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Found 14 results

  1. If anyone is interested in joining a UNSC based clan on Halo Reach please message me or add me @ Kenshin lx
  2. Krysis Gaming Community is looking for dedicated individuals who want to be part of a TEAM. Team Krysis is not just looking for anybody, but a rare breed of players, those who want to be the best but still, have fun! **COMMUNICATION is key** We are only as strong as our weakest players, we leave no man or woman behind. We are a family. We just recently created a Halo 5 team, and want to fill in as many spots as we can! We love this game and we want to defiantly be one of the best clans out there on Halo. Once the team is fully settled and feel comfortable with each other we will be having practice nights, scrimmage, and the occasional free for all to see whos the best! Each player will have a special role to play on each fire squad. Our goal is to create a min of 3 or 4 fire squads. That is a dream, and I honestly feel through hard work and dedication and communication we can get it done! If you are interested to JOIN please feel free to contact us on our XBL accounts. Founder : iitsWombo Council: xXDelta T3amXx We offer training programs in which a player can improve a specific skill or a variety of skills. The instructor will do their best to teach everything they know. Krysis Gaming also tries to book clan matches and scrimmages with other clans to gain a reputation with other communities. Please feel free to contact one of them and they will surely set you on the right track to come into the Krysis Army. We do have a Facebook page, which I will leave the link below. We have giveaways every other month, hold tournaments, and prize winners! We have a Ps4 division, and a PC division as well. We are 75 strong and growing! So, allow me to open the doors for you, and welcome you to a family with open arms. Welcome to Krysis Gaming Community! To be eligible for enlistment, you must meet the following requirements. 1. Be at least 18 years of age 2. Own a functioning Xbox One console and microphone 3. Own a copy of Halo Master Chief Collection and Halo 5 4. Have full access to an Xbox and computer Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/KrysisGamingCommunity
  3. PANZER ELITE is a gaming community playing HALO5, DESTINY, WORLD OF TANKS. We play every night 8pm to after 11pm eastern. Skill level is not important, respect, communication, maturity, proper etiquette, ARE important. In PANZER ELITE you will never be asked to pay, change gamertag, purchase packs. We want you to have fun playing the way you want. We offer the same opportunity to every member. You can lead your own fire team of your friends, or simply be in a fire team. Our ranks are designed to show position not status. Our owner has the same rank as any other platoon leader. We believe the game should be a GAME, and the only games we play are listed in the first line. If you want to join our community, simply LOG IN (create an account) on our iclans site. panzerelite.clanwebsite.com or message HYPERBLOODLUST on XBOX LIVE. SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD SPARTANS HYPERBLOODLUST
  4. Hey guys. So I am part of a clan called Legion of Dawn or LOD for short. We have been around since the start of halo 4 and we are now on the Xbox one playing Master Chief Collection. We are a military based clan who likes to have a good time, but is also mature. If your looking for friends, a fun time, competitiveness, and/or players who are skilled, who you can ether play with or they can teach you, this is the clan for you. To join you must have a mic. You must also send a message to ether LIGHT SWITCH19K or imJuicyParrot. Tell them you saw the post on the 343 forums and you wanted to join. Thank you for checking us out and have a great day.
  5. This is an Open invite to all Clan leaders and Free agents! LGO would like to invite you to come play with us this Sunday and 8 pm Eastern. Possible alliances, new recruits, and even Clan match are all on the table. Most of all We are looking to meet new people in the Halo community! Please come by and check us out we can be contacted at any of the Gamer tags below. Thanks for your time. ~LGO Council~ LGO Mr Poppa Co / LGO Ridiculous / LGO Inferno / LGO Chaos -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clan/Community: Legion Gaming Organization Short: LGO Type: Clan Community Date Open: 04/01/2013 What Can LGO offer you? Members: 65-75+ Site: Ecga.enjin.com Clan App: http://files.enjin.com/402864/LGO%20APP/_LGO_HQ.apk Active Leaders Room for Advancement Well Structured Clan/Community Leadership with over 30 years of Clan & Guild Leading Experience
  6. Contrary to the leaked contract we saw last May, it appears as though, via the Character Development GDC piece, Destiny will be intended for a mature audience. This may seem fairly obvious but it hints at a larger scope of possible changes made to the leaked contract, all of which it seems are unknown at this time. This next development is also somewhat vague and quite old. Bungie filed for five trademarks on March 11th: 'Glimmer', 'Fallen', 'Hive', 'Cabal', and 'Vex'. The trademarks cover a number of uses from Halloween costumes to ringtones. All of these trademarks have been used as enemy alien titles except 'Glimmer'. - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - I also wanted to add this in but I felt it would be a little too strong on the speculation; first, at 24 minutes, when discussing their second World Pillar ("Idealized Reality") they mentioned these "Giant Onyx Pyramid Ships". After noting that a good game needs them, Christopher Barrett also told us this: "I really love this one but I'm not allowed to talk about those yet, maybe someday down the road." Literally directly after this they moved their presentation on to Destiny World Pillar Three "Mystery and Adventure" during which they talked about populating these worlds with enemies. At 31:09 they showed us this. An early moodboard of five alien race concepts, the far right section depicting pyramids, perhaps indicating the unannounced fifth race left out of the discussion for later. (pure speculation, from left to right: 'Vex', 'Fallen', 'Cabal', 'Hive', 'Glimmer') EDIT (6/17/13): "Glimmer" is all but confirmed as the in-game currency of Destiny. Only time will tell what other uses for Glimmer there are, and whether there is any connection to the fifth alien race at all. As evidenced by this 'enhanced' view of a screengrab from the gameplay demo; "Glimmer" appears to be involved in the upgrading of at least weapons. Other components of weapon upgrading seem to be concepts called "weapon kits" and "talent points". GDC Concept Art
