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  1. DOWNLOAD HALODROME Canvas: Impact Players: 8 - 12 Gametypes: Slayer CTF Oddball KoTH Extraction Regicide Grifball Ricochet Supported Gametypes: Ricochet (primary), CTF, Extraction, KoTH, Oddball, Team and FFA Slayer, and (just for kicks) Grifball. Description: Halodrome is the bigger brother of Minidrome, designed for the 343i Ricochet Forge Contest. There are four primary routes between the bases: upper, lower, and each side. Both sides directly connect to upper mid and lower mid, allowing the routes to be used in different combinations. All ball spawns occur along the midline of the map on the upper level. While upper mid has good sightlines to the bases and the exit of the lower routes, it is completely exposed by design, with protected approaches from the green and gold lifts. Goals: Since Ricochet allows players to score from a distance, a special goal was designed for that gametype (scoring from the midline was trivially easy with only the CTF setup). The goal makes scoring quite difficult from the center mid bridges or platforms (at least, in testing no one was able to do it in-game), but does allow reasonably easy scoring from behind the Y-crosses on the side routes, and easy scoring anywhere in the arc between the side platforms and basement ramp. It is also possible to score blind from behind the center Y-cross pair on the upper level (above the opening to the basement) and on the ramp up from the basement. During testing, most goals were scored by throws within 10 units of the goal. The difference in the goals is depicted below, with Ricochet pictured first, followed by CTF and Grifball: Ordnance:1x Railgun (lower mid, 140s timer) and 2x Concussion Rifles (wide ramps, one nearer to each base, 130s timers) Weapons:2x Needlers (no extra clips, 100s timers) adjacent to each base, various loadout weapons, frag and pulse grenades. No plasma grenades are on-map. Other Comments:I added Grifball because I could. I don't really have a better reason. And yes, the spawns have been tested . . . you can spawn camp all day long just like in real Grifball. Other Screenshots: And we'll finish up with a screencap of a posthumous Ricochet goal . . . killed in mid-jump to the goal. So close to the +50 . . . yet so far away. DOWNLOAD HALODROME
  2. Map: Mire (subject to change) Current Game modes: Slayer So I am totally new to forging. I feel that my aesthetic skills are good and my map design is decent. My main problem is i do not know how to set game modes up. My spawning for slayer works but I would love to have a seasoned forger help. Mire is a small to medium sized map set in a swampy, toxic, planet. Its aesthetic is based off of old Forerunner technology. It has an interesting asymmetrical design that creates an interesting movement fro both teams. Power Weapons: Binary Rifle, Shotgun Power-Ups: None as of now but there is place for one Weapons: Battle Rifle x2, Light Rifle x1, Carbine x1, SMG x2, Plasma Repeater x1, Brute Plasma Rifle x1, Plasma Pistol x1, Suppressor x1, Frag G x6, Plasma G x2, Splinter G x2 Would love to have feedback. My gt is Salopp Joel. Just shoot me a friend request and maybe a message that you read this page. Thanks!
  3. Battle Royal is a 2-16 player minigame where you have to knock your opponent(s) out of the ring, once they touch the floor outside the ring they're eliminated, once you are the last man standing in the ring you earn a point. Players will have a Hammer with unlimited ammo and a grenade to use, Spartan Abilities: Shoulder bash - when charging full speed against your target they will be knocked back by your gigantic muscle bound arms Ground Pound - will knock them back even further, best used to get back in the ring and slam on your opponents Also the gravity hammer is your legal tool of destruction to knock them out of the ring
  4. GT: JPR Smith Map Name: Big End v2 http://tinyurl.com/Big-End-v2 In a hole in a ground, there lived a hobbit... Inspired by Bag End, this map offers a unique view of a hobbit hole, as if hobbits were giants. Full of little hints of the real Bag End this map aims to bring in the feels of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Aside from the asthetics, Big End is meant for small-medium slayer fights of up to 8 players. Great for a bit of fun with friends, free for all is recommened and I am currently play testing it to esnure the best free-for-all experience. A breakdown of the map: The drawing room: The Drawing Room features Bilbo's iconic book, "There and Back Again", on the desk. The words are written in some form of Hobbitish, I can't read it. The One Ring is up on a shelf. Jumping directly into the fireplace will send you up to a hidden area with two Speed Boosts and a SPNKR. A Halo 2 BR is on the shelf and The