonder why 343 even bothered to change it from the single-point system, as there isn't then any difference to how rapidly a team reaches the winning score. Sort of a bummer. Even so, the notion of teamwork still stands. Players should be nicer to their teammates and give them their hard-earned time to shine without stealing kills or betraying just because they're doing something that you wanted to do. Ultimately, it's a message of "Play nice, or don't play at all." It's a lesson we learn in Kindergarten. Sort of sad that some people don't remember it.
  8. Hello Halo world! i am here from the clan "Beyond The Reach" we need new members and we need them ASAP. If you can help us with this clan we would really appreciate it. If you want to join add Dr MuffGarbage or SlothKing16. we are looking for competitive players that want to be put in the MLG ranks. if you are interested message or add us on Xbox live. Also like us on Facebook!! @ http://www.facebook.com/...he-Reach/161738440607219
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