  7. United We Play is a FAMILY-FRIENDLY, FUN, XBOX 360 NON-COMPETITIVE, multi-gaming shooter clan that has a strong close family-community. The games we play are MP and 4 Player Co-Op shooters that actually involve and encourage team communication, team game play and overall team work; therefore, trying to create a sense of belonging and camaraderie among UWP Members and everyone is having fun…all very important part of United We Play . We play many different games like Halo 4, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Far Cry 3, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Mass Effect 3, Black Ops 2 Zombies and Left For Dead 2. United We Play is not about skill, winning or losing or kill/death ratios. Simply put we play for the fun, camaraderie and the love of gaming…since it is just a game. So if you are not the most skilled player that is fine with us…since skill is not a Requirement to join United We Play (UWP), and we do not have clan tryouts and we do not ask you to change your XBL Gamertag. We do have skilled UWP Members but let’s face it a non-competitive gaming clan is about the friendliness, integrity, respect and commitment of its members not the skill. United We Play is a place where UWP Members know each other, have a fun time, have a sense of belonging in a fun gaming clan environment. A fun gaming clan environment that is sociable, safe, respectful, relaxed and stress free of: getting the highest kill/death ratios, pressure of winning, judging gamers skill levels, trash-talking, potty mouths, bullying, spawn camping, and cheating. Our UWP Members are fun guys who have a passion for gaming and for United We Play , and are always on the lookout for good UWP Members who are friendly, respectful, reliable, and have good sportsmanship; and who want to belong to a gaming clan that offers something different If interested, please check us out at www.unitedweplay-uwp.org
  8. Hello all, my gt is ExG Ramshaw. I am a recruiter for my clan and we are a mature group that play with a code of ethics conduct and representation of our clan. We hold practices twice a week every week excluding holidays. Wed and Sat are practice days. Wed is map recognition (call outs), strat and social play as a team. Sat is customs/clan and social matches. Along with that we review your game play and try to work on weak points or we suggest a way to improve your k/d ratio. We do have a website that requires a sign in and a recruitment application to be filled. We also need our players to know the code of conduct of our clan and sign a reply with there gt. We are still looking for more members and we dont need the best players, anyone is free to come try out with the clan run a few maps with us and well get to know each other. Our website is http://executiongaming.enjin.com come by check us out and hopefully see you guys out there.
  9. Some call us a community, others call us a clan, but any way you put it, we’re looking for mature gamers to join us. We are a fast-growing social group that likes to win, but we value having fun over everything else. We all have jobs, families and/or lives outside of xbox and understand that you do too. Many of us are on daily, and many (like myself) are only on for a few hours a week, but everyone is Fonzie. There are opportunities for those who enjoy competitive gaming, customs, and tons of laid back people who will pretty much play anything. We do hold our own tournaments and will occasionally play other clans as well. We do have a few minor criteria if you would like to consider membership (and you can learn more on the site): Treat everyone with respect Have a mic - we value communication during play Don't rage when you lose Participate in our forums so we can get to know you (we're very social) Don't make fun of my driving skills (optional) Accept invites to gaming parties regularly when you're on XBL Feel free to stop by, check out our forums, send FR’s and apply for membership… we want to make sure you are the right fit for our community just as much as you need to feel like we’re the right fit for you. Hope to see you soon! Tell 'em CoffeeAddikshun sent you! http://www.xfactor-gaming.com
  10. The Republic of Halo is a militarized Halo 4 clan, with currently around 50 members we are active at nearly all times of day. Any age from 11 up are liable to join, and any rank is allowed. We are serious but we also like to relax and just have fun with other players with a similar interest in halo & clans. We have members spread all around the world from the Netherlands to Mexico. We only ask you speak a basic level of english so we are able to communicate with you There is alot more you can learn about the clan on our online headquarters: www.republicofhalo.weebly.com
  11. any british members add UmaraiL and we'll talk on xbox and anyone who wants a clan but cant start it up or only has a couple of members we can make you a team leader and your recruits can stay in your squad remember add UmaraiL and we'll talk on xbox mate
  12. Hello 343 community. I am posting here today recruiting and challenging other clans for my newly created clan, the Prophets. We are a mature community of gamers and we are very competitive. Most of us are new to clans, but very experienced with Halo 4. I am mostly looking for new members, as we don't have many yet to challenge other clans. However we will take on any challenge. We have a base built with an area for attackers, and we will play any game type that's fair to both sides. If your interested in joining we will have practice almost everyday, if not everyday, so you must be able to be online often. We accept Halo 4 Ranked players, but you will be tested and it will be difficult to join if your not experienced. We are looking for players good at all different styles of combat. Please note that you will be asked to change to our matching emblem, and in the future one piece of armor will match with all members. Here are a list of ranks in the Prophets system. You will start off in the rank I believe best fits you, however I will move you at any time. Also, each rank is either defense, offence, or neutral. This is only for base battles. Recruits: The least experienced players we will accept. Defense. Soldiers: Average members. Neutral. Marksmen: Players good with rifles and medium range weapons. Neutral Rangers: Players good with a combination of long range and short range weapons. Offence. Shadows: Players all about stealth and assassinations. Neutral. Brutes: Players all about heavy weapons and destruction. Offence. Pilots: Players good with DRIVING vehicle. (Note all players use vehicles) Offence. Border men: Players good with close up defense. Defense. Operators: Commanding players. Players with lots of experience. Neutral. Commanders: Very experienced players. Neutral Prophets: The clans best 3 players. Please message me on the forums or send me a message on Xbox. Gamertag: sherlockpj FINAL NOTE: All players MUST have a mic. No exceptions.
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