One Ring has a Camo spawning in it, but never put it on. Several DMR's all with low ammo are on the desk as is a Splinter Grenade. The main hallway: The main hall features Gandalf's staff propped up in the corner of the room, the table on which Thorin and his company dined, a little warning sign for Gandalf and a small treasure chest, slightly smelling of troll. Each midlevel candle contains a gravity lift to help you up to the top in case running up the staff or jumping up the back of the door takes too long. On the table two Shotguns and two Saws can be found, with 2 Frag and Plasma grenades. In the troll chest an Oversheild can be found, not quite as strong as mithril, but in defence of your life, it will serve you better than none. Unfortunately Sting has been taken out on an adventure. Two plasma grenades can also be found here. A sniper rifle can be found up top and the Sorrow of Teash can be found on the chest nearest the door. The garden and outside: The Garden features Bilbo's favourite bench to sit on during a good morning and Sam's sneaky eaves-dropping bush. A Carbine can be found on the bench, a Void's Tear in the bush and a Song of Peace with two Splinter Grenades can be found in the bird's house. On the Outside the 'No Admittance' sign can be found, except slightly tweaked to rep the BoomCo Blasters, one of the best companies, second only to the company of Thorin Oakenshield. Thanks for reading and hope you like! JPRS
  5. HALO:MCC Trying to get some people to play with more often if you like to play customs then add Links_Instinct and send me a message. Will be playing for the next hour or so but I'm on everyday.
  6. DOWNLOAD MINIDROME --------------------------------- This map was originally designed for my mini-game Railnums (see below) and has been significantly modified to provide suitability for other gametypes. Feedback on this map is desired, and updates will be posted periodically. --------------------------------- Description: This map features two vulnerable, low-elevation bases separated by a raised central hall. Above the hall on either side are platforms, with an exposed sniper spawn between them. Four smaller platforms are arranged at the map corners. Jumps are designed into virtually all locations. --------------------------------- Gametypes: FFA, Team Slayer (up to 4 teams), Ricochet, CTF, Extraction, KoTH, Oddball. --------------------------------- Design Notes: Jumps: Most jumps can be executed using NS (120% speed) settings. Two designed jumps require thruster pack with NS. All jumps can be executed with standard (110% speed) + sprint gametypes without thruster. All playing surfaces accessible to jetpacks are accessible via jumping. Spawning: Spawning has been tested up to 4v4 play. Due to the small size of the map, spawns were located away from power position lines-of-sight and heavily loaded in the areas adjacent to the Ricochet goals. --------------------------------- Ordnance: - 2x Railguns (small platforms, each closer to one base), 120s spawn - 1x Sniper (central exposed spawn, equidistant from bases), 150s spawn Weapons: - 2x Loadout Weapons (one set per base - presently temporary for testing, but may become permanent) Grenades: - 12x Frags --------------------------------- --------------------------------- DOWNLOAD MINIDROME --------------------------------- Railnums Gametype: Link - Railgun (primary) + Magnum (Secondary) + 2 Frags (on-map ordnance/weapons disabled) - Thruster pack, AA efficiency, Dexterity - 10 minutes - 300 pts, 10 team points per kill - +5 team score for headshots - +10 team score for assassinations - Friendly fire ON - +3s suicide / betrayal respawn penalty - 110% Damage (yielding 5SK Magnum) - Motion tracking for Allies Only - No shield indicator - No kill cam
  7. THERMOPYLAE Maximus IL Updated 11/9/13 Thermopylae is a small-to-medium sized map designed primarily with CTF in mind (6 - 10 players), but should play Slayer with sprint down to 2v2. NS settings should be played with 3v3 or 4v4. Map Info Canvas: Ravine Size: A bit smaller than Solace Layout: Symmetrically designed and positioned bases. The playspace around the bases is somewhat asymmetric. Both bases are connected by a 3-level structure through the narrows, with 5 total routes. The bottom and mid routes are connected in the center and at the ends. Players can jump between the top routes. Each base has three entry points and a side platform with a view of the middle route, while a taller platform and Dominion piece block the LOS for the top assault route. The top routes and basement routes cannot be covered from the bases or platforms. Changes from WIP Version: 1. Teleporters no longer give immediate access to the bases (thanks Juanez Sanchez). They are now used to transition between lower and mid. The fourth route to the bases formerly provided by the teleporters is now a hard route. 2. Oddball, Extraction, and KoTH added. 3. Additional spawning changes. 4. Fixed some jump-ups. Ordnance: 1x Railgun (100s), 2x Needler (130s, one for each base) Weapons: 2x each DMR, Carbine, BR, AR Grenades: 8x Pulse, 8x Frag Overview: Additional Notes: Some play area is hidden by the cliffs (they overhang). The coliseum walls on the right hand side of the map are no longer present. I deliberately avoided coloring any pieces, as I think Ravine is so much prettier without that. It shouldn't be hard to tell where you are on this map . . . coloring just adds clutter. Other Screenshots: THERMOPYLAE
  8. DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/dc2a3d86-353b-447d-b932-e72803432a5c VIDEO COMING SOON Map Name: Deck 343 by MiCkEy O rOuRkE (Unreal Tournament Deck 16 Remake) Game-types supported : CTF, FFA slayer, Oddball, King of the Hill and 4 Team Slayer Players supported: 4-6 players Description: This is a remake of the classic map which featured in many Unreal Tournament games from UT99 to Unreal Tournament 3. I tried to keep the dimensions accurate to the original map so in order to make the map flow better I added a trait zone to decrease the player jump height to 75% to keep the fast pace that Unreal Multi-player was synonymous with. But to also make some objects hard to climb on top of which can be used as cover and to get an advantage on opponents. Its great for 3v3 team slayer or even 3 teams of 2 players.I added some lights to help with orientation and for map call-outs. Each area/spawn has colour coded doorways to each area. In the red spawn at the bottom of the little bridge platform above the soft kill pool I replaced the flak cannon with Halo's scattershot. The Udamage/damage boost and Shield belt/over-shield are random ordnance drops to balance the map better. In the main central area of the map is 3 slanted bridges and one horizontal walkway below them. The right and left slanted bridge lead up to the highest point in the map to a sniper rifle spawn off to the left which is a good elevated position. The middle bridge leads to the blue area/spawn. The horizontal walkway below them connects the green area to the gold area. At the lowest part of the map is a soft kill pool which I created to mimic the sludge pool in the original Unreal Tournament map. It is made up of 2 shield doors and 2 gravity volumes. There is a little floating platform under the green/gold walkway where the over-shield ordnance drops. There is a teleporter on the lowest platform below the green spawn area which connects to the exit above the gold area lifts where the rockets/incineration/fuel rod cannon random drop. Behind the gold lift room next to the soft kill pool is the sword spawn. DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/dc2a3d86-353b-447d-b932-e72803432a5c
  9. "Winning the fight won't save you from the storm." Map: Paradise Party size: 1v1 (3 FFA only for fun) GT: Desson1A Weapons: 1 stormrifle- 120 sec Download links MAP:http://www.halowaypoint.com/de-de/players/desson1a/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=a1650909-389a-43b7-8559-7a14fdef59b0 GAMETYPE (optional): http://www.halowaypoint.com/de-de/players/desson1a/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=2950bf5a-f34b-45bb-9742-54c8d7400248 Map info: This is a map that iv'e been working on for a while now. The map is called 1v1 Paradise and is forged on Vertigo. I wanted to make something special, so i came up with a good looking map on a non-forge map. It looks pretty small, and it is, but it plays extremely well, and I'm not just saying that. I have playtestet a lot, both 1v1's and 3 players FFA. The map plays best on 1v1. You can play 3FFA, but it is recommended to play for fun only since it is a pure mess! You can try to play with more players, but I can imagine that it wont play well. Map game experience: The map plays well for beeing so small. It has a lot of verticality, jumps, and power positions. Every two minutes a Storm Rifle spawns, which is effective in close combats. There are many encounters, so you do fight a lot. That beeing said map movement and map knowlegde is still important. I do recommend to play 1v1 br's so that the storm rifle becomes more important. In case you dont have that gametype you can download it above. If you want you can still play with own loadouts/ gametypes, but it doesnt get that competitive. I hope you download and enjoy the map ^^
  10. ARTIFACT Created by Maximus IL Map Description Layout: Outdoor / indoor map with an asymmetric outer perimeter and symmetric building interior. Game Types: 6 - 10-person FFA, infantry-style BTB, CTF, multi-team slayer, SWAT and 4v4 Slayer games. Ordnance / Weapons: (Note: All ordnance / weapon spawns are static.) Ordnance: 1 Sniper, 1 Railgun, 1 Sword, 1 Speed Boost, 1 Overshield. Weapons: 2 BR, 2 DMR, 2 Carbine, 2 LR, various grenades (8 frag, 4 pulse, 4 sticky). Vehicles: None. Comments: The map is larger than most of the 4v4 maps (Complex excluded), but less segmented due to the building having 8 entrances. It will play larger than most 4v4 maps, but not as large as Complex. It is probably best suited for an 8-player FFA, which is cramped on many of the 4v4 maps, and will have fewer spawning-in-harm's-way issues for FFAs. BTB should also be well-supported by the map size without the open-spawning issues on Complex and lack of multiple viable power positions on Settler. SWAT on this map plays similarly to Complex SWAT, but unlike Complex, there are fewer cross-map opportunities and the BR is a viable loadout choice. Map was updated on 16 Aug. Map Link ARTIFACT SCREENSHOTS: Overhead - Red Base at 12 O'Clock (top) and Blue Base at 6 O'Clock (bottom) Perimeter - Atop Red Base, looking clockwise toward Blue Base Perimeter - Approximately the 3 O'Clock position looking clockwise Perimeter - Outside of Blue Base looking clockwise Perimeter - Above Yellow Bridge at the 9 O'Clock position looking clockwise Building - Top mid Building - First floor Additional Player-View Screenshots: ARTIFACT
  11. Garrison is an asymmetric 4v4 map. Download Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/18b19bbf-639a-4281-a63e-24ebb049e7b7 It supports Slayer, Oddball, CTF, KOTH, Regicide, and Extraction. The power weapons I've placed are 2 Sniper Rifles for each team and a neutral rocket launcher at the map center. Other power weapons will spawn via random drop. These weapons will either be Stick Det, Needler, or Scattershot. *Special thanks to CrimsonVolver and DaMeekie for some insight and tips they gave. MAP UPDATES - Replaced the window coliseums that were being used as walls with wall coliseums. - Replaced most wall coliseums with Rock 5 pieces - Removed the trait zone that served as invisible ceiling because it wasn't working well with some parts of the map. Compensated by placing killzones at the roofs of the buildings. - Raised Cyan and Orange building because players were hitting their heads in the ceilings. (Thanks for pointing this out, DaMeekie and Crimson.) - Removed the out-of-place, large walkway and replaced it with gun turrets that still serve as good Los breakers and cover. It looks better too. - Took out one of the ghosts. There is now only one ghost located near red base that doesn't spawn at the start of the match. - Gave yellow building multiple entrances. There are now 4 ways to get to yellow. -Other aesthetic changes. LATEST UPDATES: - Increased Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher spawn times. Snipers now spawn every 4 minutes and Rockets spawns every 5 minutes and 30 seconds. - Removed Ghost. It was a pain in the ass to drive in this map. - Removed red's mancannon to yellow. - Other aesthetic changes. SCREENSHOTS Download Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/18b19bbf-639a-4281-a63e-24ebb049e7b7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTSHYQcH_xI
  12. Gamertag: KarmaPolice07 Map: Reckoner Gametypes: Slayer up to 4v4, FFA up to 8, CTF, King of the Hill, Oddball Reckoner is an Impact map for 8 players with a focus on 4v4 Slayer and objective gametypes. The map is comprised of 5 color coded sections: Red and Blue bases at the ends, Green and Gold to either side, and the center which mostly uncolored but accented with Purple. There are multiple routes that can be taken to cross the map. The open center of the map allows for a quick but dangerous trek between the bases while the Green and Gold edges of the map are longer but more secure with several opportunities to alter one's approach. Floating in the center of the map is a small room only accessible by man cannons located in the Green and Gold sections, halfway between the bases. This map has been play tested; further testing may be required. Below is a brief history of the creation of this map. Read if you are interested, or skip it if you don't care. Creating this map was quite the journey! Inspired by the smaller maps of the Majestic Map Pack, I set out to create a small competitive map around early March. When I forge, I try to find locations and ways of forging that I feel others haven't considered. In this case, I decided to build my map as an extension of the roof of the built-in building on Impact. This was a challenge, as that building is actually rotated 11 degrees off the imaginary grid (the axes on which all forge pieces align). That means that every object I placed on this map is positioned relative to that twist (ex: pieces rotated 45 degrees are actually rotated 34 or 56 degrees). It made for a fun and challenging build! It went through several variations in size, but the Blue Team base was always there. I even lost the map once due to an odd glitch where it was somehow replaced by a duplicate of another map of mine that wasn't even on the same Forge canvas! Luckily, it was early enough into construction that I was able to recreate it and continue from there. I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into this map. It was a challenge and a great learning experience. It is the first map I've made in Halo 4 that I am truly proud of. Screenshots:
  13. Map Creator: LiquidLuigi Current Version: Eminence v1.1 GameTypes Supported: Slayer, CTF, FFA Player Count: 4-8 1.1 UPDATE: -Several of scenic objects have been added for visual effect -Both crates near gravity lifts have been changed to a "Fixed" position -Two bank inclines have been added to the bottom ramps -King of the Hill is now functional on this map. Eminence is a complex-like storage center that has been abandoned. What leaves behind are an array of weapons from both the UNSC and the Covenant. The base is symmetrical on both sides. Although both bases are visible from each other, killing someone off spawn is not an easy feat due to the amount of cover each base consist. Both bases have a needler and 2 pulse grenades with a railgun "Bottom Yellow" (More weapon stats below). There are three main ways to navigate through the map: Going through both "Orange or Purple Room" or "Bottom Yellow". A way across the huge pit is by going through "Yellow Bridge", which gets you to either "Orange or Purple Room". As for respawns, there are 7 main places to respawn, one being on the base and the others on the sides of the pit. You only spawn on your side unless it is FFA. Weapon Traits Ordnance Weapons: Pulse Grenades x2 (2) (60s) Needler (2) (90s) Railgun (1) (120s) Non-Ordnance Weapons: DMR (2) (60s) Carbine (2) (60s) Assault Rifle (2) (30s) Storm Rifle (2) (30s) Plasma Pistol (1) (60s) Red Base Blue Base Blue Hallway & Purple Room I hope you enjoy the map! Feedback is highly encouraged. -LiquidLuigi
  14. kowloon

    team redicide

    I miss team regicide I want it to return. I don't like to play ffa I always do bad because I'm more of a team player. The team regicide should be put in the regicide playlist and have the number of players to 8, have it be put in with infinity slayer, or have it be put in the objective playlist and raise the score to 750 or 1000 (just in objective raise the score). P.S. And if it is put in infinity slayer or objective ffa regicide should be put in the rumble pit playlist.
  15. Greetings everyone! I thought I'd share a map of mine I originally created in Halo: Reach (it's still there in my Reach File share I believe if anyone wants to see the original) which is called "Rockery". I'm hoping to get some input/advice on how the map plays and if there are any ways to improve it. I designed this map with the sole purpose of its aesthetic being completely natural, apart from the structure that the centre of the map, thus with all the rocks used, I dubbed the map "Rockery". Rockery's a medium to small style of map, the map itself is also a bit of a hybrid, as it supports Competitive Slayer, from Team Slayer to Free for All/Regicide, but it also supports Oddball and KOTH as Objective game types. And so onto the meaty business of the details with some pictures included: Map Name: Rockery File Share: Rockery File Share Gamertag: RECEPTOR 17 Canvas Map: Forge Island Last Updated: 05-18-2013 Supported Gametypes: Team Slayer, Slayer FFA, Oddball, Regicide, King of the Hill Best Gametypes: Team Slayer, Oddball, Regicide Intended Team Sizes: 4v4 + 5v5 (Can do 6v6) Initial Ordnance: 2x Needler (180 Respawn) 1x Rocket Launcher (240 Respawn) 2x Pulse Grenade (100 Respawn) 1x Sticky Detonator (200 Respawn) 2x Frag Grenade (90 Repsawn) 2x Plasma Grenade (120 Respawn) 1x Gravity Hammer (200 Respawn) 1x Railgun (240 Respawn) 1x Concussion Rifle (180 Respawn) Random Ordnance: N/A Weapons on Map: 1x Lightrifle (60 Respawn) 2x Surpressor (90 Respawn) 1x Carbine (60 Respawn) Budget: 5570/10000 Screenshots: Rockery High Rockery's Base Map Flythrough/Overview Link: Rockery Runthrough Map Description: A RECEPTOR and Wetz original. Close-combat oriented Wargames are played out in this natural arena. The map is made Watertight via a Safe Zone cordoning off the playing area of the Map, along with Rock Walling, which blocks off the rest of the Island the Map is built upon. There are Fusion Coils also placed around the central base, to help ensure nobody controls the centre of the Map for the duration of the game. +*+*+*+ And that's that! I'd greatly welcome any constructive comments/suggestions on how the map plays and if there are ways to improve the gameplay etc. Thanks for reading and I look forwards to reading what responses you have! 17 out.
  16. Map Name: Ender Author: The Fated Fire Fileshare: The Fated Fire Download Link: Ender Primary Gametype: CTF [media=600x500] [/media] Ender is an inverse symmetrical arena designed at its core for CTF. Ender is a reforge of Black Site, a map canvased on Erosion that appeared in the Community Forge FFA playlist and that will begin appearing in the SWAT, Rumble Pit, and Flood playlist starting Monday. Ender, canvased on Forge Island, is designed to promote constant movement and acrobatics as core gameplay features. I was encouraged by several members of the competitive community to complete this reforge so the map could enter consideration for Team Throwdown/v4 tournament settings. The CTF experience on Ender is one of the fastest and most intense CTF experiences available. The match begins with a huge battle bottom mid for Overshield, and then the flag pulling begins. Huge battles take place on the flag stand several times a game, leading to some of the most insane tug of war experiences in Halo 4. Players make some of the craziest saves I've ever seen in CTF customs, from triple kills to overkill exterminations to prevent a pull or capture.
  17. Hello everyone! New member here who's been quietly forging away on his lonesome for the past couple of months. Just found this site and I figured I should get to know the rest of the Forging Community! so to start off my time here, I thought I'd share my most recent creation for you all to look over and pass judgement on, called Outpost 17: Map Name: Outpost 17 File Share: Outpost 17 File Share Gamertag: RECEPTOR 17 Canvas Map: Forge Island Last Updated: 05-18-2013 Tags: Forge Island, Slayer, FFA, CTF, KOTH, Regicide, Flood, Oddball, Outpost 17, BTB, RECEPTOR 17 Supported Gametypes: Team Slayer, BTB, Slayer FFA, Oddball, Capture the Flag, Flood, Regicide, King of the Hill Best Gametypes: Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Regicide Intended Team Sizes: 5v5, 6v6 + 8v8 Initial Ordnance: 1x Scattershot (180 Respawn) 1x Beam Rifle (210 Respawn) 1x Rocket Launcher (210 Respawn) 4x Pulse Grenade (90 Respawn) 2x SAW (150 Respawn) 1x Sticky Detonator (180 Respawn) 1x Concussion Rifle (180 Respawn) 2x Frag Grenade (90 Repsawn) 2x Plasma Grenade (90 Respawn) 1x Energy Sword (200 Respawn) 1x Railgun (180 Respawn) Random Ordnance: N/A Armor Abilities/Powerups on the Map: N/A Supported Vehicles: 4x Mongoose: 2 per team (120 Respawn) 2x Warthogs, Chaingun: 1 per team (160 Respawn) 1x Ghost: Middle of map (160 Respawn) Budget: 9680/10000 Screenshots: Map Flythrough/Overview Link: Outpost 17 Runthrough Map Description: The 17th creation made by Infinity’s Wargames simulations team, with added input from S-IV Fireteams “Trident” and “Crossbow”. This is a medium to large inversely symmetrical map on Forge Island's largest "Great Anvil, designed primarily for Team Slayer and Capture the Flag, however Flood, King of the Hill (with multiple Hills), Oddball, Infinity Rumble and Regicide are also supported. It can play anything from 2-8 players per team, but works best in a 5v5 - 8v8 range, due to the size and scope of the map. You have the chance to play some close quarters combat in the centre and inside Red and Blue Teams' starting bases, or you can enjoy some long range battles utilising the verticality of the map and some of the more open areas, where Vehicles roam free to cause mayhem. *+*+*+* So, there you have it folks, please do provide any constructive criticism/comments on Outpost 17, all are welcomed! I have 2 other Maps ready to submit another time, so I'm not spamming you with my creations, one is a small close combat oriented map designed for 4v4 Slayer, Rumble, Regicide and Oddball, whilst the other is designed for CTF, BTB and KOTH once again. I also have one arena style map in the works too which I hope to complete soon! Thanks for reading! 17 Out.
  18. So, after extensively playing Halo 4 and Regicide, I've come to the conclusion that I'm sure many others have, Regicide is not free-for-all. I mean, it is free-for-all in the sense that you are supposed to kill everybody, but it's not because it boils down to everyone going after one guy, the king, therefore making it pointless to kill anybody else. Regicide frustrated me from the beginning. I do well the entire game, and then some guy kills me one time and automatically wins. That's not fair. Now, I think what 343 was trying to do with this was to eliminate camping, but I don't camp. I run around the entire game for kills. And even if I did camp, or the king was, you can't really blame them because what are they supposed to do when 5 people are all trying to get a piece of their anus at once? You're entirely screwed. Admittedly though, it is intense as it often ends in very close games but that's a mixed blessing as that's where a lot of the frustration spawns from. A major problem that's prevalent in Regicide is spawning. Take, for example, you as the king kill someone trying to kill you. They then respawn around the corner from you and rush up killing you while you were already one-shot. Now, I would think of this at first as a once in a while annoyance, but no, it happens all the time. (Especially on Haven.) Hell, one game I killed a guy who was trying to throw plasma grenades at me, and I had him spawn right by me and do the same thing three times, the third time he was finally successful. Well, yes that was in the past. Now, I was really excited when I heard the announcement of a Rumble Pit style FFA playlist. Finally! What I've been waiting for since launch! And... it's DLC only. Now perhaps they will change this later, but come on, that's pretty cruel. To have the only FFA playlist be incredibly frustrating and having the only classic FFA playlist be DLC only. And the reason I'm not buying the DLC is because, having learned my lesson from Halo: Reach, I'll never get to play it in matchmaking and if they're not going to fix the problems already in the game, why should I continue to support it? Those are my thoughts on the current state of FFA/Regicide in Halo 4. I'd love to hear your feedback and it would be my pleasure to respond. Thanks for taking the time to read my two-cents on FFA matchmaking.
  19. shaudy430

    Rage On The Hill 3

    From the album: b0b is here's maps

    Rage on the hill: designed for free-for-all or rvb slayer or king of the hill (up to 3 hills simultaneously). This map also works for flood and gravemind. The map is titled "Rage", is set in Ravine, and is mostly symmetrical. Players traverse the map by utilizing various manual paths, as well as one of four grav lifts on the floor. This may also be considered a "ninja" map, due to the many alternate pathways throughout. Rage does have weapons placed throughout, many of which are hidden power weapons. Hills spawn in one of the two mid-map circles, by the double grav lifts at the base ramp, on the sniper's nest, on the pyramid, and finally at the top bridge.
  20. shaudy430

    Rage On The Hill 2

    From the album: b0b is here's maps

    Rage on the hill: designed for free-for-all or rvb slayer or king of the hill (up to 3 hills simultaneously). This map also works for flood and gravemind. The map is titled "Rage", is set in Ravine, and is mostly symmetrical. Players traverse the map by utilizing various manual paths, as well as one of four grav lifts on the floor. This may also be considered a "ninja" map, due to the many alternate pathways throughout. Rage does have weapons placed throughout, many of which are hidden power weapons. Hills spawn in one of the two mid-map circles, by the double grav lifts at the base ramp, on the sniper's nest, on the pyramid, and finally at the top bridge.
  21. shaudy430

    Rage On The Hill 1

    From the album: b0b is here's maps

    Rage on the hill: designed for free-for-all or rvb slayer or king of the hill (up to 3 hills simultaneously). This map also works for flood and gravemind. The map is titled "Rage", is set in Ravine, and is mostly symmetrical. Players traverse the map by utilizing various manual paths, as well as one of four grav lifts on the floor. This may also be considered a "ninja" map, due to the many alternate pathways throughout. Rage does have weapons placed throughout, many of which are hidden power weapons. Hills spawn in one of the two mid-map circles, by the double grav lifts at the base ramp, on the sniper's nest, on the pyramid, and finally at the top bridge.
  22. Name: Dusk Gamertag: YamaMX Gametypes: Slayer (1v1, 2v2, x4 FFA) File: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/5b4f085c-009c-4a4e-9b07-38e8181b3ca3 Please watch the video in full to understand the mindset behind the map and it's many intricacies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El8Edz4m6B4 Dusk is a smaller competitive map focused on 1v1 and 2v2 gameplay. Aesthetically pleasing set pieces and competitive fundamentals are unified to form an overall enjoyable map. This project started as a sketch on notepad paper and has since evolved into what you now see. Through multiple rebuilds and refinement, it has came into it's own as a successful smaller map. Different from most of my other creations, Dusk is highly centered around structure. If my other maps gained any inspiration from Lockout, this one gained it from Ivory Tower. All tiers are accessible through various routes with both basic paths and trick jumps available. Like most competitive maps, the more you put into it the more you'll get out of it. There is much trickery to be had, yet enough open space and vivid lines of sight to end it with precision.
  23. Map name: Lockout Gamertag: YamaMX Gametypes: Slayer, AGL, CTF, Oddball, KOTH, Extraction File: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/23f275a9-02d7-4f21-8763-02e475a15e07 Lockout is a 1:1 replica of the Halo 2 map co-forged by veteran forger Vincent Torre (MickRaider) and myself, YamaMX. Back in January I forged the map while using Halo 2 PC as a guide, block for block. Like many, I have a passion for this map as it housed many great competitive outings and memories. Having presented the original version, it received many positive reviews and a ton of useful feedback. This is where I met MickRaider, who could sense my passion for perfection and my willingness to listen, learn and execute. Together we bounced the map up and back, each of us taking care of large chunks at a time. By the end of it all, the map underwent ten major version increments before becoming final. The goal of this remake was to faithfully reproduce Lockout; line of sight for line of sight, trick jump for trick jump without sacrificing visual fidelity in any way. While some remakes tend to re-imagine the map in order for it to work with Halo 4 settings and bigger party sizes, we wanted a true 1:1 experience that both works well for Halo 4 and stays absolutely true to the original. While the trick jumps and such were made to work with Halo 4's engine seamlessly, no liberties were taken in regards to map size. Instead we measured for days on end to re-create the scale of the original, right down to the amount of seconds it takes to fall to your death. While I could write a change log, it would likely reach a character limit... thrice. I can honestly say the map was rebuilt from the ground up, everything has been amended or changed for the better in some way, shape or form. Just some small examples in comparison to the original would be the addition of the cave itself, missing entirely from the beta build. The entire height of the map has been adjusted. Bridges that most fail to realize have slight inclines have been inclined accordingly. Every Halo 2 spawn has been faithfully reproduced. Every room has been redone from the ground up, literally. Every trick jump is included and act nearly the same way they do in Halo 2. Barrel balance. Railings flipped. Tweaks to glass. Walls shortened or extended. Line of sights amended. The inclusion of CTF, Oddball and King of the Hill with the exact hill properties right down to length, width and height. The Halo 4 exclusive addition of Extraction. Optimization of the lighting budget. I could go on for hours, literally. It is an entirely new map in comparison to the original, shaped by over one hundred hours of work and countless play tests through out. The end result is Lockout, as you remember it. The map can be found in my file share or by following the provided link. Blockout, a version tweaked for Halo 4's Infinity Slayer with Ordnance Drops and such will be available shortly via MickRaider.
  24. Gamer Tag: l0 000 people (that’s a lower case L at the front) Map: Station 07 Optional map variants: Station 07 1v1, Station 07 FFA Game Types: Slayer, KOTH, Oddball Player count: 2-6 player This is a great 2v2 map Weapons on map: -Sticky Detonator -SAW -Energy Sword This is a small map, oriented around 2v2 and FFA slayer. I miss the epic CQB moments I used to have in Halo: Reach so I created a map with CQB in mind. !PLEASE NOTE! this map will have frame rate drop if you play it on split screen. I really wanted to make a role-play style map, so I really hope you enjoy this and here goes... The Lore: Station 07 is the 7th of 10 experimental Cruiser Class Anti-Air weapons stations deployed on Requiem. It consists of one massive thermo-nuclear pivotal gun battery, crewed by a team of five men. The ammunition is too unstable and volatile for conventional reloading systems; therefore an external, manually-operated system was designed for each station. Although there are 10 stations, Station 07 is the most famous due to its hazardous location and impressive kill count, currently boasting the destruction of 3 Cruiser class, and 8 Corvette class covenant ships. Fame however, comes at a price. With Station 07's casualty rate being the highest of all stations; averaging the loss of one crew member every 3 weeks.
  25. Name: Collection Gamertag: YamaMX Gametypes: Slayer (2v2, 1v1, x4 FFA), CTF Collection is a different type of challenge than my other forge works in that I'm working around pre-determined areas to allow them to work outside of their intended element. The result is a small competitive map that has official visual standards not possible within the forge templates, yet forge is put to work in order to allow the intended competitive play. The other challenge in doing so comes from the lack of any forge pieces to work with and forcing these substitutes to work in a manner not to be detrimental to visual fidelity. Please watch the video for a full explanation and walk around: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2JoVbnifF4 Update: An updated version is available with a few small tweaks and a second teleporter in glass hallway (every gametype except CTF). This allows greater movement around the map without the ability to camp an exit.
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